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Bollywood Diva Anushka Sharma’s Journey Behind Going Vegetarian Is True Inspiration!

Anushka Sharma has been one of the fittest Bollywood celebrities many draw inspiration from. The actress-producer has been slaying fitness through the health and lifestyle choices she makes. She was blessed with a baby girl in January 2021 and according to her, the vegetarian diet she follows has helped her in a very positive way to maintain a very healthy pregnancy. Anushka Sharma quitted non-vegetarian and meat-based foods back in 2015. Not only that, but she has also made her husband, cricketer Virat Kohli switch to a vegetarian meal in recent years. Let’s have a look at her journey.

Anushka Sharma’s Inspiration Behind Going Vegetarian:

Anushka first thought of quitting meats for her love towards animals and tried to do her part against the increasing animal cruelty for meat consumption. Her dog, Dude also plays a pivotal role behind this life-changing decision. Few years back in an interview she has stated that her dog doesn’t like meat and that has influenced her in a good way to turn into a vegetarian.

But what probably inspired her the most to get rid of all the myths around the vegetarian diet and make her mind to do it was The Game Changers on Netflix. Starring actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and athletes including Lewis Hamilton, this documentary has been an eye-opener for both Anushka and Virat about protein intake in a vegetarian diet.  The documentary has busted myths around the misconceptions regarding protein deficiency in a vegetarian diet and provides an insight into the impact of animal products on the human body. In 2009, her husband Virat Kohli also tweeted about the documentary and announced how being a vegetarian has changed his life in a good way.

A Look Into Anushka Sharma’s Vegetarian Diet:

Anushka’s vegetarian diet is very simple and it comprises of 5 small meals in a day.  Along with breakfast, lunch and dinner, she enjoys small snack times in between to keep her body fed at all time. She keeps an eye on how many litres of water she is drinking everyday. Anushka is a foodie but she always prefers a hearty home made meal over restaurant bought foods. Besides, she strictly avoids any kind of junk food to keep her health at its best all the time.


Anushka’s breakfast is simple and nutritious. As she is a vegetarian and not vegan, she completes her breakfast with two egg whites with a glass of fresh fruit juice.


Mid Day Snacks:

To fulfill her craving for some mid-day snacking, she opts for cheese toast accompanied with a glass of lime or coconut water to stay well hydrated and refreshed.

cheese sandwhich


For lunch, Anushka doesn’t really like outside food and that’s the very reason she carries her lunch with herself at work which contains homemade veggies, dal with 2 chapattis, and salad.


Evening Snack:

Instead of having junk foods that may contain some sort of animal protein or harm her health, she gets protein bars or seasonal fruits to get her stomach filled.



Anushka always tries to reach home for dinner and her dinner is kind of the same and healthy as her lunch. Not to forget, she drinks a glass of milk daily before going to bed for some extra added health benefits.


After turning into a vegan, Anushka didn’t stop there and she started spreading awareness around the myths related to a vegetarian and plant-based diet. She was an active participant in PETA India’s campaign in promoting meat-free meals. She shared her story and how she feels healthier, happier, and more energetic after turning into a vegetarian. She is now relieved and she can take her meals without having a second thought about harming an animal. Her fitness, health, energy can guide many to shift into a vegetarian diet for a new start.

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