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Bid Farewell To Cholesterol With These Products

Drum Rolls! We have an announcement– Nobody like blocked hallways, oops! Did we hint toward your rising cholesterol levels?

Ever wondered what’s the amount of cholesterol you should have if you are 20 plus? Well, the healthy level of LDL (AKA BAD CHOLESTEROL) should be less than 100mg/dL. Yes, you heard it right! Don’t stress your brain too much, we are here to explain you why it is high time to switch to Plant-based food. ( Fact Check – Plant products contain zero cholesterol )

“We are what we eat!”

                                                                                                            – Ludwig Feuerbach

The above statement is as true as you think. With a mission to help people live healthier than ever, Wellcurve invites all health enthusiasts to ditch cholesterol-laden food and replace it with other nutritious options.

The negative impact of cholesterol and especially LDL has remained hidden from none. To better understand the side effects of LDL, you can think of a hallway fully cluttered with new things. Now just as this hallway will get blocked, LDL also deposits on the inner walls of the arteries and block them. Eventually, this leads to various heart-related issues. 

makhana online

How are plant-based products better?

By now,  you all might have understood that zero cholesterol is one of the most prominent reasons to switch to plant-based products. But, the reasons to justify them as a better option do not get limited here. Products like makhanas are rich in antioxidants, fibre, and proteins. The fibre content in plant-based products helps regulate cholesterol levels and promote heart health. So, the next time you pick something to eat, be cautious about the LDL it will raise in your body.

No strict diets; just switch to better options!

Unlike what people usually believe when discussing ditching cholesterol, we do not suggest you follow a strict diet to avoid LDL deposits. All you have to do is find better alternatives for every cholesterol-rich food item you eat. The Wellcurve Community has some excellent suggestions to replace food items with plant-based options like nuts, makhana, and seeds. These alternatives approved by our health experts are not only low in LDL but also provide you with other nutrients. So, do not wait anymore to say goodbye to bad cholesterol and welcome a healthier YOU!

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