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Cumin Seeds Benefits, Nutrition & Side Effects

Cumin seeds are enormously popular due to their unique flavor. Fortunately, they also offer many valuable health benefits. No other spice match the health benefits that these tiny seeds provide. This article tells all about attractive cumin seeds’ benefits, side effects, and nutrition

Cumin Seeds Benefits

Health Benefits of Cumin Seeds

Cumin seeds are popular and extensively used in Indian cuisine. These delightful seeds have an additive warm, nutty flavor. If you’re curious about the cumin seeds’ benefits. Then we’re here to curb your curiosity! Let’s have a look at how cumin seeds benefit your health.

Benefits of Cumin Seeds

1. Sharper Your Memory

Yes, drinking cumin seeds water can be perfect for memory. These nutritious seeds are enriched with brain-healthy nutrients like riboflavin, vitamin B6, zeaxanthin, and niacin. These compounds can improve your mental health & sharpen your memory.

Nutritional Facts – 1 tsp of cumin seeds contains about 0.01 mg of riboflavin content.

2. Enhances Bone Strength

Consuming cumin seeds can be a great way to enhance your bone health. These healthy seeds are a potent source of bone-developing calcium. Furthermore, actively including them in the daily diet can prevent the risk of contracting osteoporosis.

Nutritional Facts – 100 g of cumin seeds contain about 931 mg of calcium.

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3. Improving Blood Cholesterol

Jeera benefits also include improved blood cholesterol levels. It is vital for people who have heart issues. In addition, the seeds have potent hypolipidemic properties, which may help lower cholesterol levels in the body. It is because it mimics the hormone estrogen; this hormone has can effectively impact the cholesterol in the blood vessels.

4. Cumin Seeds Benefits for Skin

If you are wondering how you can get the radiant skin of your dream, you’re in the right place! Cumin seeds are can quickly improve the quality & texture of your skin. In addition, they are bountiful in skin healing vitamin E and indomitable antioxidants. These potent compounds will nourish your skin & heal it deep within. Therefore, giving you a natural, lovely glow.

Nutritional Facts – 1 tsp of cumin seeds contains 0.2 mg of vitamin E.

5. Great For Detox

Cumin seed’s benefits include complete body detox. If you are on the lookout for a spice that detoxifies the impurities in the body, then cumin seeds should most definitely be in your diet. They contain unique Cumin aldehyde, thymol, and phosphorus. These compounds enhance liver functioning and flush out harmful toxins from your body.

Nutritional Facts – 1 tbsp of cumin seeds contains about 10.48 mg of phosphorus.

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6. Cumin Seeds Good for Weight Loss

Many experts believe that consuming jeera water for weight loss might yield good results. This is because it helps secrete enzymes break down carbohydrates, sugars, and complex fats. This improves metabolic rate, hence weight loss.

7. Jeera is Rich Source of Iron

Yes, These healthy little seeds are an abundant source of mineral iron. Therefore a person going through anemia is recommended to take cumin seeds into their diet. A good dose of iron is also helpful in the red blood cell development of the fetus in the expectant mother.

Nutritional Facts – 100 g of cumin seeds contain 66.4 mg of iron!

8. Jeera Good for Digestion

Yes, cumin seeds are fantastic for curing digestive problems. They are rich in dietary fiber and secrete digestive enzymes that help food break down. As a result, it reduces bloating gas other stomach issues.

Nutritional Facts – A 100 g serving of cumin contains 11 g of fiber.

9. Help Boost Overall Immunity

Jeera water benefits also include a better immune system. It is because these seeds are rich in potent antioxidant compounds like vitamin C and vitamin A. These compounds are valuable in protecting against the free radicals damage and removing toxicity from the system.

10. Increase Lactation In New Mothers

Cumin Seeds is definitely a must-have on a diet for new mother for good health. Interestingly these seeds can induce healthy lactation due to the unique chemical compound known as thymol. Thus, it is incredibly beneficial for new mothers.

Nutritional Information – 1 kg of cumin seeds contains 63.21 mg of thymol.

Cumin Seeds Nutritional Value

Cumins seeds are powerful medicinal herbs that have a potent healing effect on the human body. Interestingly their constitutional properties make them incredibly good for health. Let’s have good look at some of the nutritional properties of the cumin seeds.

Calories375 kcal
Total Fat22 g
Sodium168 mg
Potassium1,788 mg
Total Carbohydrate44 g
Dietary fiber11 g
Sugar2.3 g
Protein18 g
Vitamin C12% of DV
Iron368% of DV

Cumin Seeds Side Effects

If you thought jeera water could be excused from possible side effects, you were unfortunately wrong. Too much of anything can be harmful, and sadly this is also in the case of jeera water. So let’s understand some possible side effects of having cumin seeds.

Cumin Seeds Side Effects

1. Dangerous Blood Clotting Issues

Consuming excess amounts of cumin seeds may slow down the blood clotting process in the body. Therefore, people on blood thinner medications or blood disorders should actively refrain from taking cumin seeds.

2. Hypoglycemia

Unfortunately, too much of a good thing can be fatal. It is especially true in the case of cumin seeds, as eating too many cumin seeds may lead to hypoglycemia. In addition, cumin seeds may lower blood sugar, which is particularly dangerous for diabetic people; therefore, one must take extreme caution before consumption.

3. Infertility and miscarriage

Cumin seeds are notorious for suppressing the hormone testosterone levels in men. It may reduce fertility. Furthermore, intake of cumin seeds has been known to trigger miscarriages. So, it is crucial to talk to a licensed healthcare provider before actively making it a part of the daily diet.

4. Heartburn and Liver Damage

Sadly other cumin seeds’ side effects include severe heartburn and liver damage. Therefore, it is best to eat them in moderate amounts.

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5. Cause Severe Gut Issues

While cumin seeds are known for their gut healing properties, excess consumption may irritate the delicate lining of your gut. As a result, it may cause stomach pain, dizziness, burping, and nausea. Therefore eat them in moderation.


Drinking jeera water may be refreshing and delicious. It offers improved memory, better digestion, enhanced metabolism, and radiant skin. However, one should drink this wonderful spice in moderation for the best results. Have a refreshing, cool summer afternoon drink with jeer water lemonade!

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