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Best Granola Brands In India 2023

Do you feel drained even after having your typical, most important meal of the day? The Breakfast you eat decides how energetic you will be the whole day, depending on what percentage of essential nutrients you have consumed. Consuming granola will keep you full and energised for the entire day and enhance your productivity. In this blog, we have brought 10 granola brands together to give you a thorough insight into what they offer and allow you to decide which works best for you.

How to Select Best Granola Brands- Buying Guide

After making the mind switch to granola for breakfast, we look for the best one to get maximum health benefits. But when looking for the best, we discover different brands option. So it becomes challenging to choose one of the best granola brands among them. So to ease your research, we have mentioned a few points to remember while buying.

  • Look for sugar content in it; go for the one that contains less sugar
  • Calories per serving, opt as per your health; which numbers work best for you
  • The type of oil used in it, buy it if they have used healthy oils
  • examine the quantity, and see if the portion it provides goes with the price.
  • Check the ingredients, and look for healthy ingredients with high nutritional value.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Granola

When it comes to counting the benefits of granola, there are many. This superfood contains vitamins, minerals and all the essential nutrients required to keep you going the whole day. But it will benefit you only when you consume it in a limited quantity. If you consume more than the body’s requirement, you may have to face its side effects. For your convenience, we have listed some benefits and their side effects.

Benefits Side Effects
Supports Weight LossMay Increase Weight
Fight AnaemiaHas The Chances of Consuming High Calories
Boost Digestive HealthContains High Sugar Content
Improves Skin QualityYou May Consume Unhealthy Fat
Prevent MigraineCarries Added Preservatives

Top 8 Granola Brands

Granola is a food staple that can be consumed as a healthy breakfast and snack. We have brought the best granola brand that is highly nutritious and available at a minimal price. So before buying this healthy superfood, check out granola brands to help you achieve your healthy living goal.

Best Granola Brands

1. Nourish Organics

Begin your day with super healthy and super tasty granola. The brand nourishes organics and has a healthy mix of wholesome ingredients to make it more nutritious. Granola from this brand contains organic brown sugar and honey as a sweetener; conversely, cinnamon and vanilla bring a burst of flavour to it.

Nourish Organic Granola Starts From Rs. 450

2. Cocosutra

Cocosutra has the goodness of wholesome ingredients, which helps you start your day on an energetic note. The ingredients used in our all-natural are rolled oats, nuts, seeds, coffee or honey. In addition, this brand has included elements specifically on the nutrition scale. It is excellent how all the incidents blend and give you a healthful meal without compromising the taste.

Cocosutra Granola Price starts from Rs. 300

3. Prakriti

Prakriti granola is a low-carb health superfood with low unhealthy fat. Among various healthy breakfast supplements, granola is the best of all. And from the array of granola brands praakritik is the best. Granola from this brand is carefully infused with macro and micronutrients and contains no added sugar or preservatives.

Prakriti Granola Starts from Rs.390

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4. True Elements

The true element granola combo is a match for diet-conscious and fitness enthusiasts. For healthy breakfast options, the brand offers a variety of baked granola. True elements offer granola infused with different flavours, so you don’t have to compromise with the taste. It is available in honey, almond and dark chocolate flavour. The granola is baked until golden brown, making it delicious for their consumers.

True Elements Granola Starts from Rs. 295

5. Bagrry’s

Healthful granola delivered by granola is 100% natural and nourishing with natural protein, high fibre and antioxidants. Its granola has the goodness of five whole grains such as whole wheat, corn, rice, oats, and quinoa. Under the label, the granola is vegan and plant-based. The best thing about this brand is that they have kept their granola price affordable so that everyone can purchase it, without fearing the price.

By the Brand Bagrry, Granola Price Range Starts from Rs. 349

6. Munchillicious

Munchillicious original granola has essential nutrients such as oats, nuts and seeds. It is loaded with vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients the body requires. one can include granola in their delicious desserts to turn the unhealthy craving on a healthier side. Granola by Munchillious is an easy and hassle-free way to boost energy.

Munchillicious Original Granola Starts from Rs. 500

7. Healthy Bites

The brand healthy bites perfectly know how to make granola tasty and flavourful. The brand has developed an idea of the most loved flavours of its consumers. Healthy Bites have experimented with its flavours to stay ahead of the other brands. They have different granola varieties, like honey, almond, triple coconut, cranberry, and more. The best part about them is they offer granola preservatives-free and gluten-free.

Healthy Bites Granola Starts from Rs. 190 Only /-

8. Monsoon Harvest

Everyone gets bored eating the same boring and non-tasty cereal to improve the breakfast experience; monsoon harvest comes to the rescue. Granola by them is precisely baked and is prepared out of whole grain rolled oats and millets with almost care and perfection. The product delivered by them is of premium quality and gluten-free.

Monsoon Harvest Granola Price Starts Ranging from Rs. 260


Granola is a food staple that can positively change your health. People who feel low and unenergetic the whole day can add it to their daily regimen to feel energised. Everyone wishes the best for them; when choosing granola for you, select it precisely. Before buying, ensure you are well aware of its nutritional content and ingredients. Then, start eating granola for breakfast and let your body get the essential nutrients to keep going.

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