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Health and nutrition have evolved enormously, leaving no category untouched. Tea, for instance, is an integral part of our lifestyle. And, the shift to healthier alternatives for regular tea has been tremendous. Being approved by many dieticians and professionals, Herbal Tea is a rejoiced beverage and also a benefiting substitute of regular tea.

Herbal Tea is made with a healthy combination of herbs and spices, components that are known to be ideal for diet purposes. If you are also looking for a refreshing beverage to add to your daily diet, then herbal tea is the answer to your quest.

Wellcurve brings to you a wide array of aromas, texture, and flavours of herbal tea. You can buy herbal tea online from the most authentic brands that we have listed after following a consumer-centric approach. Get your hands on the best tea online only on Wellcurve and enjoy favourable Herbal Tea prices at every purchase.

What is a Herbal Tea?

Herbal Tea, also known as Tisane, is a type of beverage made by infusing a rich combination of dried fruits, flowers, herbs, spices, and other plant-based ingredients in hot water. As compared to coffee and regular tea, Herbal Tea contains low to no amount of caffeine naturally. The fact is, herbal tea is made entirely with ingredients affluent with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

As you buy herbal tea, you will be able to gauge on n-number of tastes and flavours such as Chamomile, Peppermint, Ginger, etc., which can substitute sugary beverages. If you are sceptical about the taste, as you might have to build the taste before you start loving this elixir-like beverage, you can add healthy alternatives of sugar to it such as organic honey.

Popular Flavours of Herbal Tea

Blue TeaHibiscusOrganic Tulsi
Lemon HerbalJasmineSage Tea

Health Benefits of Herbal Tea

The vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants found in herbal tea are known to promote various short and long-term health benefits, such as:

  • Fight against cough and cold
  • Boost your immune system
  • Slow down the ageing process
  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Give comfort to stomach issues
  • Have anti-inflammatory effects

Herbal tea is naturally free from sugar and calories. All over the world, people are opting for tea like Herbal green tea, Ginseng, Blue tea, Ayurvedic herbal tea, and more to detoxify their body and rejuvenate their senses. Now one can easily buy herbal tea online through Wellcurve. We also have a wide range of herbal tea powder and bags available online for you.

Why Purchase Organic Herbal Tea?

Shopping Organic Herbal Tea has primarily two-fold benefits. First, you will get to shop from a wide range of new flavours and relish the most amazing variants that may not be available in the market. Herbal tea online stores are well-stacked and stocked with every version for the customers.

Secondly, there are exclusive online discounts and offers which you may not be able to avail in the offline markets. For instance, Wellcurve has stocked a wide range of popular flavours online at the best price of herbal tea to make sure the customer is benefitted, whether it is health-wise or expense-wise.

Besides that, you can shop for herbal tea on our website without any hassles. So, make the most out of the absolute best range of herbal teas by placing your order at Wellcurve, and get your preferred herbal tea delivered at your doorstep.

Herbal Tea Price List on Wellcurve

BrandsPrice Range
Butterfly Ayurveda₹250.00 – ₹400.00
Chai Craft₹120.00 – ₹449.00
Mittal Teas₹120.00 – ₹380.00
TGL₹200.00 – ₹700.00
Vahdam Teas₹190.00 – ₹500.00

Other Tea Categories : Green Tea | Black Tea

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