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Different Types of Black Pepper List & Uses

Did you know that there are approximately 600 varieties of pepper spice available in the world? Being one of the most popular peppers, black pepper is a must-have in your kitchen. But if you are confused about which black pepper to choose, then we have curated a list of black pepper varieties you can refer to.

Different Types of Black Pepper

Types of Black Pepper Name List

Which pepper to choose for what type of cooking? Well, there are a number of black pepper varieties you can opt for. Let’s take a quick look!

Types of Black Pepper Name List

1. Tellicherry – India

The origin of this type of black pepper goes back to a place called Tellicherry, a city on the Malabar coast of Kerala in India. Growing at the top of the vine, this Indian variety of black pepper receives the most sunlight and they are left to ripen longer until it offers a rich yellow-orange color. Therefore, this longer ripening process results in more intense oils in the peppercorns and a deeper, complex flavor.

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This variety contains distinct sweet aromas ranging from fruity to grassy to citrus and pine. There’s a freshness in this spice and a great, balanced flavor to compliment your dishes. 

Use: A versatile spice in itself, Tellicherry can go with almost any food, even fruits, and sauteed veggies.

2. Lampong – Indonesia

Lampong is for every person enjoying a slow burn in their food which later evolves into more intense heat. Originally from Indonesia, this pepper acquires one of the top places in the black pepper name list. 

Lampong comes with a citrusy aroma as well as some woodsy notes. Unlike other intense black peppers, this pepper is more about its fragrance and aroma.

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Use: This black pepper will go best in stocks, soups, and dishes when you are looking for a little bit of pungency. But you can also use it for baking and oven roasting fish and meats.  

3. Malabar – India

Grown together with Tellicherry, Malabar black pepper also comes from the Malabar Coast, a small, mountainous area in southwest India. While Tellicherry peppercorn is cultivated in the upper part of the vine, Malabar pepper is picked from the lower part. 

One of the finest black pepper varieties, Malabar pepper is less ripe than Tellicherry when it gets picked. So, it comes with a slightly greenish hue. They have a little less potential than Tellicherry in terms of their flavor and aroma.

Use: Although it is less flavourful than Tellicherry, this Indian black pepper has a universal appeal. Besides, this is available at a more reasonable price than Tellicherry. So, you can easily use it for the premium steak, baked meats, or soups and salads.

4. Sarawak- Malaysia

If you find the flavor of Tellicherry or Malabar black peppers is way too strong, then there’s one option in the black pepper list which can be your savior. 

Cultivated in East Malaysia, Sarawak is a small black peppercorn with a slightly grayish hue. It is popular for its milder flavor and more freshness, sometimes described as fruity as well. 

Use: The delicate flavor profile of Sarawak pepper makes it a perfect addition to your dessert recipes. Furthermore, you can also use it as a seasoning as it brings less heat and bitterness. 

5. Talamanca- Ecuador

This black pepper variety is somewhat new to the world of peppers. Although Talamanca contains a sweet, searing fragrance, it also delivers an intense heat due to the presence of piperine.

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In addition to that, this pepper comes with a very robust, meaty flavor perfect for all the pepper lovers out there! But, because of the slow chili-like heat it brings, it is loved by some and hated by many.  

Use: It is perfect for any dish that requires the ultimate pepperiness. It is a perfect match for steaks, baked meats or hot and sour foods, etc.  


One of the largest exporters of peppercorns, Vietnam is popular for its black peppers. The peppercorns are good in size and offer a citrusy aroma. 

However, these types of black pepper are not as strong as the other varieties in terms of taste. But it contains a complex aroma to offer a rounder heat and spiciness.

Use: Because of its mild flavor profile, you can use it in your desserts or in dishes where you need just a hint of black pepper. 

So, as you go through the types of black peppers, which one suits you the best? But whichever black pepper you choose, make sure to use it in the right amount to avoid the side effects of black pepper. Excessive intake of black pepper harm your health in different ways. 

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