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What is the Best Time to Drink Milk?

Milk is best known as a complete food in itself. Are you wondering which is the best time to drink Milk? Then, this simple article is here to provide you with all the facts. It is power-packed with calcium, protein, and various nutrients; therefore, it should be taken for good health.

Best Time to Drink Milk Every Day

This article will explain the best time to drink Milk for all your health goals—weight loss, pregnancy, building muscle mass, and height gain. We’ve got you covered. Good luck, and keep reading!

Best Time to Drink Milk According to Ayurveda

Drinking Milk can improve your health. But, according to Ayurveda, the time for drinking Milk varies according to age and bodily needs. It has been seen that drinking Milk during certain times can provide immense health benefits.

Milk Nutritional Facts & Value

Milk NutritionNutritional Value
Fat2.4g (1% of Daily Value)
Calcium20% of DV
Potassium366 mg (10% Of DV)
Vitamin B65% Of DV

Drinking Milk in the Morning

According to Ayurveda, the best time to take Milk for kids is in the morning. Growing kids require a lot of nutrition. Drinking milk fulfilled the nutritional quota for kids.

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Some Benefits of Drinking Milk in the Morning:

  1. Drinking Milk can promote the growth of bones and teeth in kids.
  2. It is an excellent source of Riboflavin. Making kids energetic and alert
  3. It’s rich in vitamin A. Making skin healthy and immunity strong.
  4. It is rich in vitamin B12, which can promote red blood cell production.

Drinking Milk In the Afternoon

Yes, drinking Milk in the afternoon as a light snack is good for health. There must be a proper 1-hour gap between your meal and drinking milk.

  1. Drinking it in the afternoon can reduce hunger pangs.
  2. Taking it in the afternoon can boost alertness and energy

Drinking Milk in the Evening

Yes, drinking it in the evening is very beneficial for health. It provides a much-needed energy boost to the body. Due to less physical activity of the body in the evening, Calcium in Milk gets easily absorbed.

Drinking Milk at Night

According to the ancient science of Ayurveda, the best time to take Milk for adults is at night. Adults should drink it to keep their bodies fit and healthy.

Most Benefits for Drinking Milk at Night

 Benefits of Drinking Milk at Night:

  1. It has tryptophan which can promote healthy, peaceful sleep.
  2. Consuming it at night can reduce unwanted hunger pangs, making weight loss easy.
  3. It can promote better digestion.
  4. It can help you get better, glowing skin.
  5. Vitamin D in Milk can maintain the production of serotonin. Thus, it can help fight depression.

Drinking Milk During Pregnancy

Are you welcoming a little one into this world? Pregnant women should especially consume Milk for a robust and healthy baby.

Benefits of Drinking Milk During Pregnancy.

  1. Drink it at night to promote healthy, sound sleep.
  2. Potassium in Milk can help balance pH in the body.
  3. Consumed at night, Niacin in Milk will make you energized.
  4. Vitamin D in Milk can prevent the onset of neonatal (from birth) rickets.
  5. It enhances the brain & nervous system development of the fetus.
  6. It is a natural antacid and can help pregnant women combat heartburn.

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Drink Milk to Gain Height

Drinking it close to your workout time promotes better digestion of the nutrient in Milk. Therefore, the best time to drink Milk for height gain is about 1 hour before or after your workout.

Drink Milk For Weight Loss

Drinking Milk just an hour after your exercise can help promote better weight loss in the long run.

Time to Drink Milk For Weight Loss
  1. Drinking it can promote better immunity.
  2. Niacin (B3) can boost metabolism, thus helping you shed more kilos.
  3. Calcium in milk break can down more fat, thus boosting fat loss.
  4. Magnesium in it can reduce blood pressure risks

Best Time to Drinking Milk for Muscle Gain

It is best to drink Milk about 1 hour before or after exercise to gain muscle. So, get bulky and strong by drinking this fantastic dairy product daily!

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