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Black Coffee vs Green Tea: What Makes Different

We all are well introduced to the two most common types of beverages, black coffee and green tea, which are counted under health-conscious diets. They both possess outstanding beneficial elements for our health, making them an excellent beverage option for evening or morning teas. However, it is pretty challenging to differentiate between two black coffee vs green tea, and we tried to put the similarities and variations.

Difference Between Green Tea & Black Black Coffee

From a general perspective what someone will understand about black coffee vs green tea is their colour difference. There is a bundle of thing that differ from each other but goes unnoticed. Green tea and black coffee both are excellent beverages to add to general health and bring health on track. Therefore the next time you spot these beverages you might be able to differentiate in better; we have created a full difference list to help you pick as per your body’s needs. To figure out which black coffee vs green tea will be a perfect fit for you.

Black CoffeeGreen Tea
ColourThe beverage comes in a dark shade of redCan be green, yellow, or light brown depending on the tea sachet
TextureIt has an oily, creamy, eatery and gritty texture.The texture can be sparkling, stone or mineral sensation, juicy, creamy or musty.
NutrientsIt’s a low-calorie beverage and contains essential nutrients like Vitamin B2, B3, B5 and B1, magnesium and potassium. In addition, Black Coffee is also a source of caffeine That acts as a stimulant.This beverage is a good source of antioxidants like catechins, polyphenols, and EGCG. On the other hand, it also contains crucial nutrients such as Vitamin B2, Vitamin C, magnesium, and potassium. In addition to this green tea has less caffeine than black coffee thus providing a calming effect to the body.
Best Time to DrinkMid-night to late morningMorning to early afternoon
Can be consumed how many times a day –4-5 cups per day3-5 cups per day

Green Tea vs Black Coffee

Everyone might agree that whether directly or indirectly all our lives are revolving around beverages. Since India is a country of diverse culture therefore it has a number of beverages to recharge your body and mind instantly. The most consumed beverages include masala chai, milk tea, green tea, coffee, milk and more on the list, but today we are going to talk about green tea vs black coffee. Both beverages have a lot to add to general health but in some or the other way, they are different and so are their properties. We need to know in detail what makes them differ from each other.

What is Green Tea & Their Benefits?

Green tea has caffeine content along with a flavonoid called catechin (a type of antioxidant). The antioxidant properties in green tea help increase metabolism and break down the extra fats from the body. It not only relaxes your mind but also makes your immune system stronger. It has calcium and vital vitamins, which are suitable for health. Additionally, to start their health journey, anyone can Buy Tea Online.

Benefits of Green Tea

  • Weight loss
  • Dental benefits
  • Lowers heart disease risk
  • Supports brain functioning
  • Regulates blood pressure

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What is Black Coffee?

Black coffee is the unmixed part of coffee where there’s no milk or sugar. It is rich in vitamins like B-2, B-3, and B-5 and has antioxidant compounds. Black coffee has no fats or carbohydrates because it does not have milk or sugar. But it is advised not to consume more than 2-3 cups of black coffee otherwise;, it can backfire also.

Benefits of Black Coffee

  • Beneficial for the heart- 
  • Energizes body & brain – 
  • Black coffee for weight loss- 
  • Reduce stress & anxiety- 
  • Rich with antioxidants- 

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Black Coffee vs Green Tea for Weight Loss

Both black coffee and green tea have the capabilities of weight management. But deciding on which is better, which is the major hook green tea or black coffee for weight loss.

Black Coffee Vs Green Tea for Weight Loss

There are polyphenols in green tea & black coffee called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and chlorogenic acid (CGA). In black coffee, CGA may help lower insulin, blood cholesterol, and triglycerides in the blood. It also reduces leptin levels, a hunger-regulating hormone, and indirectly helps lower weight & visceral fats.

On the contrary, green tea with EGCG components also aids in weight loss and visceral fats by breaking fats. Moreover, it promotes good bacteria growth in the gut, which helps burn fats & improves insulin.

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Black Coffee and Green Tea Brewing Tips

Black Coffee: Making a cup of hot black coffee at home is easy. All you need to do is boil the water as required and add half a tablespoon of coffee you like. And do FORGET to add sugar or any sweetener and milk. So your black coffee is ready with its first sip. When taste and benefits are combined together, it hit differently. Most people go for the best sleepy owl coffee when it comes to black coffee. Depending on your taste and preference, you can try this brand or any other.

Green Tea: To make green tea, boil water in a saucepan. Then, stir one tablespoon of green tea of your choice. If you haven’t tried it yet, you can buy and sip green tea online. You can also add one tbsp of lemon juice or honey for the best results.


In the confusion of black coffee vs green tea for weight loss, we can assume that both are equally good for weight loss. However, green tea is more capable of weight management than black coffee. But they both have excellent nutrients and properties, which help maintain a healthy lifestyle.


1. How much black coffee is good for health?

One can have 2-3 cups of black coffee daily for good health.

2. Which has the most antioxidants: green tea or black coffee?

Black coffee has more antioxidants than green tea. Also, black coffee contains more caffeine than green tea contains. These antioxidants hydrate the body, strengthen the immune system with bacteria-fighting antioxidants, and promote blood flow to the brain.

3. What happens if you drink black coffee every day?

Drinking 2-3 cups of black coffee daily is very effective for weight loss, and blood pressure and promotes healthy liver. Black coffee also stimulates our metabolism & increases energy levels.

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