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8 Effectual Health Benefits of Brown Sugar

There’s not a single person on earth who doesn’t have a soft corner for sweets. Now and then we feel like grabbing something sweet, especially the sweet tooths. Sweet are tempting but have you thought that they contain white sugar which is clearly a no and will give way to an unhealthy accumulation of fat in the body. Instead, you can try brown sugar, a healthier version of normal sugar. With brown sugar, you can give a feast to yourself guilt-free and will have no worries about unhealthy fat consumption. Health experts suggest replacing brown sugar with normal sugar, all due to the possible benefits of brown sugar. You might be wondering is brown sugar healthy or not. Therefore to get the answer keep reading this blog. 

Benefits of Brown Sugar for a Healthier you

Brown sugar “a sugar alternative” is brown in colour and the brown colour is obtained due to the presence of molasses. It is loaded with healthy nutrition like calories, fat, sodium, carbohydrate, fibre, magnesium, phosphorous and more. People who which to stay fit and healthy must swap to brown sugar. Because brown sugar calories are less than normal sugar. 1 teaspoon of brown sugar contains only 17.5 calories which are healthy from a fitness point of view. It helps in improving skin quality, relieves constipation, aids in weight loss and more on the list. Below we have discussed a few brown sugar benefits for you to get more clarity.

1. Enhance Skin Quality

The granulated texture of brown sugar helps in the gentle exfoliation of the skin, this process removes dead and dry skin cells for the skin. Brown sugar contains antibacterial properties and glycolic acid which makes the skin becomes smooth, glowy and radiant. In addition, it also moisturises the skin and protects the skin from harmful dust, dirt and UV rays.

2. Supports Weight Loss

Brown sugar contains fewer calories when compared to white sugar. The sugar is loaded with molasses which boosts the metabolism in the body. Brown sugar also contains micronutrients that aid in keeping the body fit. One can incorporate brown sugar in their diet, but not consume it in excess, consume it in limited portions.

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3. Eases Menstrual Cramps

This sugar works efficiently in relieving menstrual cramps. Brown sugar is filled with potassium, which is believed to be a powerful reliever and in the treatment of muscle cramps. Brown sugar may nourish women with the loss of blood and lowers the feeling of illness. 

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4. Fights Fatigue

The brown sugar is loaded with essential minerals like calcium and iron content comparatively more than white sugar. These minerals together help in fighting fatigue and maintaining a healthy red blood cell count in the body.

5. Efficacious in Asthma

It has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that play a major role in battling asthma, and sort of bacteria or infections. As per the health experts incorporating brown sugar with warm water and consuming it might lower the asthmatic anti-inflammatory symptoms.

6. Works as an Antiseptic

The sugar possesses anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which help in fighting infection. It helps in healing minor cuts and bruises. Brown sugar naturally hydrates the skin and also aids in removing impurities from the body following a natural process. Therefore the next time you get a cut and bruises go for brown sugar. 

7. Relieves Cold

For ages brown sugar is been used in treating colds. In case you are suffering from cold just add a few slices of ginger, and a few granules of brown sugar in hot water and let it boil for some time. Consume it hot for instant relief from cold. 

8. Improves Digestion

If you are suffering from digestion issues then brown sugar is the solution to it. Brown sugar comes with medicinal properties when it is added to hot water with ginger slices. Consumption of it on a regular basis might lower the issues of constant bloating and constipation. 


Brown sugar is believed to be one of the healthiest sugar due to the health benefits it offers to general health. It is 10 times better than the normal crystallised white sugar. These days people’s inclination towards a healthier life has increased therefore people are ditching white sugar and switching to brown sugar. Whether you have digestive issues, unbearable cramps, or cold intolerance brown sugar is the key to every issue. Above we have discussed some of the benefits of brown sugar in detail. Hoping that it might have given you enough reasons to use it on a daily basis

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