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Best Weight Gainer Brands in India 2023: You Should Try

We live in an era where everyone wants a fit and healthy-looking body. People are hitting the gym, practising weight training and many other techniques to achieve this. People are advised to stick to a healthy and protein-rich diet to gain weight, but this alone can’t help you. In the process of mass gain – weight gainer supplements are equally important as a healthy diet and regular exercise. A weight gainer is a nutritional supplement which is loaded with carbohydrates, proteins, and fat; these together contribute to providing your body with the required calories. To get into the process, finding the best weight gainer is crucial. This might not be very clear to select the best weight gainer brands, therefor we have listed below some of the best weight gainer brands in India.

Best Weight Gainer Brands in India 2023

The nutrition need of a body varies from person to person. It depends on the type of body activity you do. In addition, your nutrition requirement might be less or high. Individuals in the weight gain process and are practising intense workouts might need more nutrition than those who aren’t doing much physical activity. This calls for adding weight gainer products and supplements to life. Explore the best weight gainer brands and help yourself reach your goal faster.

Weight Gainer Brands in India

1. MuscleBlaze

Weight Gainerfromula of the brand is designed to promote healthy and natural weight gain, especially targeting lean individuals and those who wish to bulk up by following a healthy process. The weight gainer is a blend of 5 digestive enzymes to improve the absorption and digestion of essential nutrients in the body. Consuming this advanced formula weight gainer by the brand MuscleBlaze with milk will provide you with 19.5g of protein to strengthen muscles and, in total, around 474 calories which will assist in improving lean muscles, boosting them and also promote new muscles.

2. Mettle

A mettle weight gainer is obtained from the latest technique for those facing hurdles in the bulking-up process. The weight gainer will assist in adding weight and strength to your body. It is prepared to supply a blend of vital nutrients like protein, creatine, amino acid, carbohydrates and many other nutrients. The weight gainer supplements fill you with premium protein and carbohydrates, which fuels your intense workout sessions.

3. Bgreen

The brand Bgreen is counted among the best weight gainer brands in India. The weight gainer consists of o essential amino acids not naturally produced by the body. The protein they use in the weight gainer is plant-based, fat-free, and comparatively low in calories from animal-based protein. One gets 25g of protein in every serving and 4.32 BCAAs. Bgreen is the best weight gainer brand for vegans as it is soy and dairy free.

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4. Dr Vaidya’s

This weight gainer powder is developed with premium ingredients that provide a healthy blend of carbohydrates, fat and protein. This leaves your body with surplus calories that naturally assist in meeting your weight gain goals. The weight gainer is 100% Ayurvedic, with milk powder protein that is easily digestible and supplies your body with sufficient energy to help make the workout session smooth and less tiring.

5. Big Muscle

Weight gainer by this brand is produced by following the new and advanced formulation to give quick results and leave the consumer with utmost satisfaction. The weight gainer makes the muscles look fuller and bigger. Weight gainers by the brand big muscle are extremely helpful in weight-gaining and management. Big Muscle is one of the top-rated weight gainer brands, as it strengthens, improves recovery, builds lean muscles, and promotes muscle synthesis.

6. Endura mass

Weight gainer by Endura Mass supplies approximately 3480 surplus calories daily, providing sufficient energy for the hectic workout. The supplement is rich in carbohydrate composition; this refills glycogen reserves of the body. Due to this, one gets pumped up during workout sessions. The brand claims one starts to experience a change in their physique after 3-4 weeks of consuming it.

7. Nutrimuscle

Nutrimuscle offers premium weight gainers as they are sourced from the USA. The whey protein powder provides essential amino acids and BCAAs to help improve the weight training experience by marketing it as less hectic ad tiring by supplying sufficient energy to the body. It proceeds high calories, which automatically result in the strengthening and boosting of muscle.

The Takeaway

To cope with the hectic schedule, no one can take care of one’s body needs. We can include weight gainers in the diet to take care of health. Incorporate protein supplements in their diet along with regular exercise. Many brands have come forward these days with the best weight gainer to make life a bit easier by supplying one with the required energy that can’t be fulfilled with diet. If you need something to help you stay active, we have found the best weight gainer brands to lend you a helping hand in scoring well in the health game.

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