Raisins (Kismis) Benefits, Nutrition Facts, and Side Effects

Raisins are a healthy dried fruit that one can easily add to one diet. It is an excellent source of essential nutrients. You can just have a handful of raisins any time of the day when you’re feeling snacks and enjoy its juicy flavour. Raisins also make an excellent topping for many dessert and salad recipes and can be found in many products like trail mixes and granola/granola bars. Let’s get into the world of raisins and discover the Raisins Benefits! 

10 Raisins (Kismis) Benefits

Raisins, the sweet, little dry fruit, has many considerable benefits that you can’t miss out to know. So, check this interesting and informative list of raisins’ benefits and try to include them in your meals if you haven’t added them yet.

Raisins (Kishmish) Benefits

1. Helps in Lowering Blood Sugar

Several studies have found that eating raisins may help in lowering blood sugar levels. Raisins contain a high amount of fiber and have a low glycemic index, making them an excellent option to control sugar. Also, you can count on raisins whenever you are having a sweet craving and keep your sugar levels in check.

2. Aids in Weight Loss

A very popular Kishmish benefit is that it helps in managing weight. If you’re looking for a weight-loss snack that is sweet, delicious, and healthy, then raisins can be your BFF! Raisins contain natural sugar, and they do not end up giving you extra calories. You can enjoy snacking on raisins without worrying about calories.

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3. Improves Digestion

Raisins help in improving digestion and also prevent constipation. This is one of the best benefits of soaked raisins. Eating soaked raisins every day early in the morning can help keep the digestive system healthy. Since raisins also have a high amount of fiber, it helps keep the bowel movement smooth and keep bloating at bay. 

If you are facing a digestive issue, then raisins can help you in ways you never imagined. It flushes out the toxins from the body and gives your digestive system the soluble fiber needed.

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4. Benefits of Raisins for Skin

You will be surprised at how much raisin benefits the skin. Eating raisins is an underrated hack when it comes to skincare and skin health. The truth is that raisins can give you a youthful glow and prevent skin damage. It can even work against acne and pimples as it has all the essential nutrients that healthy skin requires. The best way to consume raisins for improving skin health is by soaking them in water before eating them.

5. Supports Vision

Raisins contain essential antioxidants that contribute to eye health. They contain polyphenols that prevent free radical damage. Not only that, but raisins also contain vitamin A which helps in improving vision and gives you strong eyesight. It also delays or prevents age-related eye issues like cataracts. 

6. Prevents Anemia

Raisins are famous when it comes to preventing iron deficiency. This is one of the most impressive health benefits of raisins. Many studies have shown that raisins work great against anemia and help you have a sound sleep. This is because raisins contain iron and other minerals that help in blood circulation and make red blood cells. 

7. Improves Bone Health

Raisins (Kismis) are small in size, but they have large amounts of calcium in it! Improved bone health is one of the best benefits of raisins soaked in water. Eating soaked raisins helps in absorbing nutrients and calcium. Many studies show that eating soaked raisins regularly leads to increased bone density and improved bone health. 

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8. Raisins Improve Oral Health

We cannot leave this one out when talking about the kismis health benefits. Raisins contain Oleanolic acid that helps maintain oral hygiene and also prevents tooth decay. Raisins also destroy the harmful bacterias in the mouth that might cause cavities and other tooth problems. But the best part is raisins not only help in maintaining tooth health but also help in teeth whitening as it is packed with iron and boron.

9. Boosts Immunity

There are many things that people do to increase their immunity but eating raisins for immunity is not a popular choice. Why? Today we are telling you that raisins can help boost immunity and in ways that will leave you surprised. It contains Vitamin C and other nutrients that can keep the immune system healthy and help the body fight diseases. Raisins also have antibacterial properties that keep harmful bacterias away from your body.

10. Promotes Heart Health

Here are some kismis benefits that you probably didn’t know about! Raisins are suitable for the heart and help in lowering blood pressure. Yes, you read that right! It helps balance and maintain the sodium content in the body and prevents the contraction of blood vessels. Also, when you consume raisins every day, you notice improved cholesterol levels. It promotes good cholesterol and helps tackle cardiovascular problems. 

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Raisins Nutrition

Raisins nutrition facts

Are you surprised by the range of health benefits of raisins? There are more surprises for you. Now we shall talk about raisins nutritional facts to help us develop a better understanding of raisins and what it contains. 

Essential NutrientsRaisins Nutritional Value Per 100g
Raisins Calories258 cal
Protein2.84 g
Sugar56 g
Fiber3 g
Fats0.22 g
Vitamin C2 mg
Calcium54 mg
Iron1.5 mg
Sodium22 mg
Magnesium30 mg

Side Effects of Raisins

Raisins side effects

1. Gas Problems

Gastronomical issues are common raisins side effects. Eating too many raisins can lead to gas problems and even bloating. They contain complex sugar that your body might find hard to break down, and that’s why you may experience bloating. 

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2. High Blood Pressure

Raisins (Kismis) are usually an excellent food for lowering blood pressure, but if you over-eat raisins, you might land yourself in trouble. It can increase blood pressure and may even cause a risk of stroke if consumed in large amounts regularly. 

That was all the information on the benefits of raisins (kismis). We are totally impressed by how many benefits and essential nutrients small raisins contain. If you wish for good health and an improved lifestyle, then you can add raisins to your daily diet.


Let’s wrap this article with the idea that dry fruits are a healthy snack that can be eaten in many ways and has ample benefits. And raisins are one of those enriched dry fruits that have endless benefits, nutrients, and are a great tasteful dry fruit.

Are raisins good for skin?

Eating raisins every day can provide youthful, glowing, clear, acne-free, and healthy skin. Antioxidants in raisins help in rejuvenating the skin and prevent damage and sagging. Raisins also purify the blood.

Are soaked raisins good?

Yes, they are very beneficial for the body. Raisins soaked in the water…
Detoxifies the body
Strengthen digestive health
Regulates blood pressure
Supports immune system
Promotes bone and teeth health
Protects heart…

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