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Common Reasons For Hair Fall When Starting A New Diet

Hoping to lose a few pounds and you discover that what you are losing is hair strands instead?! Don’t worry; you are not alone. Hair fall is a common side effect of starting a new diet.

Hair fall has a deep connection with what we are eating and how we are feeling in general. If any of these is altered, hair loss is inevitable. Let’s take a closer look and understand how a new diet can lead to hair fall.

Ketosis and hair fall: The keto diet is the latest diet trend that everyone is excited about. This low carb, high fat, and moderate protein diet works by putting the body in a metabolic state known as ketosis. Some of the common side effects of this diet are heart palpitations, reduced physical activities, and hair loss.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, losing 50–100 hairs daily is natural. However, if you are losing more than that, then it is because of the sudden change in your diet. Since the body reduces calories consumption, it also reduces hair growth. If you have recently started on a keto diet and are experiencing hair fall, you now know the reason. However, it is unlikely that everyone who starts with a keto diet will experience hair fall. Lifestyle too plays a significant role.

Reduced nutrient uptake: While we are busy focusing on our weight and physique, many of us are ignoring the right balance of nutrient uptake. Lack of protein, iron, and other essential nutrients can lead to severe hair loss.

While choosing a diet, ensure you are paying attention to the types of food you are eating and your body is receiving the right proportion of all the essential nutrients. Proper nutrition and exercise are the only way to stay fit and healthy.

Stress: Along with our fast-paced lifestyle and inadequate nutrition uptake, stress is another culprit that plays the role of a villain when it comes to hair loss. When we go through a significant amount of stress in life, the hair follicles enter into a “resting phase.” Such affected hairs fall off suddenly when hair is combed or washed.

Hair pulling or Trichotillomania is another way of losing hair. It is an irresistible urge to pull hairs when going through stress. It is a mechanism of the mind to cope with negative feelings. When subjected to extreme stress, the body’s immune system starts attacking the hair follicles causing into further hair loss.

If you’re experiencing unnatural hair loss suddenly, then ensure your nutrition uptake is proper. Get enough rest and sleep to help relax your mind. If your diet and hair loss is bothering you too much, then speak to your doctor for an in-depth root cause analysis and treatment.

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