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Anxiety And The Lockdown – Ridhima Nigam

Everyone has experienced the feeling of anxiety or sadness at some or the other moment of their lives but at times these emotions aren’t just momentary, they tend to last and turn into a burden that someone might be carrying on their shoulders.

I first experienced it after my father passed away. He was the person I resonated with the most and losing him created fear and I started losing the grip on myself. With anxiety, came depression and everything went for a toss. I couldn’t sleep, isolated myself, hated interacting, and didn’t know what to do about this weird pain I was feeling in my chest. The medication started, it helps but after long 3 years I understood that it’s not just medication that gets you through this. It’s your will and self-love.  I started taking care of myself, eating healthy, and making some changes in my lifestyle. I know it isn’t easy, but taking baby steps towards positive changes can do great things. That is what helped me, valuing myself, understanding myself, and also being my own best friend.

A lot has changed as the whole world has turned upside down because of COVID-19. The sudden and most unexpected life change that we are all dealing within this time of crisis. Such times require special attention to mental health, it becomes extremely important to pay attention to all the signs your mind and body is giving you. Many would have never experienced anxiety or depression. So, it’s going to be new, an alien feeling and you might not know what to do. For some, it’s a problem they are already dealing with, the lockdown would make it better or might turn it worse.

What we need to understand is that depression or anxiety isn’t something that we can control but we can definitely learn to deal with it and eventually rise above it.

There are different triggers and at times no trigger is needed at all.

It’s a tough road but trust me when I tell you, that this road ends and it leads you to the most rewarding place. A place you can call your own. Build by the strength you had, the courage you put in, and the hope you never gave up on.

Here are a couple of things that helped me get through the lockdown


Allow your feelings to flow

Remember, that it is fine to feel the way you are feeling. Acknowledging it and talking about it to someone you are close to would be of major help. There is no right or wrong path to do this. An unprecedented moment in history, and none of us were prepared for it.  It actually looks like a situation straight out of a nightmare but self-awareness is what can help. Let your emotions talk to you and do what you feel like. Learn to paint, try your hands on cooking, or maybe give writing a chance to express yourself, listen to good music, Rearranging your space if that makes you feel good. Making some healthy changes would be of help too.  All you have to do is get through the day. If you feel bad, it’s totally fine. Such time can make us low but good distractions always help.


Have a routine

Having a routine is really important. It simplifies the day for you. Some stability during these unstable times can act as a cool shade in the scorching sun. Make your bed, do the household chores, dress up a little cause it will bring positive energy, fix your working hours, take out time for your family, read a book, try doing something creative each day and maybe, develop a new skill.

Stay connected

We need to connect with other people more. The people you have lost touch with or the distances you have been thinking of mending, use this time. Many are far away from friends and family. Connecting with them through video calls or messages will help you feel close to them and less lonely. Spend time with your family, if you are with them. Play games, talk, and just have fun because these are precious moments. Taking out so much time for each other isn’t possible now a day but this crisis has given us this chance. So, make use of it and cherish it.


Act of kindness

This crisis has affected so many people in so many ways. Especially, the poor who are struggling to survive, and trying to go back to their homes, Donate for them, in whatever way you can. Remember, no act of kindness is small. Many stray animals are starving, so feeds them give them food or donate to organizations that are helping. There is a lot of suffering around us and if you can ease someone’s pain, it will make you feel happy and will bring joy to the other person as well.

Look for the silver lining.

Nature is healing. The world, has come to a pause and this pause does have some positives to it.  As human race is running and racing 24/7, sometimes a temporary pause can give us a chance to relax and re-evaluate a lot of things.

We have learned to acknowledge and value everything around us. The people, animals, plants, and fresh air. The sky is clearer and so can be our heads. Clear of all bad thoughts. Finding happiness in small things and appreciating people who work for us and Around us.

Life isn’t about the race, it’s about what you make out of it. So, let go of your negative emotions. Count your blessings and try to wake up every morning with a smile cause as bad as it may seem, what we know is, all bad things do come to an end.  So, will this.

We don’t know what the future holds but don’t hamper your present by the negativity around. Practice a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy, stay healthy, and be your own savior.

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  1. So beautifully written. Direct from the heart, straight to the heart. Thank-you for sharing this. More power and love to you?

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