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8 Health Benefits Of Granola For Daily Breakfast

Granola is a breakfast staple which has been a choice for health concern’s since the 19th century. It’s a wholesome breakfast option used as a food topping and filling snack. Often it’s seen that healthy stuff is not so good taste-wise, but it’s not applicable for granola as its tastes delicious. You can benefit from granola in many ways; one can add it to their yoghurt, topping for smoothies and can also add it in milk butter. In addition, consuming granola can relieve you from the cold weather by keeping you warm.

What is Granola?

Granola is a healthy breakfast supplement comprised of rolled oats, flavourful dry fruits, and sugar substitutes (the majority of people opt for honey and brown sugar). Besides, it may also contain wholesome grains, puffed rice, seeds, and nut butter. In addition, granola consists of essential nutrients like iron, protein, fiber and micronutrients to fulfil the body’s everyday nutrition needs.

Benefits of Granola

This ancient food staple, granola, carries high nutritional content. Its nutritional value is high due to almonds, walnuts, cashews, and pumpkin seeds. Because of these ingredients, people who eat granola feel full for longer. Granola is perfect for you because it regulates hormones like ghrelin-1 and GLP-1 in the body.

Have you ever wondered if granola is good for you? And the answer to it is yes. This most preferred breakfast option carries enough health benefits to make you surprised. So we have brought you some help.

Many health concerns might be wondering, is granola good for weight loss? Granola is a light yet satisfying cereal that gives the body a healthy boost in many ways:

granola benefits

1. Promotes Weight Loss

1. It contains a minimum level of salt and cholesterol, which fuels chronic obesity.

2. Granolas have a high fiber content that helps the body feel full by adding weight to food and absorbing water. As a result, it reduces appetite and prevents ghrelin(a hormone that makes you feel hungry).

3. Granola restrains you from overeating, which aids in weight loss.

2. Reduces Cholesterol Level

The soluble fibre in granola increases HDL cholesterol in the body and reduces harmful or bad LDL cholesterol. As a result, you may stop plaque from forming in the arteries and veins by lowering unhealthy cholesterol levels in the blood vessels. This kind of plaque results in high blood pressure and stress. 

3. Helps Fight Anaemia

Anaemia is an issue that has troubled people all around the world. Still, the matter of concern is that many are unable to detect the early symptoms and are unaware of the issue they might be undergoing. It is a disease caused due to deficiency of iron in the blood, which plays a vital role in producing red blood cells. This disease might also leave you with fatigue, headache, cognitive malfunction and depression. The superfood granola has a good amount of iron to counter anaemia. One can also increase iron content by preparing it at home and including iron-rich fruits.

4. Aids In Skin Care

Granola is rich in vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) which is responsible for skin rejuvenation. Including granola in your diet can supply you with approx 20% vitamin E requirement of your body. Vitamin E promotes many skin functions, such as skin protection, early ageing, sunburn, and wrinkles. The staple may also help in improving the texture of your skin.

5. Helps in Migraine

One of the most valuable benefits is that it helps people suffering from migraine and lessens their suffering. This is because granola contains high levels of manganese which has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body, promotes healthy blood circulation, nourishes blood vessels, and improves the elasticity of the blood vessels. It also forbids muscle spasms which lead to unbearable headaches.

6. Good for Pregnant Women

Granola has several health benefits to offer because of its nutrition level. Pregnant women require essential vitamins and minerals to help the body function efficiently. In addition, granola carries folate (A natural source of folic acid) that supports a healthy pregnancy and counters any congenital disabilities in the unborn child. If you wish to spend the pregnancy phase hassle and problems-free, you must switch to granola for your and your child’s wellbeing.

7. Enhance Blood Circulation

Granola contains all the beneficial vitamins and minerals that uplift health. This health booster has sodium and potassium that promote smooth blood flow throughout the body and keep a check on blood circulation. In addition, granola promotes good cognitive health.

8. Improves Digestion

Granola is almost unrivalled as a digestive aid. It contains soluble and insoluble fiber. Dietary fiber plays an important role in everyone’s diet as it is responsible for maintaining proper digestion health. In Addition, granola acts in an effective way in stimulating peristaltic motion, which occurs at the time when the smooth muscles of the intestine contract, which helps the food. It also helps release gastric and digestive juices, relieving stress on the entire system.

Granola Nutrition Facts

The popular breakfast suppliment granola has high-calorie value along with protein, fiber and other nutrients. Granola nutritional facts may vary as per the ingredients used. One can upgrade granola’s nutritional value by adding some dry fruits and edible seeds to it. 

Just a reminder, not all granola has the same nutritional value; it may differ from brand to brand. Therefore, don’t follow this nutritional fact blindly. It’s just a rough estimate to give you a bit of its insight. Below nutrition value information is Source from USDA .

Nutrition Nutrition Value (100 g)
Calories464 Kcal
Fat28.6 g
Sodium89 mg
Carbohydrates46.4 g
Fiber7.1 g
Sugar17.9 g
Protein14.3 g
Iron3.86 g


Granola is a healthy and nutritious breakfast option. The supplement comes with several delicious flavours to choose with each flavour the nutritional content changes due to the use of different ingredients. Granola is loved because of the wholesome effect it leaves on the body. The cereal offers numerous health benefits to upscale your health game. If you wish to switch to this healthy breakfast option, we recommend starting with cocoa crunch granola, which is easily available on wellcurve. But before moving further, if you wish to research more about granola, go through our muesli vs granola blog. It’s time now to shift to a healthy lifestyle with granola.

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