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9 Black Tea Benefits And Side Effects: Everything You Need To Know!

Black tea is one of the most healthy drinks in the world, consumed by millions of people. It has a unique taste and flavor that can uplift your mood and refresh you. Black tea is also known for the various health benefits that it provides. If you’re interested in drinking black tea, then you’re at the right place because we will take you through the black tea benefits and side effects!

Benefits of Drinking Black Tea

What Is Black Tea?

Black tea comes from a plant named Camellia Sinensis. What makes black tea different from other teas is that it’s a fully oxidized tea, unlike green tea and herbal tea, oolong tea. Here, oxidized tea means that the black tea leaves are exposed to oxygen-rich air. 

One interesting thing to know here is that black tea leaves are often mixed with other plant leaves like earl grey so that a unique flavor and aroma can be achieved. The tea also has a high caffeine content as compared to other teas. 

9 Benefits of Drinking Black Tea

1. Aids In Reducing Blood Pressure

Black tea is known to reduce blood pressure in some cases. To be specific, the tea may help lower diastolic and systolic blood pressure and may eradicate the effect of high-fat meals on a person’s blood pressure. It is observed in a study of sorts that high blood pressure affects nearly 1 billion people throughout the world. It is also observed that people who consume black tea regularly have lower diastolic and systolic blood pressure as compared to people who don’t. 

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2. Prevents Atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is a condition that leads to the building of plaque in the walls of the arteries. Many chronic kidney diseases and heart-related issues can affect you if you have this condition. It has been suggested in a study that drinking black tea might prevent the formation of Atherosclerosis. Similarly, another research found out that consuming black tea also may decrease the chances of a stroke.

black tea benefits

3. Aids in Improving Gut Health

The bacteria in our gut plays an essential role when it comes to our overall health. While some bacteria that are present in the gut are good for one’s health, some bacterias are not! It also wouldn’t be wrong to say that improved gut health leads to enhanced immunity. It has been found that polyphenols in black tea may improve and maintain a healthy gut. 

That’s not it! The antimicrobial properties of black tea may also kill harmful elements and protect beneficial gut bacteria. Overall, black tea advantages not only include a healthier gut but also an improved immunity.

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4. Lowers Bad LDL Cholesterol

The problem with LDL is that too much of it can form waxy deposits in the artery walls. This also develops the chances of heart failure or a heart attack. A study observed that drinking black tea regularly reduces LDL Cholesterol levels and decreases the risk of heart diseases. 

5. Helps in Weight Loss

Black Tea Benefits for Weight Loss

Many studies have concluded that one of the major benefits of black tea is it may help in weight loss and weight management: the antioxidants and fat-burning properties of black tea help fight belly fat and improve overall health. It is one of the best choices of beverages when a person aims to lose weight, and drinking 3 cups of black tea a day may significantly enhance weight loss.

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6. Keeps The Risk Of Getting Cancer At Bay

The National Cancer Institute found out and suggested that polyphenols found in black tea might reduce the risk of tumor development. To be specific, it may help lower the risk of cancer associated with skin, lungs, and the breast. Thus, if you have any emerging skin or lungs issues you must get black tea online and add it in your daily routine.

7. Protects Against Diabetes

A new study has found out that black tea may help in reducing the rise in blood sugar levels among diabetic and non-diabetic people. Another study found out that people with type 2 diabetes benefited themselves when they regularly drank black tea. The tea is packed with antioxidants and is filled with anti-inflammatory effects that may help people with diabetes. 

8. Increases Focus And Helps You Concentrate

Black tea has a good amount of caffeine content, and it also contains L-theanine, which is a type of essential amino acid. They work together to improve a person’s focus and help him/her concentrate. The healthy combination of caffeine and L-theanine impacts the brain and increases alpha activity. The next time you need to focus on studying for an important exam or have an interview to prepare for, choose black tea!

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9. Black Tea Health Benefits For Skin And Hair

Black tea helps the skin to fight infections and prevents blemishes. It also reduces skin aging and makes the skin look radiant and fresh. On the other hand, black tea benefits for hair include strengthened hair strands and a nourished scalp. It works best for people who are struggling with hair-fall and dull hair.

Black Tea Side Effects And Health Risks

black tea side effects

1. Digestive Issues

Digestive issues is the common black tea disadvantages, consuming a high amount of black tea every day may mess up your digestion process. The tea contains a high amount of tannins in black tea that may affect your digestion. The key is to avoid overconsumption of black tea and reap the benefits of drinking black tea.

2. Health Risks For Pregnant Women

It is advised that pregnant women should have no more than 2 cups of black tea per day. Overconsumption of black tea may lead to miscarriage and other issues due to its high caffeine content.

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3. Insomnia

Again, black tea contains a good amount of caffeine, and having a lot of black tea every day may disturb your sleep pattern. It is advised not to consume black tea before going to bed for the same reason. If you’re someone who has anxiety or faces difficulty sleeping, you should recommend a doctor before consuming black tea.

Hence, it can be concluded that excessive black tea drinking may lead to health risks. Black tea side effects also include constipation, palpitation and anxiety disorders in severe cases. It is ideal for an average person to consume 2-3 cups of black tea every day. Anything beyond that should be under the doctor’s supervision, especially if you are pregnant or have pre-morbid conditions.

Black tea is an excellent beverage for people who are trying to live a healthier lifestyle! It also has a distinct aroma that makes it a class apart. So, remember and take note of the black tea benefits and side effects and welcome yourself to a healthier life!


1. Is ginger black tea good for health?

Ginger black tea is beneficial for health. It can improve digestive issues and promote heart health. It’s a good idea to consume ginger black tea in the morning.

2. Is black tea good for one’s liver?

Black tea has amazing liver-protective properties that makes it a healthy drink for driver. It may also work on liver enzymes and maintain fat levels in the liver.

3. How many cups of black should i drink in a day?

Since black tea is filled with caffeine, it is advisable not to drink more than 2 cups of black tea in a day. The best times to drink these two cups are in the morning and evening.

4. Can black tea cause stomach problems?

Overconsumption of black tea may cause stomach problems and affect your digestive health. Drinking too much black tea can lead to increased acid production in the stomach as well.

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