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Top 10 Best Mustard Oil Brands in India 2023

In India, mustard oil has a long history of use. It’s a natural oil made from nutritious mustard seeds using different methods.

Mustard oil is not only useful as cooking oil but also for skin and hair care. Its natural properties make it valuable in a variety of ways and for a variety of purposes.

Why Should You Choose the Best Mustard Brands

We can all agree that mustard oil is essential to Indian cuisine. Known for its multiple health advantages, choosing the right brand for Mustard oil is important considering some aspects. The only way to identify the best one is to look at their claims, pricing, reviews, and even advertisements.

Besides, especially for Mustard oil, you need to have a look at the colour, smell, methods used for extracting the oil, and the presence of natural ingredients to finalize which one is the best fig for you.

Mustard Oil Benefits for Health

Mustard oil is a highly efficient natural stimulant that goes well with Indian cooking methods, food, and lifestyle. It comes with several health benefits, including aiding digestion and increasing hunger. However, there are some disadvantages you need to keep in your mind as well.

Being a good source of monounsaturated fatty acids, mustard oil lessens the risk of cardiovascular disease.Due to the presence of erucic acid in a large quantities, mustard oil can be dangerous for certain groups, such as youngsters.
Mustard oil contains allyl isothiocyanate, a compound that may help to reduce inflammation.It is important to use it in the right amount as it is prone to oxidation
It takes care of your digestive system by stimulating digestive fluids and bile secretions in the spleen and liver.

10 Best Mustard Oil Brands

Being a widely used cooking oil in India, there are a huge number of brands offering mustard oil. But this also makes choosing the best mustard oil brands in India is difficult and confusing. 

Best Mustard Oil Brands

1. Nutriorg Mustard Oil

Nutriorg mustard oil is 100% natural and organic, as well as cold-pressed. In addition to that, it is also a good source of Vitamin K and omega-3.

This oil is made by using certified organic mustard seeds. Also, it contains no trans fat and chemical additive or preservative.

2. 24 Mantra Organic Mustard Oil

24 Mantra is unquestionably one of India’s greatest mustard oil companies, and this is due to its exceptional quality. The quality of their product is accredited to Indian, European, and American organic standards.

The distinct pungent aroma and amber-coloured liquid talk about the quality itself. It is double-filtered, unrefined, and expeller-pressed to add a great taste to your foods. Besides, there are no trans fats or cholesterol in this pure oil.

3. The Little Farm Cold Pressed Mustard Oil ( Sarson Oil)

With the crop rotation practices, The Little Farm Co doesn’t add any chemical fertilizers to the crop. So, their cold-pressed mustard oil is 100% organic and natural.

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Besides, if you are looking for virgin mustard oil, this can be your choice. It is also free of any chemical additives or preservatives.

4. Conscious Food Mustard Oil

Their Mustard Oil tries to offer all the natural nutrients of mustard seeds. So, they use the cold-pressed method without adding any chemicals.

You can also use this oil for hair health, skincare, and body massages.

5. Kapila Organic Cold Pressed Mustard Oil

Kapila sources its organic mustard seed, especially from Rajasthan, India’s top mustard-producing state. Their preference for offering the best quality product reflects the colour and aroma of the oil.

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They exclusively choose kachi Ghani or raw-grade mustard that provides a unique pungent aroma and rich taste. Besides, this oil is unrefined and unpasteurized to maintain its quality. 

6. Organic Tattva Mustard Oil

With zero trans fat and zero cholesterol present in it, Organic Tattva‘s mustard oil is made from organically produced mustard seeds. As the oil goes through the natural extraction process, it offers all its original constituents and properties.

As this oil is chemical-free, it is suitable for most diet plans as a healthy substitute for refined oils. In fact, you can also use it for skin and hair care.

7. Dabur Mustard Oil

n September 2020, Dabur, India’s top natural healthcare and Ayurvedic products manufacturer, joined the edible oil market. Being one of India’s fastest-growing mustard oil producers, it offers high-quality cold-pressed mustard oil.

They claim that their cold-pressed mustard oil can reduce cholesterol and improve digestion and blood circulation. It’s also high in mono-saturated fatty acids, which are good for the heart.

8. Fortune Mustard Oil

One of the bestsellers in India’s mustard oil market is Fortune. They use the highest-grade mustard seeds and contain properties to prevent indigestion.

However, it is better to use this mustard oil for cooking.

9. Patanjali Fortified Mustard Oil

A brand focusing on ancient Indian Ayurveda, Patanjali uses homegrown, high-quality mustard seeds in kohlus to make the purest kind of oi. It comes in a dark amber colour and has a strong, pungent smell.

This mustard oil is rich in flavour and perfect for cooking Indian dishes. They claim to preserve all the natural nutrients of mustard by crushing them at a low temperature.

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10. Engine Brand Kachi Ghani Agmark Grade Mustard Oil

Since 1959, this Indian edible oil manufacturer has been providing high-quality products. For cooking oil, Engine mustard oil is a household name.

Handpicked mustard seeds are typically treated in a modernized setup to preserve all of the natural features of the mustard seeds, including an intense pungency. As a result, it enhances the flavour of Indian cuisine.

Our Opinion

High-quality mustard oil should be transparent, have mustard or dark golden yellow colour, have a strong, pungent scent, and will not produce excessive smoke when heated.

Nutriorg and 24 Mantra Organic Mustard Oil are our top two suggestions as they match the above-mentioned criteria. They are also organic, chemical-free, and kept unrefined for maximum nutritional benefits.

Conclusion –

With such incredible health benefits and rich flavour, mustard oil is a favourite in Indian kitchens. But the number of impurities found in most of the brands can harm your health to a greater extent. So, you can refer to this list of the top ten mustard oil brands for your convenience.

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