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Consult These Dieticians In Delhi-NCR For A Healthy Living

No matter how much you hate dieting, it is really important to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle. Whether you want to keep your weight on check or you have just recovered from a health problem, dieting plays a crucial role for your well being. Every individual needs different, specialized diet plans. Who does the work best? Undoubtedly, it’s the dieticians. So, if you are a Delhite or reside around NCR, we have curated the list of top dieticians in Delhi-NCR for you. Have a look!

Dieticians in Delhi-NCR to Follow on Instagram

1. Suneet Khanna

Dr Suneet Khanna is one of the most senior dieticians in Delhi-NCR. With years of expertise, he offers diet therapy along with hypertension management, the cure to nutritional deficiency, digestive disorder management, and a few more. You can seek his help for weight loss or obesity management.

2. Shivani Sikri

Shivani offers diet consultation on Indian Keto diet plans, Paleo diet plans, Gluten free diet plans and intermittent fasting. If you are someone struggling with PCOS / PCOD, Thyroid, Diabetes, Cholesterol or pre and post pregnancy nausea, she is the best dietician to contact in Delhi. She is the founder of diet clinic Nutri4verve.

3. Ambica Dandona

Celebrity dietician Ambica Dandona believes in the power of a balanced diet to prevent diseases. If you visit her Instagram handle, you will find the colourful diet-friendly recipes she provides. She works extensively on food allergies, digestive wellness and detoxification.

4. Ashu Gupta

Ashu Gupta focuses her diet plans more on home cooked meals. An active member of Indian Dietetic Association, she specially works on adolescent obesity, weight management, medical condition diets and pre or post natal nutrition.

5. Gauri Anand

Founder of diet consultation platform Balanced Bites by Gauri, Dietician Gauri Anand has a vast client base across the globe. Besides her works on weight management, PCOD and PCOS, Cholesterol and digestion management, she also specializes in Diabetes Mellitus.

6. Priya Mittal

If you don’t like artificial methods including supplements, medicines, and trying to achieve good health naturally, Priya Mittal is the one you should consult. Her diet plans are homely, sustainable and traditional to meet all your  needs. She founded a diet clinic called Zenith Diet Mentors.

7. Garima Nagpal

With 4 years of experience, Garima Nagpal is running an initiative named Healthy Living to offer specialized diet plans. She is an expert in therapeutic diet, PCOD, Diabetes and the list goes on. Follow her on Instagram to start your diet plan right now at home. 

8. Deepanshi Malhotra

Deepanshi’s main motto when she works on diet plans for her clients is, eating is about more than just-food. With 5 years of experience, Deepanshi’s initiative Nutriento provides diet plans for weight management, gastrointestinal diseases, thyroid disorder, PCOD and PCOS.

9. Sakshi Kohli

Dt. Sakshi Kohli is amongst the best dieticians in Delhi who focus on long-term diet and nutrition goals. She evaluates each client’s profile individually and look into their medical background to curate a specialized diet plan exclusively for everyone.

10. Sheela Sheharawat

Located in NCR, Sheela Sheharawt’s Diet clinic has been serving the clients with nutrient controlled diets since 2006. Her Instagram feed is a treasure for anyone looking for tips and recipes to make their diet plan work.

11. Nikita Agarwal

With many awards and recognition in her possession for her expertise as a dietician, Nikita Agarwal focuses on natural diet plans. She is a disease reversal specialist who founded Life Health and Nutrition Clinic, a one stop solution for all diet and nutrition queries.

12. Deepika Malik

With over 15 years of experience, Deepika Malik incorporates the goodness of Ayurvedic practices in diet plans. Instead of focusing on calorie count solely, she puts emphasis on healthy eating to include more variations in your meal. She works on the client’s overall health and not just the mere weight management. 

13. Pallavika Gulati

A strong believer of home based diet, Pallavika Gulati provides personalised diet plans to every client as per their health requirement. She strongly opposes any kind of starvation or supplement intake for weight management.

14. Dietician Shelly

Awarded by Mandira Bedi for her excellence in the field for diet and nutrition, dietician Shelly is an expert in weight loss management. Check out her Instagram posts for information on ingredients, foods and also healthy tips. 

15. Komal Agarwal

Komal Agarwal has a record of 98.9% success of diets as a dietician based in Delhi. You can consult her for diet plans related to weight management, PCOD, PCOS and diabetes. 

Eating healthy doesn’t always mean giving up on your taste buds. With an expert’s guidance, your diet plan can be delicious, full, easy to make, and healthy. Consult the experts and get started with your new healthy lifestyle.

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