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Best Sugar Free Sweets of All Times – Fulfill Your Cravings Now

Are you constantly thinking about delicious sweet dishes? Are you looking for something that can fulfill your sugar cravings but has low calorific value?? Well, if your answer to any of these questions is yes, here we are with the best sugar free desserts of all time.

Check out these most preferred sugar free sweets recipes without experiencing any sort of guilt.

10 Sugar Free Sweets Recipes

  1. Red Velvet Molten Lava Mug Cake


Whether it is the birthday of your loved one or you want to surprise your special someone on any day; this cake comes in picture. Also, if you are just craving for the soft red velvet molten lava mug cake that can soothe your senses all at once.

Here is the Recipe: The Spruce Eats

With just some basic ingredients like milk, baking powder, salt, coconut flour, flaxseeds, eggs, vanilla extract & stevia, you can enjoy this red velvet molten lava mug cake with a friend or a family member. It is simple to make and takes a total of 7 minutes of preparation & cooking.

  1. Keto Peanut Butter Cookies


This dish is super simple and delicious with a buttery twist. Surely these are no sugar cookies and thus require special sweeteners like xylitol. The cookies turn out to be gluten free, dairy-free, and can help your sugar tooth as well.

See the Recipe here: The Spruce Eats

The basic ingredients are peanut butter, eggs, vanilla extract, shredded coconut, and some keto-friendly sugar substitute. Also, take note that you need to use sugar free peanut butter in it. In all, you need 15 minutes to prep and cook these cookies.

  1. Lemon Cake


I bet you would have never thought that a sugar free lemon cake is possible at all. But, we can create one, and it is really easy. All you need is just some fresh lemon juice along with no sugar cake mix and some sugar free strawberry sauce to top up the cake. It is as delicious as it sounds.

Check out the recipe here: The Spruce Eats

The key ingredients are simple. Use lemon juice, strawberry juice, eggs, and a yellow cake mix. Baking time is 40 minutes, and the complete recipe is here.

  1. No-Bake Strawberry Cheesecake


For all those who are diabetic and want to relish a super yummy cake with negligible calories, this one is apt. It is tasty, instant, and needs no sugar at all! Plus, you get to skip the baking part too. Sounds fun, right?

Check out the recipe here: Allrecipes

The key ingredients are butter, cream cheese, milk, no sugar instant pudding mix, fresh strawberries. The time required for this cheesecake to get ready is 1 hour 20 minutes. But it is worth the wait for sure!

  1. Whole Wheat Jaggery Biscuits


In case you are looking for biscuits that taste great and are super healthy to eat, you are in the right place. Here is the recipe for whole wheat jaggery biscuits.

The Recipe from: Cook With Manali

You can have these biscuits any time during the day and can eat them guilt free. With some basic pantry items, you can enjoy these super healthy, eggless sugar free biscuits. Use ghee, jaggery powder, and whole wheat flour to make these yum biscuits at home. Baking time is around 15-18 minutes, depending on how crisp you want to keep it.

  1. Sugar Free Ice-Cream


People usually think that ice-creams that do not contain sugar are not really tasty. But after preparing this ice-cream, your mindset towards this will change. Whether you are a fitness freak, diabetic or just sugar-hater, this sugar free ice-cream is all you need.

Get the recipe here: Sugar Free Londoner

You just need almond milk, cream, vanilla seeds, egg yolks & erythritol to make this delicious ice-cream. Requires 3 minutes of heating and 3-4 hours of freezing.

  1. No Sugar Almond Cinnamon Butter Cookies


No sugar Almond Cinnamon Butter Cookies is for those who love to indulge in guilt-free eating. It is the taste of melting almond and cinnamon that makes this sugar free sweet stand out among the rest of them. Who knew such a delicious sweet dish could be created with a bunch of stuff like eggs, butter, almond flour, natural sweetener, cinnamon, and sugar free vanilla extract.

The Recipe from: Allrecipes

  1. Sugar Free Oats Biscuits


Since Oats are quite popular, oats recipes are gaining recognition by food lovers. Biscuits made of oats seem perfect for food lovers & want to keep their fitness on point. These biscuits are high in fiber content and help in reducing glucose absorption. Therefore, a great sugar free sweet dish for food lovers.

Recipe: Kitchen Sizzler

You just need refined flour, low-fat butter, oats, salt, baking powder, and 15-20 minutes of baking.

  1. No Sugar Chocolate Bars


The name itself feels wonderful to hear. Isn’t it? The chocolate fragrance and the smooth feel lending that sweet taste to your taste buds is the most beautiful feeling ever. So this recipe to make sugar free chocolate bars at home is worth a try. With few ingredients like cocoa butter, stevia, erythritol, vanilla extract you can be the chocolate creator for your kids, family, or friends!

Recipe: Low Carb Yum

  1. Sugarless Peanut Butter Fudge


Peanut Butter Fudge is a simple sugar free sweet dish that drives people crazy for the taste. It contains three main ingredients: cocoa, no sugar peanut butter & almond milk. One can opt for liquid vanilla stevia to make it sweet. It takes a total of 2 hours and 10 minutes of cooking & refrigeration. Check out the complete recipe if you want to give it a shot.

The Recipe from: Sugar Free Mom

So these are the best sugar free desserts of all times for all types of people who love to eat and want to stay fit! Hope you like these choices! Stay Healthy Stay Happy!

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