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Like for most questions in life, the answer is yes and no. Yes - if you have a specific goal and act accordingly. E.g. Meal Replacement - focus on getting around 300 calories and on healthy ingredients like nuts and seeds; Pre / Post Workout - focus on getting around 10-20 gms of protein. No - if in the name of energy bar all you are consuming is sugar (check what % of serving size is just sugar).
Bars can be sold under multiple labels - energy bar, protein bar, snack bar, granola bar, etc. Most of the bars out there act as instant and convenient sources of energy, protein, fat, carbs, etc. They are also supplemented with useful ingredients like nuts, grains, etc. One potential pitfall to avoid with such products is added sugar / artificial sweeteners. Bars can be easily consumed on the go, will help you avoid those 5 pm oily samosas, but should not be used regularly instead of fruits and veggies.
Fruits are loaded with nutrients, help keep diseases at bay, and can even be consumed as many as 4-5 times daily. The ideal routine is to have fruits for breakfast, dry fruits for mid-day snacking, and smoothies in the evening. Fruit days are perfectly fine once a week, but on other days a diet consisting of proteins and minerals from other sources is more well rounded. Fruit juices however may be potential traps full of sugar and void of any fiber and antioxidants. People with diabetes and on keto should be wary of sugar and carb content respectively, and should be more picky with their choice of fruits.
Keto is the latest (dare we say) fad. There's no harm in giving it a try, but what if you have an existing medical condition like diabetes? What if you are pregnant? Also, what are certain pitfalls / side effects that you can save yourself from? We'll answer as much as we can, but one thing is for sure - crash diets are never the long-term solution, especially when done in haste. Before starting the diet plan, it’s better to consult your nutritionist to understand your body requirements.
Stress leads to the release of a hormone called cortisol in our bodies. While cortisol is beneficial in many ways, it causes cravings for sweet and salty food. We tend to gravitate towards junk food because it is carb-heavy and helps us with instant gratification. However, in the long run, this habit does not led to reduction in stress, but leads to other side effects like weight gain. Don't ignore your cravings and look for unsustainable (extreme) solutions though, Wellcurve.in will help satiate your unhealthy cravings with healthier alternatives.
Unfortunately, pollution in India (especially north India) has become a way of life. Regardless of what the government does or does not do, take charge of your own health with these foods: Jaggery - improves oxygen carrying capacity of blood; Turmeric - helps reduce inflammation of the lungs; Vitamin C rich foods - help build immunity against infections; Ginger - helps fight harmful toxins (and many more....).
We won't lie, midnight cravings are difficult to let go. Either our last meal of the day wasn't filling enough or we want snacks to accompany our late night excursions like Netflix, football matches, study / work assignments, etc. We all know it's ideal to not binge on food late in the day, but we also know that it's easier said than done. While we all figure out ways to discipline ourselves, Wellcurve.in has some healthier alternatives to keep guilt levels to a minimum.
Kids and their parents these days are swamped with food options most of which are unhealthy. Once children get used to unhealthy eating habits at an early age, it is very difficult to change things later. Childhood is fleeting, and the window for inculcating healthy habits closes fast. We're here to help you find healthier options for your young ones. When it comes to children, taste can't be ignored. We have a whole range of snacks that balance health with taste, delectable nut butters, dry fruits, nuts and seeds, etc. - options that are easy to integrate with a child's fussy eating habits.
Cacao is the primary ingredient that results in everyone's favourite food - chocolate. Cacao is a mood elevator, reduces risk of diabetes, and helps maintain blood pressure levels (among many other benefits). It is a rich source of minerals like calcium, magnesium, and iron. Cacao can be found and consumed in various forms - powder and nibs forms to go with smoothies and shakes, spreads to go with bread or to dip your cookies in, or for those who just can't get enough of it, you can consume it as it is in multiple forms.
Long story short, watch out for these three traps: Sugar - Out of sight is out of mind, either keep those extra calories away or spread them out over the long term. Keep foods like dates and berries handy for cravings. Salt - Party snacks are full of salt - quite an overdose! Go for healthier alternatives like fox nuts (makhane). Deep Fried Stuff - Going vacuum fried is an option. Go for cold-pressed healthier oils like coconut, sesame, mustard, or olive oil.
Dietary supplements can help you get certain nutrients that are lacking in your food and help improve your overall health. Dietary supplements are available over-the-counter, and anyone can purchase it easily. Unlike drugs, dietary supplements do not require to pass through any test, nor do they claim to treat any medical conditions (although they support and promote overall wellbeing). Some of the dietary supplements at Wellcurve.in include Wheatgrass, Alfalfa, Moringa, and Spirulina.
For people who don't have lunch at home, it often is a challenge to ensure health and nutrition is not compromised while at college, work, etc. Here's a few easy to execute ideas that will ensure you are never too far away from your health goals.
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