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Black tea is the most consumed tea all over the world. It is directly picked from the tea garden, rolled and withered, and then fully oxidized to get the rich taste, aroma, and texture. A cup of black tea every morning is enough to flush toxins out of the body. Its robust flavor and revitalizing taste make it a perfect beverage. At Wellcurve, we bring you the premium quality of black tea bags online and leaves that is further combined with various flavors. Buy black tea online from Wellcurve at affordable prices and get super fast delivery!

At Wellcurve, you will only find brands that bring the finest quality of teas directly from tea estates. Choose from a variety of black tea flavors available in different forms.

Benefits of Black Tea And Why You Should Buy It!

Black tea is one of the most healthy tea types globally and is quite famous for its health benefits. Investing in black tea is synonymous with investing in good health. Let’s have a look at the benefits of black tea that you and your family can relish on:

  • Black tea contains flavonoids that improve heart health.
  • It may help in reducing LDL levels (bad cholesterol).
  • Polyphenols found in black tea improve gut health.
  • Maintains or lowers blood pressure.
  • It helps in lowering blood sugar levels and best for people who have diabetes.
  • Its caffeine content helps to focus and concentrate on things.

How To Make Black Tea And When To Consume it?

How To Make: Firstly, boil the water in a pot and turn off the heat. Then add tea and let it sit for a while so that the tea leaves are agitated. When the tea leaves are infused in water, strain the leaves and enjoy a hot cup of magical black tea. 

When To Drink: Most types of teas are recommended to have early in the morning, but that’s not the case with black tea. It’s recommended not to consume black tea in the morning on an empty stomach.

The best time to drink your favorite black tea is 30 minutes after your meal. This means that you should have your black tea 30 minutes post your breakfast or lunch as it helps boost metabolism and aids in digestion.

Tips On How To Use Black Tea In Different Ways!

Of course, you can sip and enjoy a great cup of black tea the usual way, but here are a few tips on making the use of black tea even more interesting!

  1. Use Black Tea As A Stock: Black tea gives a burnt and smoky touch to many meat and mushroom recipes.
  2. Poaching Or Black Tea Marinade: Several exotic veggies like cottage cheese and mushrooms can be poached in black tea for its flavor and aroma and then cook it.
  3. Cooking: Many recipes include black tea instead of water to cook the ingredients. For example, you can cook rice or beans in black tea and not water for a flavor punch.
  4. Black Tea Dessert: It’s a great dessert ingredient, believe it or not! The infused flavor of black tea with water or milk can be mixed into many desserts. Puddings, custards, and mousse are some classic desserts that can use black tea infusion.

Why Should You Order Black Tea Online From Wellcurve?

Wellcurve offers the most extensive assortment of black tea online in India. Whether you want to order black tea leaves or tea bags, you can find the many unique options available on our platform. We have something for everyone. From kadak masala chai to Darjeeling tea, you can find unique, flavorful, and aromatic black teas.

We don’t bring you regular, low-quality commercial black tea. Instead, we make sure that you always get a sip of high-quality black tea from certified brands. Your black tea online shopping ends here with best black tea prices and premium options to choose from. Not only this, Wellcurve offers discounts that are to die for! Choose Wellcurve for your buy and get high-speed delivery to your doorstep.

Black Tea Price List on Wellcurve

BrandsPrice Range
Butterfly Ayurveda₹300.00 – ₹450.00
Chai Craft₹439.00
Mittal Teas₹120.00
TGL₹249.00 – ₹450.00
Vahdam Teas₹190.00 – ₹200.00

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