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Top 7 Mass Gainer Brands in India 2023

Intense physical training often requires diet supplementation, which in simple words, means because your burn more calories, you need more too. Building muscle mass is no joke; it needs serious workout routines and a focused diet. You cannot successfully achieve your goal if you focus on one and ignore latterly. Using a supplement that can add extra healthy calories to your diet is a good idea, and mass gainers are exactly what you are looking for. The supermarts are flooded with various mass gainer brands, which may confuse you, but fear not, this article is all about the best mass gainer brands available in the market and their salient features.

Best Mass Gainer Brands in India

Mass gainers can help you achieve your muscle and weight goals correctly. These supplements contain proteins, carbohydrates, and essential vitamins and some are added with digestive enzymes for better digestion and absorption. We have made a customised list of some of the best mass gainer brands available in the Indian market and their nutritional benefits. So, keep scrolling for all the information you need before shopping for mass gainers.

Mass Gainer Brands in India

1. Muscleblaze Supplements

For individuals who find it difficult to gain or maintain weight, Muscleblaze weight gainer is the right nutritious supplement. It provides all essential healthy nutrients for healthy weight gain. Some of the salient features of this product are:


  • It contains both fast and slow-acting carbohydrates that constantly fuel the body.
  • It contains 27 essential vitamins and minerals.
  • It contains a blend of 5 digestive enzymes for better digestion
  • Fast absorption 
  • All the brand’s products are lab door certified and checked for purity.

2. Mettle

The brand aims to provide world-class health products. It comes from the house of Swasthum wellness and offers international quality products. Their product is enriched with a blend of essential nutrients like creatine, amino acid, carbohydrates etc., which makes it among the best whey protein available in the market.

Features of mettle mass gainer:

  • It contains 19g of high-quality protein per serving
  • Contains digestive enzymes
  • Offers 20.4g of carbohydrates per serving
  • The brand is FDA approved

3. Dr Vaidya’s

This brand offers Herbobuild, an ayurvedic product that is made with superior formulation to promote natural muscle growth. It also helps increase strength.


  • It improves blood flow to the muscles
  • Optimises testosterone levels
  • Improves athletic performance
  • The brand has a 150-year-old ayurvedic legacy.

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4. Nutrabay

The brand vision is to provide all products at fair and affordable prices. All their products are certified for authenticity. They promise quality and manufacturing excellence. A few features of their mass gainer are:


  • Steroid and sugar-free 
  • It contains no gluten and soy
  • 1:5 protein-to-carbohydrate ratio
  • All the products are manufactured in the USFDA facility.

5. Optimum Nutrition

One of the popular brands in the health supplement market is a subsidiary of Glanbia, a leading international cheese and nutritional ingredients group. It works on a hands-on approach to maintain the highest quality of its products.

Feature of Optimum Nutrition

  • 24 vitamins and minerals
  • Added 1g glutamine and 1g creatinine per serving.
  • Replenishes glycogen stores
  • Multiple tests for quality checks

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6. Labrada

It offers mass gainer fortified with muscle-building protein, carbohydrates, creatine monohydrate, and essential nutrients. Muscle gainers can help you gain weight quickly.


  • Provides 17g of BCAAs
  • It contains no dextrose or sugar syrup
  • Gluten-free
  • 100% genuine products and can be verified on the trueMPN app.

7. Absolute Nutrition

The brand offers a wide variety of protein Powders. Some of its ingredients are sourced from international markets to maintain the top-notch quality of its product among other mass gainer brands.

Important features include:

  • With 25 added vitamins and 3g of creatinine
  • Free from banned ingredients
  • With 75mg of digestive enzymes
  • FSSAI approved products


Mass gainer Protein can help you bulk up. People who require extra calories from protein and carbohydrates during periods of intense training or workout will find mass gainers helpful. Different mass gainer brands produce different flavours with different additional benefits. You can choose according to your needs, taste and price. We hope this article has already helped you gain some insight into some most popular mass gainer brands, now, you can read their features and select accordingly.

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