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Types of Almonds:- Different Varieties of Almonds Name List

Almonds bags a place among the versatile nuts, enjoyed by every age group as healthy snacks. In India, we have ample types of almonds to ‌try. Jammu and Kashmir, and Himachal Pradesh are the primary producers of almonds. However, the nut is also found in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. Regular consumption of almonds helps in brain development, takes care of heart health, as well as works as an antioxidant for the body. In this article, you will come across varieties of almonds that you may miss.

Different Types of Almonds

Almonds Varieties List

1. Butte Almonds

Butte almonds, also known as padre almonds, are the easiest and most convenient way to recognize these types of almonds they come into a light-colored semi-hard shell with a flat texture and are small and have a wrinkled surface on the inside. They fall on the popular side as they are loved and enjoyed worldwide. But the one trait that makes it unique is these nuts are comparatively small and slightly pump than the other varieties of almonds.

2. Carmel Almonds

This California variety is one of the best types of almonds to eat. This ‌badam was first introduced in the year 1966 in Le Grand, California. The variety can be differentiated among the kinds of almonds because of their long, flat and semi-hard surface. However, it is small and wrinkled from the inside. The almonds are brought to use in various ways, some blanch and roast them, while others incorporate them as peruse and need. This variety of almonds particularly tastes sweet and nutty.

3. Nonpareil Almonds

We know nonpareil almonds as a good almond variety, which are widely brought into use on a large scale. The almonds are ‌known as flat nuts that come in a lighter shade. Of the most common California almonds. They can be pointed out easily among the best varieties because of their thin outer layer and flat elongated and thin shape. The quality of the nut is smooth compared to the other ‌almonds. The nonpareil almonds are the sweetest almond as compared to the rest in the market

4. Sweet Almonds

Sweet almonds come in flat and light-coloured tough shells and on the inside, it has a nut that is medium with a wrinkled peel. The nut gives a sweet and nutty taste that leaves behind a heavenly taste to remember this ‌type. Mainly you can find people exacting oil out of it or even some prefer to cherish them in the raw form.

5. Peerless Almonds

This variety of almonds, when gets ripen, takes a light color skin with a thin, hard, and long outer shell, and from inside the nut has a dark brown shade with a wrinkled surface. Talking about the shape of the nuts, they are long and flat, and creamy. This variety in particular leaves you perplexed about the quantity to consume because of the sweet and nutty taste which is a good reason for the snaking.

6. Green Almonds

Green almonds are the unripened form of almonds with green-colored skin and nutty texture all around. While, On the inside, they have a velvety texture along with a soft grown seed inside it. The seed is soft because it is in the early stage of the cycle. However, to the fitness freaks, this ‌almond is the best type of badam to consume as they carry more nutrients than the ripened ones.

7. Fritz Almonds

Fritz almonds bags the tag under both the label mission variety and California variety. This variant has a semi-hard texture, which is light brown and plump. The kernels are slightly darker and medium because of their yielding during the early maturing phase. The taste is nutty and sweet, but less sweet than the nonpareil variety of almonds.

8. Sonora Almonds

Sonora almonds again come under the territory of the California badam type with a distinctive feature. The outer shell of the nut is thin, dark, and rough in appearance, less unlikely than the rest of the varieties. Nuts inside it are long and narrow with a long-lasting nutty taste and crunchy texture. The types of badam you will come across will be larger than the other varieties.

9. Ferradual Almonds

Ferradual almonds, for a change, are not the California variety of almonds but represent the French variety. The French Institute For Invertebrate Enhancement INRA invented the variety. Ferraduel is famous for its hard and wide appearance, accompanied by the thin and dark brown and flat outer shell. The nuts inside of it are highly nutritious and delicious when consumed.

10. Molar Almonds

The molar Badam variety differs somewhat from the other in the row. The outer shells are soft shells and are easily removable. In the variety itself, there are several other varieties too, but Mollar Tarragona is the most popular. The almonds of this variety have a luscious and long-lasting taste.


“Almonds” widely popular as Badam, is the healthiest feast you can give to yourself. All the credit goes to it being cholesterol-free and a nutritious option for munching and snack time. The almonds have different almonds variety to choose from as per the taste and liking. It’s a tough job to identify the variants just by looking at them, but you can take the next road which you can go on is the ones that taste better. For nutrition factors, almonds are the Powerhouse of essential nutrients needed by the body. With each variety of Badam, the nutrition quotient graph changes. However, it’s not that much to pay your concern to, as the difference is not that huge. It will be interesting to guess the name of the almond the next time you have it.

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