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Almond Milk Benefits, Nutrition Value & Side Effects

You must have heard about the health benefits of eating almonds, but do you know about almond milk? Almond milk is the most consumed plant-based milk. It is an ideal fit for vegans and those who don’t prefer animal milk. Almond milk is highly nutritious as well as almonds milk benefits are numerous, which helps one to stay fit and active all day long. In this blog, we will be throwing light on almond milk benefits and side effects, along with all the basic things you need to know about almond milk.

What is Almond Milk?

Almond milk is mainly prepared from ground almonds. The almonds are firstly soaked in water for a couple of hours. After the soaking process, the excess water is drained out, and the skin of the almonds is removed. Now, the peeled almonds are put in a grinder and are grinder until it turns into a thick and creamy consistency. The pulp and the milk are separated. So this process leaves behind a smooth liquid called almond milk. Most almond milk brands use preservatives, thickeners, and artificial flavours to improve their quality and taste.

Almond Milk Benefits to be Noted

Discussing almond milk benefits, they have ample of them to serve. Almond milk carries a good nutritional quotient on its side. The milk contains a good percentage of antioxidants, thus helping you cure and protect from multiple health issues. Below are a few of the benefits of drinking almond milk regularly.

1. Keeps the Heart Healthy

In a study, it is noted that almond milk is extremely helpful in lowering the blood cholesterol level, which automatically leads to minimising the chances of heart-related issues and diseases. On the other hand, almond milk benefits the heart as it is rich in omega-3 and healthy fats content.

2. Good Source of Vitamin E

 Almond milk, one of the essential antioxidants for general health, contains 22% of vitamin E in it alone, which is required by the body. Due to vitamin E,  almond milk can cure cellular damage and many health issues.

3. Maintains Kidney Healthy

People undergoing kidney-related issues are advised to lower their calcium and potassium intake to better their condition. In this scenario, almond milk can be consumed because drinking pure almond milk will give you all the benefits of cow milk and help you naturally restrict calcium and potassium intake.

4. Improves Skin Quality

Almond milk has phenomenally great ingredients which slows down the process of ageing. It is rich in vitamin C, which prevents early ageing and other skin issues. The benefits of almond milk for skin are many. Some of them are that it prevents skin from decolouring, pigmentation, dryness and dullness, and makes your skin healthy and glowing.

5. Boost vision

 Vitamin A is the most crucial nutrient for improving eyesight. Almond milk is a drink enriched with vitamin A, and therefore in the list of benefits of drinking almond milk improve general vision and make you free from the duty of wearing specks.

6. Strengthens Immune System

Being a good source of vitamins A,D and E helps upgrade your immunity system if consumed daily. Adding to it, almond milk is a rich source of Vitamin B and iron, too, which helps in strengthening and healthy muscles.

7. Helpful in Acne Treatment

People with acne issues might have low vitamin E and selenium levels. Drinking almond milk might help you get rid of acne, cell damage infections.

8. Keeps Hair healthy

Almond milk is a good source of monounsaturated fatty acids and vital nutrients responsible for strengthening hair. These hair-nourishing nutrients make the hair strong, healthy and lustrous by conditioning them deeply. It also prevents hair turning grey before time.

9. Good for Lactose Intolerance People

Animal milk is supposed to  have lactose in them, but as it is, almond milk doesn’t have any traces of lactose. Which makes it an ideal fit for those intolerant or allergic to lactose rich food.

10. May Cure Cognitive Diseases 

Almond milk is an excellent source of Vitamins (an antioxidant) which is said to be very helpful for brain health. Studies have shown that incorporating almond milk into the diet might lower the risk of cognitive imbalances and Alzheimer’s disease.

Does Almond Milk for Weight Loss Really Work?

One might think almond milk promotes weight loss! But how? So, the major factors supporting weight loss are listed below. Help yourself in getting a clearer picture of almond milk.

  • Low in calories

when talking about almonds, they are comparatively on the higher side in calories than that of almonds milk. Due to this one can drink almond milk without worrying about weight gain. Homemade cow milk has comparatively lower calories than the factory made one, as the producers might add preservatives and artificial flavours to enhance the taste of almond milk.

  • Minimal Sugar Content

If you are one  of them eyeing to reach the weight loss goals, then you must go for almond milk. It is noticed that almond milk for weight loss is extremely helpful if you consume pure and unsweetened  almond milk. To get the best results  have almond milk prepared at home, not the one in the market.

  • Loaded with nutrients

 Almond milk is a powerhouse of essential nutrients needed by our body. It is rich in vitamin D, protein and calcium, somewhat similar to cow milk. The milk also has loads of minerals, vitamins to uplift overall health internally and externally. 

Almond Milk Nutrition Value

Almond milk calories are too low, making it ideal to consume without putting on excess Kilos and at the same time benefit from its countless health benefits. Almonds are a good source of vital nutrients that might assist you in nurturing your body. But most aren’t aware of the values, so we have mentioned almond milk nutrition to look at. The nutritional value of almond milk is provided by keeping USDA references in mind.

(The nutritional value is based on 100g of unsweetened almond milk)

NutrientNutrition Value
Calories17 Kcal
Fat0.014 g
Protein 0.55 g
Sodium60 mg
Carbohydrates0.34 g
Calcium173 mg
Vitamin E3.32 g
Iron0.29 mg
Potassium31 mg

Almond Milk Side Effects

By hearing the name itself almond milk the assumption starts floating into the mind that it’s very nutritious and healthy, but sorry to burst the myth it has got a few side-effects which might disbalance your health condition. Some of almond milk’s side effects are listed below.

  • Might Target thyroid

Almond milk falls under goitrogenic food which is responsible for triggering the thyroid gland this is harmful to people with a thyroid problem. One with a healthy thyroid function can have it without any worries. Therefore people with thyroid issues must avoid almond milk intake.

  • Ill-suited for infants

Almond milk or nut milk is not suggested to give to babies under 5  years of age as a complete replacement for dairy milk. This is advised because they are low in protein and will not meet the daily protein requirement of the body.

  • May lead to allergy

 The chances of being or getting allergic to plant-based milk are higher than that of normal dairy milk.


Almond milk is an ideal alternative to dairy products, which comes with endless health benefits. Be it brain health, digestive health, or healthy health almond milk keeps a check on every body part and its functioning to keep health on track. Many people in order to lose weight restrict themselves from having milk, but it’s a very bad practice as due to it,  your body might run low on nutrients. The best thing you can do is have almond milk which supports weight loss and helps you in providing the nutrients requirement of the body. Choose almond milk, this will help you stay in shape and active, unlike others.

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