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Best & Organic Ghee Brands in India 2023

Have you ever heard your granny say ‘Ghee’ is the secret to good health? Have you ever enjoyed your parathas with a generous dollop of desi ghee or your favourite dal with ghee wale tadka? If your answer is yes, then you have got it right!

How to Make Ghee

Ghee is nutrient-dense fat made from grass-fed butter and used for cooking or accompanying your favourite rice, roti, or paratha.  

Ghee is made by heating butter, removing all milk particles, water, and impurities. Therefore, the only thing left is lactose-free, casein-free frying oil that solidifies at room temperature. 

For these reasons, there are no hard rules for storing ghee. Besides, the high boiling point of ghee makes it ideal for stovetop cooking, barbecuing, and frying.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ghee

content. Contrary to popular belief that ghee is nothing but fat, ghee is nothing but healthy fats required for your health. 

So, to give you a clearer picture, let’s look at ghee’s benefits and side effects.

Benefits of GheeSide Effects of Ghee
Best quality ghees are high in omega 3 fatty acids that help lower harmful LDL cholesterol. Therefore, it also improves heart health.Ghee, in general, is not harmful to your health. If you consume ghee excessively can without consulting a professional, it can result. So, to gain the maximum health benefits from ghee, it is recommended to have it in the right proportions. 
As almost all ghee is lactose-free, lactose-intolerant people can easily digest it.Additionally, if you have jaundice, hepatitis, or fatty liver abnormalities, try to stay away from ghee as much as possible. Along with that, excessive amounts of ghee can induce indigestion and diarrhoea.
This healthy source of fat includes fat-soluble vitamins, including vitamin A, beneficial to eye health. In addition to that, ghee also helps in preventing macular degeneration and cataracts.
Butyric acid, a type of short-chain fatty acid, is the main component of ghee that helps to reduce inflammation in our bodies. Moreover, less inflammation means better immunity power as well.
This healthy source of fat includes fat-soluble vitamins including vitamin A, beneficial to eye health. In addition to that, ghee also helps in preventing macular degeneration and cataracts.

Best Organic Ghee Brands in India

Ghee is an essential component of many Indian dishes. It is for preparing savoury delights like dals, biryani, or vegetables and for desserts. 

Healthy Ghee Brands

But not everyone has the time to make ghee in their kitchen. Several brands are available, selling some of the best organic, natural ghee. Let’s have a look!

1. Kapiva

Using pure milk to make the ghee, Kapiva ensures 100% natural, premium-quality ghee. Healthy cows mean healthy ghee. For that reason, they feed organic, pesticide-free grass to the cows to ensure high-quality ghee.

his organic Ghee from Kapiva is perfect for your health since it helps in digestion, improving heart health and bone strength. 

2. Nutriorg

This is one of the best-selling ghee brands on the market at present. Many people prefer having this ghee If you believe in traditional, organic, and animal-friendly Vedic procedures, then this ghee brand is the perfect fit for you. ‘Bilona’ refers to the Vedic Hand-churning, ghee-making method. Therefore, it ensures it retains the final product’s natural nutrients.

The Nutriorg Desi Cow Ghee nourishes all elements of the body deeply. It also aids in the treatment of burns and blisters, as well as the prevention of ulcers and constipation.
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3. Avadata Organics

If you are looking for a good A2 Desi Ghee brand, then Avadata is one of the best ghee brands for you.

Made from fresh cream derived from pure cow’s milk, this ghee has a granular texture. In addition to that, it also offers a rich scent and boost of flavour. Besides, it contains fat-soluble minerals and vitamins that aid in maintaining good health.

4. Praakritik

Another great Desi A2 Ghee brand is Praakritik. Originating in Maharashtra and Gujarat, this ghee is prepared using the traditional churning milk from grass-fed Gir cows.

This ghee is GMO-free, lactose-free, and packed with nutrients. But it comes with a mild fragrance of ghee. This container of A2 ghee is rich in vitamins, conjugated linoleic acid, and healthy fats.

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5. Conscious Food

Conscious Food’s ghee is made from the high-breed Gir cow, famous for producing A2 milk. A2 milk is much healthier and safer than A1 protein and is more similar to mother’s milk. Thus A2 ghee is also super beneficial for your health. 

High in butyric acid, this A2 ghee helps digestion and lubricates the body’s joints. Besides, It is also high in essential medium-chain fatty acids, making it useful for fat-burning.

6. Boldveda By Boldfit

Boldveda By Boldfit A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee is produced using the traditional bilona process to retain the nutrients. Everything is regulated and implemented by Dairy technologists, from feeding the cows to maintaining the cooking temperature. In addition to that, it is gluten-free and WHO GMP-certified as well.

Regular consumption of this premium A2 ghee helps lower cholesterol, improve heart health, and alleviate joint pain. If you want a mild taste less grainy texture in well-packaged ghee, then Boldveda ghee is one for you.

7. Anveshan

It is the most coveted brand for the best pure ghee Online in India. With a reputation for being pure and healthy, Anveshan is a food-tech firm created by a group of IITians to use technology and artificial intelligence in food products. It offers customers good quality Indian-origin A2 ghee, which is easy to digest.

Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, this desi A2 ghee is nothing less than a superfood.

8. Gir Organic

This ghee is made from 100% fresh and natural milk derived from purebred cows. The traditional bilona process helps experts prepare this remarkably aromatic and pleasant-tasting ghee. Organic ghee includes multiple fat-soluble nutrients, crucial in keeping overall health in the best condition.

Gir Organic A2 Ghee is also high in essential nutritional fatty acids, making it an excellent fat source for vegetarians. It is also suitable for lowering cholesterol, improving heart function, and reducing joint pain.

9. Aashirvaad Svasti

This is premium quality ghee made using a traditional procedure of slow heating the milk for around 3.5 hours. Then they raise the temperature gradually to bring out the greatest characteristics of this dairy product.

This desi ghee from Aashirvaad is made from pure cow milk and is high in vitamins, especially vitamin A. Therefore, it promotes immunity and protects the body from external infections.

10. Sri Sri Tattva

Sri Sri Tattva Cow’s Pure Ghee is untouched by hands to ensure perfect hygiene and safety during processing and packaging. The ghee is pure and offers one of the highest quality products.

Besides, this ghee has a rich granular texture and just the right aroma to compliment the tastes of your foods.

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Which are the Best Ghee Brands?

While each product on our list is some of the best ghee brands in India, Kapiva Organic Ghee is the best in taste, texture, packaging, and price. But Nutriorg is not far behind it as it provides excellent quality A2 ghee with the Bilona method. You can choose any of these ghee brands for your convenience and preference.


Our assessment is based on the ghee’s source, processing method, quality, composition, flavour, and health benefits. Each of these variables was carefully monitored for each brand to provide you with helpful information about the purest and highest-quality ghee available in Indian marketplaces. So that the next time you spread this spoonful of joy over your plate, you know what exactly you are putting in your body.

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