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Best Walnut Brands in India 2023

What’s the worst part about dieting and portion control? For most people, it’s the mid-meal hunger pangs that only some good snacks can serve. It can get tricky to choose a healthy snack at this time. If you nurture great love for dry fruits and nuts, then walnuts are a great snacking option that you can munch on. So, to choose healthy snacking over fried chips and sugary bites, choose the best walnut brands as your snack companion.

Best Walnut Brands

There are so many walnut brands in India that it is hard to find the right one. But always go for the ones without chemical additives to get the best results. We have carefully curated a list of the top walnut brands in India. Let’s have a look at it.

Walnut Brands

1. Nutraj

The name itself suggests what the brand is specialized in. Being a leading name in the dry fruits industry for nearly a century in India, Nutraj is one of the country’s largest manufacturers and exporters of Walnuts. Its jumbo California walnuts come with a shell and are highly delicious.

Besides, it has a wide variety of walnuts like Chilean Walnuts and Royal English Walnut kernels to offer you some options. Although the packaging is excellent, keeping these walnuts refrigerated for a fresh taste is best.

2. Happilo

Happilo has been offering some of the best natural foods for ages to encourage people to a healthy lifestyle. Being one of the best walnut brands today, Happilo’s 100% natural Kashmiri Walnut Kernels are worth all the hype!

In addition to that, Happilo has some varieties to offer for walnuts as well. Their California Inshell Walnuts are also one of the bestsellers. To get a superior experience, try Happilo Deluxe Kashmiri walnuts.

3. Farmley

If you are all for organic foods, then Farmley is the one you want. They mainly focus on handpicking the walnuts to stand out from the other walnut brands.

Farmely California Walnuts is one of the most sold-out products they offer. However, you can also try Farmely Selectra Extra Light Halves Walnut Kernels or Broken Walnut Kernels.

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4. Nourish Organics

Going organic means, you have another walnut brand to consider while choosing which one suits you the best. Nourish Organic has provided certified organic products for ages and has some unique walnut options to make your diet exciting.

A must-try product from the range of walnuts Nourish Organics offers is the Honey Roasted Walnuts. It can be the perfect snack you have been looking for all along.

5. Wonderland Foods

One of the leading names for healthy foods, Wonderland Foods is known for its vision to offer the freshest, most natural ingredients for your kitchen. The range of dry fruits and nuts that they offer is simply fantastic. Most importantly, there are no added chemical preservatives in their Foods.

Wonderland Foods’ California walnut and walnut kernels are some of the best options in the market.

6. Rostaa

Serving one of the finest walnuts available in the market, Rostaa is undoubtedly a leading walnut brand in India. It is an ideal choice when you crave something to eat.

Rostaa’s walnut pack is without a shell, and each is hand-picked. Besides, they maintain every norm to deliver carefully and hygienically packed products in facilities that meet food safety standards.

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7. Go Organic

GO Organic is synonymous with fresh, natural, organic products. They are highly versatile; therefore, you can use them in various dishes, including veggies, rice dishes, or pulao.

The box is vacuum-packed to ensure crispy and fresh walnuts. Don’t forget to store in a refrigerator and keep it away from sunlight to maintain its freshness.

8. Fruitri

Love the brain food, and that too from Kashmir? Well, try Fruitri walnuts without any shells and ensure superior quality. They are super fresh and crispy to offer you a healthy snack option.

Additionally, if you always have an eye for hygiene, worry not! Fruitri mainly focuses on packing its products keeping all the hygienic norms in mind.

9. Nutty Gritties

One of the top walnut brands in India, Nutty Gritties is known for its nuts, and dry fruits range. This brand primarily focuses on sourcing the finest dry fruits from across the globe and then putting them through exclusive stages of roasting and other processes to deliver the most satisfactory experience.

Their Jumbo Walnut Kernels are their best seller. However, you can also try their Chilean Walnuts

10. Pro Nature

Pro Nature is another walnut brand that is determined to deliver 100% organic foods to its customers. As the name suggests, this brand offers natural foods to keep their nutrients intact. Therefore, they also don’t use chemical preservatives, flavours or additives.

Besides, if you value a brand’s vision, then this brand is working closely to develop rural women’s conditions. So, there is more than just walnuts to choose this brand while shopping for walnuts.

How to Choose the Best Walnut Brands

  • While choosing the right walnut brands, keep an eye on the colour.  Good walnuts are bright brown. 
  • Always choose the brand that offers walnuts in uniform sizes. Check if the walnuts are spherical.
  • Ensure that the walnuts are well secured in a signal edible kernel to avoid getting walnuts that have cracks.
  • Look for spots and moulds in the packet, as these can ruin your walnuts. 
  • For shelled walnuts, ensure to preserve them in airtight containers securely. To improve the shelf life, keep it in the refrigerator.

What Is the Best Walnut Brand?

While all the products on our list are some of the best walnut brands in India, Nutraj beats the rest to get the first position. This brand not only offers quality walnuts but also has a wide variety to offer.

Happilo is another walnut brand you can choose, as it puts quality checks first at a reasonable price. The right amount of crunch and freshness in their walnuts makes them better than the others.

However, ultimately, choosing the right walnut brand for yourself is up to you. Each walnut brand in this list is excellent and offers some of the best premium quality walnuts in India.

Our assessment is based on the spices’ quality, source, flavour, aroma packaging, and price range.

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