Top Spices Brands in India 2022

Be it Sambar, Rajma, Gatte ki Sabzi or Chingri Malaikari, masalas are the lifeline of Indian dishes. The right amount of chaat masala on your Raj Kachori or a pinch more of chili powder in your chicken curry can work wonders in terms of taste. While traditionally, these spices were generally made in every individual household, the situation has changed now. Due to the lack of time and expertise, most of us rely on the readymade masalas offered by different spices brands. But how can you decide which are the best spices for your kitchen? Well, we are here to guide you in your journey to find the best masala brands for you!.

Best Spices Brands in India

How to Choose the Best Spice Brand?

Choosing the best masala brands is not an extremely hard task. Just by keeping a few factors in mind, you can get the best spices for your kitchen.  

1. What You Want

First, decide what type of spices you want, and then proceed with your brand selection. It will help you filter your choices and narrow down the list of spices brands you have in your mind. If you want to go all organic, then select from the natural, organic brands. For whole spices and ground spices, you can also choose products from different spice brands. 

2. Check Reviews

To choose the best spices brand, check out the reviews to get a detailed insight into the product, Although there are always mixed reviews on the websites, you can rely on some of the key factors the majority is talking about. Get the most reliable review on spices from friends, family, and peers. So, don’t shy away and ask for suggestions before buying spices.

3. Check Shelf Life

When you are buying spices online, always check the shelf life. Go for the spices with longer shelf life and recent manufacture date as it determines the aroma and flavor you are getting from your spices. 

4. Chemical Additives

Many spices brands have a good amount of preservatives added to their products to increase the shelf life. Also, some brands add colors to other materials such as wood dust or grounded papaya seeds. Be aware of such additives as it not only hampers the flavors of a dish but also harms your health severely.

Best Spices Brands In 2022

Being the spice hub of the world, India is the home to some of the best spices companies in the world. Here, we have curated a list of the 10 best spices companies in India to make your task a little easier. Let’s have a look!

Spices Brands

1. Conscious Food

If you are a little old school and still love the fragrance of iron-pounded masalas, then choose Conscious Foods spices without a second thought. In fact, it is one of India’s very first spices brands to offer organic and natural food since 1990. This spices company not only offers organic masalas but also specifically focuses on the sustainable sourcing of its products. 

Besides, as the spices are specially iron-pounded, they retain the authentic aroma as well as flavors. Conscious Food asafoetida, black pepper powder, Kashmiri red chili powder, whole cumin seeds, and tamarind are some of their bestselling products.

2. Organic Tattva

Be it whole spices, ground spices, or masala blends, Organic Tattva is another leading organic spices company in India. The ground spices are made directly from the whole spices without using any chemical additives. So, the spices retain the natural oil and add a boost of flavor to your dishes.  

Besides, this brand is also promoting sustainable farming and never compromises on meeting global standards. Apart from the regular turmeric, jeera, and coriander powder, you can also try their Pav Bhaji Masala, Sambar Powder, Biryani Masala, etc.

3. Avadata Organics

Are you trying your hands on different dishes and looking for the best spice brand to offer special masalas for that? Well, worry not! Avadata Organics has a wide range of unique spice blends to help you surprise your guests at the dinner table. Besides, it’s 100% organic and natural to take care of your health as well.

Want to prepare some delicious fish curry, chicken pepper fry, or even chutney? Then, this spices company has every spice mix to offer you a hand in the kitchen. You can also try some of their bestsellers like black pepper, cardamom, or Byadagi chili powder. 

4. 24 Mantra Organic

If you are looking for spices brands synonymous with purity, then 24 Mantra Organic is one of the best choices you have. It offers 100% organic masalas which are grown without using any chemical pesticides. Besides, these spices also go through a 5-step organic integrity check to ensure the best possible quality available in the market.

However, the ground spices offered by this brand are a little less aromatic than other brands offering organic masalas. But there are no added colors or preservatives in these spices. 

5. Pro Nature

This is another best spices brand offering all organic spices while adding all the flavors and aroma into your dishes. The whole spices are carefully grounded to retain the natural flavors you would get from your mother or grandmother’s recipes. Besides, if you love brands that support a cause, then you should know that Pro Nature encourages women’s employment. 

Some of their bestsellers are Organic Garam Masala, Mustard Seeds, Kasuri Methi, Himalayan Pink Salt, etc.

6. Praakritik

Praakritik spices can be described in two words: Organic products in great packaging. This company offers spices carefully packed in an airtight container to retain the maximum flavors and aromas of the spices. 

However, there are very few varieties of spices you will get from their store. Their ginger powder, methi, and black pepper are some of the best-selling products you can try.

7. Everest

Everest is one of the most common names in Indian households when it comes to spices. It is India’s largest selling spices company with a wide range of spices going up to 45 varieties. However, if you are looking for organic products, then this is not the right fit for you as they don’t offer organic spices.

One of the best-selling spices of Everest is its ‘Aamchur’ powder which you can use in different chaats and soups in Indian cuisine.

8. Catch

It is one of the most well-known masala brands in India you can find in supermarkets. They have been quite consistent with the quality and maintained their position among India’s top 10 spice brands over 10 years. The spices are extra aromatic and flavourful as the raw products are handpicked, sorted, and graded at a perfectly low temperature to retain all the natural oils. 

Even though the products are not organic, they don’t compromise on flavors. Some of the bestselling Catch products are the chaat masala, black pepper powder, white, regular salt, etc.

9. MDH

Don’t we all remember the grandpa in MDH’s advertisement who relished some of our most beloved dishes in Indian cuisine? MDH really offers ‘Asli Masale’ which is aromatic and quite flavourful. They have a variety of blended and single spices in their store to ease your work in the kitchen.

However, the masalas offered by MDH are not organic and stone or hand grounded. Although they started with hand-ground masalas. later they had to switch to power machines due to the growing demand.

10. Badshah Masala

A spices company delivering quality spices for over six decades, Badshah Masala is one of the best in its market. Their spices bring a unique blend of ambrosial flavors to offer an authentic Indian experience on your plate. It really defines its slogan “Swad sugandh ka raja” with the quality it produces.

In addition to the regular spice mixes, Badsha masala also offers Kesari milk masala and premix tea in their store.

What Is the Best Tea Brand?

While each one of the products on our list is some of the best spices companies in India, Conscious Foods is the best of all. It not only offers organic spices but also uses the iron-pounded method to retain maximum aroma and flavor. Besides, it also offers a wide variety of whole and ground spices and each one of them stands out on its own. 

Organic Tattva is another organic spices company you can opt for as it also offers so many varieties and that too in a reasonable price range. Avadata Organic also stands out on its own by offering some of the most unique organic spice blends, Their chicken pepper fry mix is a great addition to your kitchen. 

However, it is completely up to you when you choose the right spices brands for your kitchen. All 10 brands from this list are great and they offer some of the best spices in India.  

Our assessment is based on the quality of the spices, their source, quality, flavor, aroma packaging, and price range. 

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