Be Breakfast Ready With These Gluten-Free Mini Pancakes

If you are someone who is trying to eat healthy, finding healthier options for your favorite food can get a bit difficult. But if you love to experiment with your beloved recipes or if you can just replace the unhealthy ingredients with some healthy ones, you are sorted for your diet.

A banker by profession, Richa Singhal’s passion is baking. She has come up with a delicious and healthy recipe of Strawberry Honey Mini Pancakes to take care of the foodie inside you. Richa has prepared this keto-friendly recipe by using Ketofy’s Keto Pancake mix from Wellcurve’s online store. Plus, these mini pancakes are absolutely gluten-free and vegetarian, so you are all set for your breakfast without any worry. You can also get honey and walnuts delivered to your doorstep from Wellcurve’s healthy store. Let’s get started with this yummy breakfast recipe!


Keto-Friendly Strawberry Pancake Recipe


  • Pancake mix from Ketofy- 200 gms
  • Wood pressed oil- 2 teaspoons
  • Honey- Enough to drizzle on top
  • Fresh strawberries and walnuts- For garnish
  • Water- For the batter


2 People


  1. Take 200 gms of Ketofy’s keto gluten-free pancake mix from @wellcurvein and pour it in a bowl.

2. Add 2 tsp wood pressed oil and some water to the pancake mix and whisk for a minute. Give it a good mix until you get a batter-like consistency for your pancakes.

3. Now heat and grease a mini pancake pan and pour the batter into mini pancake moulds on a low flame. Cook the pancakes until there’s a golden brown colour on each side.

4. Well, now you have your pancakes ready to serve hot with honey, fresh strawberries, and walnuts.

You can choose from 15+ honey options from Wellcurve’s online store. You can choose from organic, raw honey or choose from the flavoured honey packs available there. You can also have the best, handpicked walnuts from the best healthy food suppliers like Rostaa, Nourish Organics, or Avadata at the best price. These pancakes can be your ultimate breakfast option for your healthy routine.

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