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Best Dates Brands in India 2023

Everyone must have received a common suggestion from their elders that it’s essential to incorporate dates into your general diet. Dates are obtained from palm trees and have commendable nutritional value in them. Having dates regularly might keep certain health issues at par and help obtain a good and healthy lifestyle. The superfood is low in fat, and enriched with healthy nutrients and essential minerals like iron, fluorine, potassium, sodium and many more on the list. Adding to these dates boosts bone health and lowers the chances of anemia. To get the most out of dates, one must go for the best dates in the market. In this blog, we have listed the eight best dates brands in India. Hope the list might help you with your dates shopping. 

best dates brands

Summary Table: Best Dates Brands in India

Below is the table from which you can get information regarding best Dates brands in India.

BrandsProductsDiscounted Price
HappiloHappilo Omani Dates Premium International 250 gmTap to Avail
RostaaRostaa Omani Dates 680 gmTap to Avail
NutrajNutraj Gold Arabian Dates 500 gmTap to Avail
Healthy FeastHealthy Feast Arabian Dates 400 gmTap to Avail
FarmleyFarmley Selecta Dry Dates Afghan Standee Pouch 400 gmTap to Avail
Nutty GrittiesNutty Gritties Omani Dates 500 gmTap to Avail
Delight NutsDelight Nuts Omani Dates 200 gmTap to Avail

Best Dates in India

Dates are basically sweet and smooth texture dry fruits, which have endless health benefits adding to general health. These dates come in three forms soft, semi-dry and dry. The evening pick for dates is different. Because of little knowledge, people pass over the best dates and don’t achieve the health goal they wished for. Therefore to help you reach your healthy go goal,  we have mentioned below the best dates brands in India to help you get the best quality dates to boost your health.

  1. Happilo – Happilo is a brand that has gained trust in the market because of its quality products. The brands deliver the best dates to eat, and the taste and quality are unbeatable. Happilo sources its dates from palm trees in Oman, and the packaging is done by following all the safety standards. The dates remain fresh due to their reusable packaging. Overall it’s among the best date brands in India. 

Features –  

  • No preservatives
  • Naturally dried
  • Free from Additives
  • Vegetarian product

High Selling Product –  Happilo Omani Dates Premium International

Discounted Price – 175/-

Quantity – 250 GM

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  1. Rostaa – This brand has made its customer base due to its premium quality products. Roastaa stands among the brands that offer the best dates to eat. The nutritional combination is best to go for; additionally, the dates are enriched with Dietary fibre. The dates by roastaa are perfectly ripened and juicy in taste.

Features –

  • Free from artificial flavours
  • 100% Natural
  • Low glycemic index
  • Low in calories

High Selling product – Rostaa Omani Dates

MRP – 440

Quantity – 680 GM

  1. Nutraj – Nutraj brand is said to deliver high-quality dates at a very genuine rate. The brand offers handpicked best dates and further processes them with high-tech methods, with the help of cutting-edge machinery. The packaging is done in a unique process which keeps the dates fresh for a good duration of time, and the taste remains intact.

Features –

  • Enriched with soluble fiber
  • Stays fresh for long duration
  • No added colour
  • Fresh and natural product

High Selling product – Nutraj Gold Arabian Dates

MRP – 199

Quality – 500 GM
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  1. Healthy Feast – The brand offers original Arabian dates sourced especially from Saudi farms. Healthy feast dates are loved because of their smooth caramel taste. The dates are comparably larger in size than many other date brands in India. This brand offers the best dates, which are extremely delicious and have commendable nutritional value.

Features –

  • No added sugar
  • Vegetarian product
  • Comes with advanced packaging
  • Semi-moist texture

High Selling Product – Healthy Feast Arabian Dates

MRP – 250 RS

Quality – 400 GM

  1. Farmley – Farmley is a brand that offers premium and beat quality dates to its customers. The dates by the brand are sourced from organic farms and are packed hygienically in addition, farmley dates are HACCP certified. Dates by farmley are high in calorie content which contributes in making you feel full, and are healthy snacks. 

Features –

  • 100% Natural product
  • Free from adultration
  • Non – GMO
  • No chemicals

High Selling Product – Farmley Selecta Dry Dates Afghan Standee Pouch

MRP – 250 RS

Quantity – 400 GM

  1. Nutty Gritties –  Dates by Nutty Gritties are a perfect solution to replace one’s sugar cravings. Nutty Gritties sources their dates from the best farms in Saudi Arabia and Oman. These dates are extremely beneficial for anaemic patients and all who wish to upgrade their health by fulfilling the nutritional quotient of the body.

Features –

  • Diabetic friendly
  • No sugar
  • Low glycemic index
  • Vegetarian product

High Selling product – Nutty Gritties Omani Dates

MRP – 330/-

Quantity  – 500 GM

  1. Delight Nuts –  The brand delight nuts are extremely delicious and nutritive. People who are advised to cut down on refined sugar intake can go for the dates by this brand. The dates are loaded with highly beneficial minerals and nutrients which promote good health and uplift the nutrition quotient of the body naturally. Therefor the brand is also counted up on as one of the best dates brands in India.

Features –

  • Vegetarian products
  • Low in sugar
  • Natural products
  • No added colour

High-selling product – Delight Nuts Omani Dates

MRP – 180/-

Quantity – 200gm

  1. Flyberry – The brand flyberry delivers dates that are nutritious and healthy and are also enriched with ample vital nutrients. The dates come with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, due to which dates can also be used for medicinal purposes. The dates keep you energetic and full for the whole day, along with nurturing one’s body naturally.

Features – 

  • Low fat
  • Vegetarian product
  • Low calories
  • Fibre enriched

High Selling Product – Flyberry Mini Medjoul Dates 200g

MRP – 499/-

Quantity –  200 GM

The bottom Line

Dates come from the dry fruits family and are one of the most loved and consumed dry fruits. It’s a healthy replacement for your unhealthy sweet craving. The quality, nutrition factor and taste play a major role in deciding which will work positively for your health or not. So it’s crucial to go for the best dates and get healthy and fit. If one is seriously looking for dates to improve overall health, opting for the best dates in India is a must. Dates alone hold the capability to cure a long list of health issues and contribute to healthy living.

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