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Does Black Coffee help in Weight Loss?

Coffee is your saviour if you are a night owl or someone up from dusk till dawn. It is a known fact that caffeine keeps you awake, but a few cups of coffee can add many calories to your regular diet, and unmoderated consumption may even lead to weight gain. But as you know, every problem has a solution, and here it is black coffee. Here, all you need to do is spot the one with high-quality ingredients, such as sleepy owl coffee or any coffee brand you like. To find out more about black coffee for weight loss, keep scrolling.

Does Black Coffee help in Weight Loss?

Well, it’s no secret that diet plays a vital role in weight loss. Research indicates that drinking black coffee can help in weight loss, and it’s not mere talk; we have enough evidence to demonstrate the effects of black coffee in weight loss.

1. It May Improve Your Metabolism

It is known that the higher your metabolic rate, the easier it is to lose weight. Black coffee has a stimulating effect which can make you feel more energetic. In a study conducted on athletes, it was found that athletes who consumed black coffee before workouts had an increase of a total of 3-5% in energy levels.

2. It May Suppress Hunger

Consumption of black coffee instantly energises your body, suppressing the urge to eat. The chlorogenic acid in coffee is known to control the activities of ghrelin, peptide hormones and leptin in the stomach. These hormones are involved in regulating the feeling of hunger.

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3. Helps in shedding water weight:

Black Coffee helps in shedding water weight as it aids in the removal of extra water in the body. This water loss may be temporary, however.

4. Low Calories

According to USDA, one cup of regular black coffee brewed from ground beans contains only two calories. The amount of calories in black coffee is much less than a whole cup of milk.

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So, The answer to the question Is Black coffee good for weight loss? It is a moderate yes. The facts above depict how the consumption of black coffee can affect metabolism, stimulate the body and even improve athletic performance. So yes, it can benefit weight loss, but this does not mean that black coffee can initiate weight loss alone. One also needs to monitor calories from other food sources and regular exercise for better weight loss effects on the body.

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