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Best Makhana Brands in India

Makhana, AKA Foxnuts, is a perfect lightweight snack in between plans. We often crave crunchy masala and choose deep-fried snacks, fried sticks or potato chips. Well, with makhanas, that’s not a problem anymore. Nowadays, makhanas come in lip-smacking flavours that can make you addicted to them, and the best part is they are healthy. Makhanas are naturally a good source of potassium and calcium, which have essential bodily functions. Also, foxnuts are a low-sodium snack for people with blood pressure problems.

Best Makhana Brands in India 2022

Makhanas are small and round popped nuts of lotus seeds. They are a low-calorie yummy snack with many health benefits. Now, many makhanas with exquisite flavours are available in the market. It often becomes hard to pick one with the best quality and taste. So here we are with a list of top-rated makhana brands and their features, along with makhana prices.

Makhana Brands in India

1. Snackible

  • Variants Available: Cheddar cheese, Pudina Makhana, Bombay Chaat Makhana
  • Origin:- India
  • Price:- Starts From INR 60 for 30g
  • What’s Unique:- Healthier, crunchier with no added preservatives

2. Farmley

  • Variants Available:- Peri-Peri, Cream and Onion, Himalayan Salted Roasted, Minty, Pudhina, Tangy Tomato
  • Origin:- India
  • Price:- Range From INR 300-358
  • What’s Unique: Helps manage Weight, Flavorful

3. Mr Makhana

  • Variants: Plain, Butter Tomato, Lime chilli, cream and onion, Himalayan Salt, Pudina Party, Peri Peri, Pickle Tickle, Cheesy Peezy, Black Salt, Sea Salt and Vinegar.
  • Origin:- India
  • Price:- Ranges from INR 120 for 75g
  • What’s Unique:- Roasted in Olive oil, MSG Free

4. Wonderland Foods

  • Variants Available:- Peri-Peri, Chilli-cheese, Mint Chatpata, Jalapeno makhana
  • Origin:- India
  • Price
    • What’s Unique:- Roasted in Olive Oil

5. Prov

  • Variants Available: Plain Roasted
  • Origin:- India
  • Price:- From INR 399 for 200g
  • What’s Unique:- Sourced from the finest orchards from India and Abroad

Makhanas are a great way to add health to your daily routine. They are crunchy, tasty and absolutely mouth-watering. It goes well with every plan, whether It’s a date night or a spicy gossip session. Moreover, apart from being crunchy, they can also be used in sweet dishes like kheer and others. Makahans are also known to promote sleep and help prevent insomnia. We hope this list has helped you make a better choice among so many makhana brands in India.

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