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Best Stevia Brands in India 2023 – All Natural & Safe for Use

As more and more people are getting to know the importance of eating healthy, more alternatives have been looked for sugar. White refined sugar when taken regularly, can cause serious health concerns which have paved the way for many new stevia products. India, in particular, is recently becoming the hub of multiple stevia brands. Choosing the best stevia brand, thus, becomes a huge task for people when there is literally a new brand launched daily in the country.

Best Stevia Brands in India

With such a wide variety of stevia products available in the market, it is not just easy for the consumer to get the best stevia brands without digging a hole in the pocket. Even when the brands are offering huge deals on purchases, one should not blindly purchase a product. After all, it is about your health that we are talking about here. Paying attention to every detail is important when it comes to choosing the right stevia product for yourself.

Here is a list of top stevia brands in India that can fulfill your purpose of replacing sugar in your life.

7 Best Stevia Brands in India

1. Zevic Stevia

Zevic Stevia is produced by M/s Zero Enthalpy Labs. Pvt. Ltd. It is involved particularly in producing Stevia extracts, Steviol glycoside powder & Liquid. It is capturing the Indian market with its exceptional quality of products and can be trusted for quality.

This is available in leaves, sachets, powder & tablets. Thus, there is a lot of variety for the consumer to choose from. This high-quality product is suitable for all types of uses. The prices differ for all the variants of Zevic Stevia. A 200gm pack of Zevic Stevia powder costs INR 303. It has made its way into the Indian market as one of the most effective products.

Zevic Stevia

2. GAIA Stevia

GAIA Stevia is one of the leading stevia brands in India that offer in the form of powder and tablets. The product contains 100 tablets and can be added easily to food and beverages. This is again a natural sweetener and a great alternative to refined sugar. Gaia Stevia is completely safe for use and helps you stay fit naturally.

The brand offers 100 tablets at INR 100, which is quite a reasonable price for genuine quality.

GAIA Lite Stevia

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3. Nutriorg

Nutriorg Stevia

Rattan Organic Foods Pvt. Ltd provides Nutriorg Stevia Powder. The brand is a leader producer of wellness products and focuses on providing the best value products. Nutriorg Stevia comes in the form of dry leaf powder. In case you are looking for leaf powder, this is the right product to opt for.

It is completely organic stevia and comes in a natural form. Since the product is natural, it is quite safe for consumption. 150 gms of product is available for INR 228.

Nutriorg Stevia

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4. Sugar Free

Sugar Free Stevia

Sugar Free is probably among the first stevia products to have been launched in India. Not only it stands out as a popular brand, but it is also among the top stevia brands of the country. The product is from Zydus Wellness, a top pharmaceutical company in India.

Sugar Free comes in different flavors like Elaichi Stevia drops, Green Pellets, etc. You can get 500 pellets of Sugar Free for INR 300.

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5. Organic India Stevia

Organic India Stevia

Stevia Brand from Organic India is a popular product. They claim that the Stevia offered is of utmost quality & is derived from a naturally sweet herb. It has no side effects and can be easily used in beverages and meals.

It comes in a pack of 75 sachets for a price of INR 285.

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6. Khadi India

Khadi India Stevia

Khadi India is a renowned name, and it offers stevia in a unique transparent bottle containing leaves instead of processed. The leaves are in dry form and are free from pesticides and chemicals. It is one of the most popular stevia products which offers in the most simple and natural manner.

The price for 150 gms (Pack of 3) is INR 300.

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7. Stevi0cal


Stevi0cal offers a wide range of organic, non-GMO, and zero-glycemic products. Produced by Rigil Biotech Pvt. Ltd., Stevi0cal is an all-natural chemical-free sweetener & provides the best stevia in India. The brand is eco-friendly and chooses sustainable harvesting methods.

Stevi0cal is gluten-free, has zero calories & zero carbohydrates. They offer stevia both in powder and pellets form. The price of a jar of Stevi0cal 480gms is INR 685.

Note: The prices mentioned in this article do not include the discounts offered on these products. There is often a probability of getting discounts while buying stevia online.

In the age of competition, brands can go a long way in deceiving people in the name of quality and prices. It is important to know what you are investing in. Hope this article was helpful to you. Stay updated on health and fitness with us. Stay Healthy Stay Happy!

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