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Top 10 Best Muesli Brands in India 2023: Organic & Nutritious Muesli

As people are increasingly inclined to adopt a healthier lifestyle, they look for nutritious yet tasteful breakfast options. Muesli is one of the most preferred among all breakfast options. This mixture of oats and other cereals is an ideal alternative for anyone eyeing a more filling and nutritious food item. Several muesli brands in India claim that their product is packed with all-natural ingredients and has no added flavours or preservatives. It can thus become difficult and confusing for people to choose from the right brands and make an informed choice. We have, hence, created a list of the best muesli to make it more convenient for you to shop for your preferred brand.

Several muesli brands in India claim that their product is packed with all the ingredients’ benefits without any added flavours or preservatives. It can thus become difficult and confusing for people to choose from the right brands and make an informed choice.

We have, hence, created a list of the best muesli to make it more convenient for you to shop for your preferred brand.

10 Best Muesli Brands in India

“Muesli” is a simple yet delicious breakfast option to kickstart your day. The superfood contains protein, carbohydrates, fibre, iron, calcium and many other nutrients. It’s one of the best food options to provide you with sufficient energy to keep going for the day. Finding a brand that has the best of the best muesli is a hard and time taking process. So to ease the pain, we have found the best muesli bands to help you get closer to your health goal. The mentioned brands are the best muesli brands in India and are loved and reliable by health enthusiasts.

1. Bagrrys Muesli

Bagrry’s Muesli is one of the most sought-after brands. From picking the right ingredients to packaging to introducing the final product, health is always put first. Bagrry’s Muesli is made with 100% natural ingredients, including added antioxidants to preserve the products. Its muesli contains more than 50% oats and fibre-rich bran. High-quality nuts and fruits are added and mixed with natural sweeteners like honey to offer a delicious blend of health & nutrition.

Bagrry’s is one of the first Indian brands to introduce protein muesli, which contains whey proteins. This muesli is great for fitness enthusiasts as it is high in fibre and easy to digest. It is also the first brand to innovate with milling technology and introduce an improved cereal like oats.

Bagrrys’ Muesli

Top Bagrry’s Favourites: Choco Delight, Almond, and Raisins, Crunchy Muesli – No Added Sugar, Protein Muesli – Chocolate, Swiss Style, and Fruit ‘n’ Fibre.

2. Nourish Organics Muesli

Nourish Organics, as the name suggests, has introduced a wide range of organic products, including muesli, made from tasteful & wholesome ingredients. Each ingredient that goes into the making of Nourish Organics Muesli is grown organically, without any chemicals or pesticides.

Each of these variants has a unique feature. For instance, Lean Muesli is 100% unprocessed, unrefined, and whole & natural. Likewise, Multigrain Muesli is loaded with the wholesomeness of multi-grains, rich in fibre, protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates.

The brand offers highly nutritious and authentic Muesli in India within the price range of Rs.300 to Rs.450, which is quite reasonable.

Nourish Organics Muesli has the following variants: Amarnath, Honey Crunch, Lean Muesli, Multigrain, and Seeds & Nuts.

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3. Soulfull Muesli

If you are looking for a muesli brand that satiates your hunger, keeps you full for longer, and helps you follow your diet, Soulfull is the brand for you. Soulfull has introduced its unique range of Millet Muesli, which implies that each of its variants contains a high quantity of dietary fibre, and protein content aids in strength building and improving digestion.

Soulfull has curated its Muesli range by focusing on wholesome ingredients and consumer preferences and not compromising on the flavours. Some of its unique packs include Diet Muesli with no added sugar, 50% rolled oats and Ragi Flakes. It has also introduced Desi Masala and Chatpata for all those who cannot let go of authentic Indian flavours.

Soulfull Muesli

Best Soulfull Flavours in India: Desi Masala, Chatpata, Diet Muesli, Fruit ‘n’ Nuts, Chocolate & Cranberry, Crunchy, etc.

4. Yogabar Muesli

For those looking for a Muesli that is delicious and good for your health, Yogabar is a perfect choice. Yogabar Muesli contains more fibre, protein, and wholesome ingredients such as nuts, seeds, whole grains, etc. It uses quinoa, oats, and brown rice and has whole grains to add nutrition to every pack of muesli. The brand promises to provide more nutrition than any other breakfast option.

Yogabar offers a wide range of interesting flavours, such as Turmeric + Ginger Wholegrain, which has a slightly spicy flavour and is very different from its other naturally sweetened Muesli. Likewise, its dark chocolate variant offers a rich supply of antioxidants. It is also the right choice for those who are looking to stay physically fit and lean.

Yogabar Muesli

Top Yogabar Variants: No Added Sugar Super Muesli, Dark Chocolate + Cranberries, Fruit ‘n’ Nuts + Seeds, Turmeric + Ginger Wholegrain, Almonds + Quinoa, and more.

