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Best Pistachio Brands in India 2023

Who doesn’t like some finely chopped pistachios on the top of their favourite ice cream, kheer or halwa? Pistachio, being a widely loved dry fruit delicacy, is a great snacking option. Loaded with several health benefits, pistachios are a true friend of your health as well. So, if you are thinking of adding it to your diet, we have curated a list of the top pistachio brands here. Let’s have a look!

Best Pistachio Brands

Pistachio comes from a cashew family and is native to Central Asia. The superfood is obtained from the pistacia vera tree. By adding pistachio to the regime, you can make yourself, your family, and your surroundings fit and healthy. It is enriched with essential nutrients like protein, fatty acid, antioxidants and many more on the list. We have listed some of the best pistachio brands for you to try and trust.

Pistachio brands in India

1. Rostaa

If you are looking for a wide variety of pistachios and that too of premium quality, then Rostaa is one of the top pistachio brands. Their Iranian salted and roasted pistachio is the bestseller for a reason!

Apart from the Iranian pista, they also offer mini pistas, salted pistas and pista kernels.

2. Happilo

Handpicked from orchards in Iran, Happilo is one of the best pista brands to offer the taste of premium quality Iranian Pista. It is a perfect snacking option with just the right amount of salt used in it. 

Besides, their roasted pistachios are available in a resealable bag to retain their crunch and freshness. In addition to the Iranian pistachios, they also offer Californian pistachio, which is a delight to add to your diet. 

3. Nutty Gritties

If you love jumbo pistachios, then Nutty Gritties has just the right products for you! Their roasted pistachios are special as they use a special dry roasting process. With just the right amount of saltiness, these pistachios are an addictive snack. That does not take away their natural flavour. 

One of the best pista brands in India, Nutty Gritties emphasises keeping unhealthy oils away when it comes to snacking. Therefore, these pistachios are prepared without using a single drop of oil and packed in their naturally raw avatars. 

4. Nutraj    

A brand known for its wide variety of dry fruits and nuts, Nutraj offers some of the most premium quality pistachios with the help of its extensive global network. They especially focus on the quality of each pistachio that goes inside their packets.  

Being one of the top pistachio brands currently operating in India, Nutraj has a range of different pistachios to offer on your plate. The most popular among them are the Iranian pista and the California Pista. In addition to that, their Signature Roasted and Salted pista are to die for. 

5. Healthy Feast

Want to kickstart your day with a healthy snack? Healthy Feast Roasted & Salted Pistachios is just the right fit for you. Besides, this is the heart-friendly, oil-free snack you have probably been looking for all along. 

This pistachio brand is filled with extra crunch and the right amount of salt. In addition, it retains the natural aroma and freshness of pistachios.

6. Wonderland Foods

A pistachio brand that is focused on delivering handpicked, premium quality nuts and dry fruits, the pistachios from Wonderland Foods are a joy to have in your diet. Their roasted and salted pistachio is perfect for adding to your favourite trail mix, smoothies, oatmeals and more!

Besides, Wonderland Foods has a wide range of options from which you can choose your favourite one to munch on. Some of their bestsellers are the Irani pistachio, the American pistachio and the California pistachio. 

7. Farmley Premium

Looking for quality, healthy snacks at an affordable price? Then you need to try Farmley Premium’s roasted and salted pistachio. One of the best pistachio brands in India, Farmley pistachios are freshly handpicked from the farm and free from any alternation to offer the best possible quality. 

In addition to that, Farmley puts special emphasis on keeping the natural flavour intact in their products. So, there’s just a dash of salt added for the seasoning. 

8. Spicy Cart

If you want something premium for your snacks, then it’s all about Spicy Cart’s pistachios. This pistachio brand offers fresh, lightly roasted, lightly salted pistachios, which can be a real treat to add to your diet. 

However, spicy cart products are a little expensive because their products are absolutely premium in nature.

9. Ziofit

Ziofit is a brand that offers premium quality nuts and dry fruits, and that too in an affordable price range. The pistachios are nitrogen flushed before packing to retain the natural freshness, taste and texture. Besides, you don’t have to worry about hygiene as they are packed in a facility meeting every food safety standard.

Additionally, their roasted and salted pistachio has the right amount of salt. So, even if you suffer from high blood pressure, it’s safe to have it. 

How to Choose the Best Pistachio Brand?

Choosing the best pistachio brands is not an extremely hard task. Just by keeping a few factors in mind, you can add this crunchy, roasted snack to your diet.  

1. Know What You Want 

First, decide what type of pistachio you want, and only after that proceed with your brand selection. It can be kernels, roasted, salted or unsalted as per your preference. It will help you narrow your list of brands and choose the one that meets all your standards.

2. Check Reviews

Always check for reviews before selecting the pistachio brands. Although most of the time, there are mixed reviews on the websites, you should decide on some key factors and check what people are talking about these particular factors.  

3. Check Shelf Life

When you are buying groceries or food items online, always make sure to check the shelf life. Go for the pistachios with a longer shelf life and recent manufacture date, as they keep the freshness intact. 

4. Look out for Chemical Additives

Never use chemical additives in your food items just for longer shelf life. Many pistachio brands contain a good amount of preservatives in their products. Make sure to cancel them from your list first.

What Is the Best Pistachio Brand?

While each one of the products on our list is some of the best pistachios you will get in India, Rostaa tops the list. It offers good quality nuts and dry fruits and strictly refrains from adding any chemical preservatives. Besides, it has a wide variety of pistachios in its store.  

Nutty Gritties is another pistachio company you can opt for as it also offers so many varieties, and that too in a reasonable price range. Happilo also stands out on its own by offering the right amount of crunch and freshness in its pistachios. 

However, it is completely up to you to choose the right pistachio brands to indulge in a healthy snacking habit. All pistachio brands from this list are great, and they offer some of the best premium quality products in India.  

Our assessment is based on the spices’ quality, source, flavour, aroma packaging, and price range. 

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