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8 Delectable Muesli Flavours That Will Zhuzh Up Your Daily Breakfast

If you’ve been waiting to experiment and explore with more breakfast options and are bored with the plain jane muesli, then we are here to rescue you. We have got you a large variety of unique and exciting flavors of muesli, which will make you wanna have them in breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Muesli Flavours To Try For Your Breakfast:

1. Nourish Organics Multigrain Muesli

To start with the classics, we have Nourish Organics’ Multigrain muesli that is made with seeds, amaranth muesli, oats, crunch, and cranberry granola, almonds, and walnuts. It is a great meal replacement because the fiber keeps you full and the carbs and proteins give you sufficient energy to feel active and energetic.

It is great for your heart’s health and digestion. They are also available in seeds and nuts, amaranth, hiney and crunch, and lean flavors. You can simply start your day with a bowl of muesli and add some fruit toppings to make it even more yum. 

2. Monsoon Harvest Roasted Cacao Bean & Raisin Toasted Millet Muesli

Up next is Monsoon Harvest’s Cacao Bean & Raisin Toasted Muesli which is all about oats, ragi, and bajra. It comes loaded with the goodness of crunchy almonds and sweet raisins and is made naturally sweet using honey and palm jaggery syrup. It gives you instant energy and is great for digestion. Since it has no added sugar, you can relish your guilt-free breakfast every morning! They are also available in cranberry and almond, fig and honey, and dark chocolate and orange peel flavors. 

How To Consume: You can either add some soy or almond milk to your muesli or eat them directly from the pack.

3. Gaia Organics Strawberry Crunchy Muesli

This crunchy and flavorful muesli is made with real strawberries, rolled oats, corn flakes, wheat, and honey. Since the whole package consists of wholesome ingredients, this one serves you just the right amounts of minerals, vitamins, and various antioxidants. They are super low in calories and hence are great for managing your weight. Also available in real fruit, amaranth, nutty delight, and fruit and nut flavors, they are a great breakfast meal. 

4. Soulfull Fruit & Nut Millet Muesli

If breakfast to you is best described as a bowl full of fresh fruits, then Soulfull’s fruit sand nut millet muesli is just what you need. Made with 30% oats, ragi, whole wheat, and tons of fiber, they have hefty amounts of proteins, calcium, and fiber. To give it the perfect crunch, they also have almonds, fresh fruits, and raisins. These are also available in crunchy millet and diet millet flavors.

5. Bagrry’s Fruit & Nut with Cranberries Muesli

Baggry’s fruit and nut muesli is made with 100% natural ingredients, including nine types of fruits and nuts, oats, and multigrain. It comes with zero added sugar and whole loads of fiber and protein. Also available in choco delight, almonds, raisins and honey, mixed fruit, strawberry, swiss-style, and whey protein flavors, this one has a lot to offer. 

How to Consume: You can have a bowl full of them in your breakfast, with milk or milk, as per your choice. 

6. Alpino Fruit & Nuts Super Muesli

This one is for days when you just want to feel fresh and energetic. With the goodness of real freeze-dried fruits, Alpino’s fruit and nut muesli is made with whole oats, multi-grains, and the finest nuts to give you the right amount of energy, fiber, and protein. It is also available in Nut delight flavor which is great to add some crunch to your breakfast. 

7. Poshtick Muesliholic Cherry White Choco Chips

If you’re planning to up your breakfast game, then try this delicious cherry and white choco-chip muesli which is made of 100% natural ingredients, including wheat flakes, oats, corn flakes, and coconut flakes. It also has almonds, black raisins, cranberry, white chocolate, and yummy choco chips to make you happy every time you eat them. These are also available in dar chocolate flavor. 

8. The Whole Truth Almond Choco Crunch With Added Protein Muesli

If your aim is to increase your protein intake, then these ones are the best. With high amounts of protein and a delicious chocolate flavor, this crunchy muesli will your mornings tastier and healthier. Pour some hot or cold milk over a bowl full of this delicious muesli and enjoy a lovely breakfast

Hope you enjoyed this list. Try them out right away!

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