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Are All Fruits Good For Me? How Do I Get My Five-Servings-A-Day?

One of our earliest customers, Diya, was on a weight loss experiment. Determined to focus more on eating fruits and vegetables, she looked to blogs and magazines for advice but soon realized that just fruits didn’t really help her achieve any results.

Like Diya, many of us know that we should make a lifestyle switch and eat better, but we don’t know what might work for us. That’s why one needs to pay attention to personalized nutrition because not everyone is the same, and not everyone’s nutritional requirement is the same.

And that’s not all. While many people will actively vote for all sorts of seasonal fruits, not everyone can gorge on every type of fruit. For example, if you have diabetes, then you should stay away from mangoes, cherries, pineapple, banana, and grapes.

Healthy Fruit Salad

How do I get my five-servings-a-day?

Having five servings of fruits and vegetables a day can help you in your weight loss program and also promote your overall health. Here are some handy tips to keep you on the fruit path.

  1. Start your day with a healthy breakfast. Have a bowl of fruits or banana along with your other staples.
  2. It is essential to spread out your fruits and vegetable intake throughout the day. For mid-day snacking, dried fruits and nuts are a great option. Apart from offering nutrition, they are satiating and keep you full for a longer time.
  3. Make friends with salads. Vegetables lose many of the nutrients when cooked on a high flame. Salads, when eaten raw, retain all the natural goodness. You can include a salad with your usual lunch. Use your favorite seasonings to give a treat to your taste buds!
  4. For evening snacks, munch on a whole fruit or some nuts.
  5. Include vegetables or salads for your dinner to complete your daily requirement of natural fiber.

If you’re on fruits for weight loss, stay away from packaged juices. Most of the time, packaged juices are loaded with extra sugars which do no good for our health. Food companies use sugar in different names, so be mindful while purchasing food products.

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Stay away from food products that read “date sugar, caster sugar, palm sugar, organic raw sugar, maltose, brown sugar, barley malt, etc.” because these are all hidden sugars. Sugar is also added to food in the form of syrup. Some of the common ones to avoid are “maple syrup, golden, syrup, molasses, etc.”

The best way is to go for whole fruits or make fresh juice at home. If possible, consult with a good nutritionist before making the transition. Explain all of your dietary concerns and find healthy food groups that work for you. Remember, it is never one food group alone, but all our eating habits together that result in weight loss.

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