5. Kolln Muesli

Kolln Muesli

Kolln brings its wide range of traditional mueslis with a blend of oat flakes and other interesting components like chocolate, nuts, fruits, etc. The main ingredient of this brand is baked whole grain oat. This rich presence of whole-grain oat and muesli grain offers soluble fibre, which aids in digestion.

A single serving provides the body with vegetable protein, iron, thiamine, and magnesium. It is considered one of the best muesli in India as not a single variant from this brand contains any added aroma or artificial additives.

Kolln Muesli

Top Kolln Flavours: Chocolate, Oats Muesli Fruit, Cranberry, Yoghurt Strawberry, and No added sugar.

6. Monsoon Harvest Muesli

The best way to start your day is to eat a meal rich in fibre and proteins. Monsoon Harvest’s Toasted Millet Muesli, hence, becomes a great choice for you. Its breakfast muesli is handcrafted in small batches to make sure of quality and maximize nutrition. Monsoon Harvest’s Toasted Millet Muesli in Cranberry & Almond flavour was the winner of the Fine Food Awards 2019 UK.

Monsoon Harvest is one of the premium Muesli brands in India, taking forward the traditions of healthy organic products, produced in the absence of any kind of chemicals or artificial flavours. Components like nuts, seeds, whole grains, oats, ragi, millet, and more are added to every Muesli variant from this brand to provide 10x more nutrition.

Monsoon Harvest Muesli

Best Monsoon Harvest Variants: Cranberry & Almond, Dark Chocolate & Orange Peel, Fig and Honey with Salted Pistachios, Roasted Cacao Beans, etc.

7. GAIA Muesli

The foundation of Gaia Organic Muesli and other products is laid on a belief that “nature, through the earth’s diversity of flora and fauna, offers us the best solutions for all our health and personal care needs”. Hence, the brand strives to provide completely natural products, made from nature’s goodness, for its consumers. Gaia Organic Muesli is an excellent combination of multi-grains and tasteful nuts.

The brand offered muesli is a mix of oats, wheat and corn flakes, and honey. It is one of the best and healthiest ways to start your day since it supplies your body with fibre. The addition of fruit extracts adds an extra boost of antioxidants.

GAIA Organics Muesli

Best Gaia Organic Variants Include Amarnath, Real Fruit, Fruits & Nuts Muesli, Strawberry, Soya Muesli, Diet, and Nutty Delight.

8. Poshtick Muesli

Poshtick Muesli is slowly becoming one of the more preferred with its richness of nutrients, innovative flavours, and tasteful recipes. With its amazing range of 100% organic muesli variants, Poshtick promises to make healthy living an essential part of our lives. Its products are hand-crafted by in-house chefs and approved by professional nutritionists.

Poshtick Muesli is a mixture of oats, wheat flakes, corn flakes, almonds, raisins, cashews, pistachios, walnuts, seeds, and berries. Besides, it uses superfoods, whole grains, berries, and dried fruit to retain the goodness & nutrients.

Poshtick Muesli

Best Muesli Variants from Poshtick: Coconut, White Chocolate, Cherry, and Dark Chocolate.

9. True Elements Muesli

One of the healthiest breakfast alternatives that promote good health and help in weight loss, True Elements Muesli is a delightful combination of delicious recipes and nutrition. The brand promotes 100% natural processing of food items with minimum tinkering with the ingredients. It uses 100% whole Grains, 0% preservatives, and 0% added sugar, which makes it one of the best muesli brands in India. The key ingredients are whole grains, nuts, seeds, rolled oats, wheat flakes, almonds, honey, and dry fruits. Apart from helping in weight loss, and aiding in digestion, the brand offered muesli also prevents premature ageing of the skin.

True Elements Muesli contains high-quality fibre content, and optimum proteins to boost immunity and help control good & bad cholesterol levels in the body. Its variants are made with all-natural ingredients to promote heart health and overall nutrition.

True Elements Muesli

Best True Elements Variants: No added sugar, Crunchy Nuts, and Berries, Multigrain Diet, Butterscotch, Seeds and Berries, Chatpati Protein Muesli, etc.

10. Kellogg’s Muesli

Kellogg’s Muesli is perhaps one of the most famous brands and offers a wide variety of flavours. The brand boasts of high-quality ingredients such as wheat, barley, corn, oats, and rice. The addition of nuts and dry fruits gives the dish a nutty and crunchy flavour. This ready-to-eat breakfast boosts immunity and is good for your heart.

All its Muesli variants are rich in iron and vitamin C, cholesterol-free, rich in protein, great sources of vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, and folate, and fibre-packed.

Best Kellogg’s Flavours: Nuts Delight, No Added Sugar, Fruit Magic, Crunchy Fruit & Nuts, etc.

With the number of muesli brands rapidly increasing in India and all claiming to be providing all-natural muesli with no added flavours and preservatives, you must gain knowledge about what each brand has to offer and make an informed choice.

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