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10 Best Organic Food Brands In India 2023: A Healthy Life Ahead

Organic food brands are getting popular & accepted day by day as the generation is becoming aware and conscious of their health. Moreover, the idea behind organic food goes back to the roots, which prompts us to eat natural food.

organic food brands

Top 10 Organic Food Brands

1. Organic Tattva

Organic Tattva is an organic brand that provides synthetic-free nourishment products. The company offers a wide range of organic grains, pulses, and cereals without compromising quality and amount. These products have natural nutrient elements that enhance your life & health. No adulterated products are used like pesticides, composts, or added substances to add nutritional aspects. All the nourishment effects are regular, natural, and safe to eat.

Organic Tattva

Favourite products of Organic Tattva: Organic Tattva Roasted Chana Dal, rice, walnut, sugar

2. 24 Mantra 

24 Mantra is one of the organic brands developed in India. They offer homemade quality organic products to the clients to bless them with a broad scope of nutrients & minerals. 24 Mantra works to create a sustainable livelihood for farmers, a sustainable lifestyle for people across the nation and eventually build sustainable earth with the old yet proven practices of a healthier lifestyle.

Top effective foods by 24 mantra: 24 Mantra atta, organic honey, jaggery powder

3. Praakritik

Praakritik is another top organic food brand in India that made its way through one gaushala. Realizing the benefits of pure desi ghee made it a big show in today’s organic world. Praakritik’s journey started from home by supplying hand-churned ghee but now produces vast organic products like Indian spices, oil, oats, flour, rice, etc.


Top-selling Praakritik products: Praakritik ghee, green tea, gulkand

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4. Organic India 

It is one of the premium brands of natural-based nourishment. They give Ayurveda-based products for a smooth & healthier life. This marks them as a prominent organic company among India’s ten best organic food brands. They provide an utterly organic array of assortments from Moringa powder to Triphala and immunity-boosting capsules. You can also order herbal tea online at the best price.

Top-selling Organic India products: Organic India quinoa, honey, green tea

5. Pure and Sure 

Pure and Sure affirms organic food items as they had spent 20+ years engaging in organic agribusiness. Their products are sourced directly from ranchers and are made under strict quality measures. They offer 140+ items that will give you a genuine organic taste on your plate. Phalada Agro is committed to high-technology cultivation techniques keeping authenticity at hand.

Top-selling Pure and Sure products: pure and sure castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil

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6. Nutriorg

Nutriorg’s goal is to make homesteads, natural and organic items grown in the farmlands of India. They bring you a wide range of natural products that are diabetic healthy food, gluten-free heart-healthy food, and low calorie. It helps in your body cleansing, boosts immunity & increases metabolism. They also provide healthy breakfast items, dry organic seeds, berries, grocery, kids range, and healthy snacks products


Topmost effective foods by Nutriorg: Nutriorg ashwagandha powder, flax seeds, instant oats

7. Nourish Organics

Nourish Organics is a company that aims to provide healthy, protein-rich, ready-to-consume snacks and food products. Thus, it can improve the buzzing unhealthy urban lifestyle. Their products have organic sources and are completely free from harmful chemicals. These products are a healthy alternative to processed foods that can harm us in one way or another.

Nourish Organics

Top Nourish Organics Favourites: multigrain muesli, nourish organic poha, Nourish Organics Almond Buckwheat cookies.

8. Adya Organics 

Adya Organics wishes to promote healthy living with rich diet elements that are essential in life. They operate in the farmlands of Dehradun, Bihar, UP, and Jharkhand, following the traditional techniques & practices. Their best-selling products are Gir Cow Milk Ghee, A2 milk. They also have fresh, organically planted vegetables like Kale, Chaulai, Coriander, Parsley, and Onion.

Adya Organics

Top Adya Organics Favourites: Adya Organics honey, ghee, cold-pressed mustard oil

9. Avadata Organics

Avadata brings a new wake of 100% organic & zero harmful food products. The core philosophy that they had planned is sustainable living supported by the common belief of a better life-sustained lifestyle without harming the environment around them. Avadata Organics attempts to provide the best organic products, making them one of the best organic brands in India.

Avadata Organics

Top Avadata Organics Favourites: Avadata Organics jaggery, white pepper, pulses.

10. Pro Nature 

Pro Nature is the next best Organic food brand in India. It is a perfect choice for those who require or are looking for organic spices. Pro Nature is widely popular for selling the purest form of organic food products produced without harmful pesticides and chemicals. Some of the favourite products you shop from Pro-Nature are honey, pulses, cereals, and more.

Pro Nature

Top Pro- Nature Favourites: Pro Nature cardamom, clove, coriander, cum

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