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Types of Coffee: Ultimate Guide of Coffee Beans & Drinks

Almost everyone faces that awkward situation where you can’t choose the right coffee for yourself off the menu because you don’t know the difference between espresso and americano. There’s nothing to worry about! It happens to the best of us. This blog will help you understand the various types of coffee. Staring from coffee beans to drinks, the blog covers it all! 

Types of Coffee

Different Types of Coffee Beans

1. Arabica

There’s no doubt that Arabica is one of the most famous coffee beans. Most coffee lovers and drink enthusiasts know about the Arabica beans and prefer this over other coffee beans because of their rich flavor. This coffee bean is primarily used for making decaf or black coffee, and the most interesting part is that it has a comparatively low caffeine content than robusta coffee beans. 

Arabica Types of Coffee Beans

2. Robusta

Robusta coffee is not as famous as Arabica, but people love it because it is cost-effective and stronger. It has a more bitter flavor than Arabica, and hence you will find it being used for making espresso or an instant coffee mix. Their caffeine content is also strong and might help you focus more!

Robusta coffee variety

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3. Liberica

Liberica coffee beans are finely ground before they are put to use. The coffee is also dark roasted and has a sweet flavor to it. It’s rich in taste and is used to make lattes and coffee blends. If you’re a coffee-lover, you should definitely give Liberica coffee a try.

Liberica kinds of coffee

4. Excelsa

This is another type of coffee bean you should know about! People often confuse Excelsa coffee beans with Robusta coffee, but they are not the same! It is definitely similar to robusta coffee in taste and texture and has a distinct flavor and smell. It is used to make many house blends and instant coffee. 


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List of Coffee Drinks

Types Of Hot Coffee Drinks

1. Cappuccino

cappuccino is the best coffee variety and is loved by almost all. It is not too strong, creamy, and has a lovely texture. It’s almost like it melts inside your mouth. It is served with a thick foam layer and can be made according to your taste.

Cappuccino Types Of Coffee Drinks

2. Espresso

Espresso is a short black coffee that is highly concentrated and gives you the taste of the coffee as it is. It is a bit challenging to master making espresso as the wrong proportions can make it taste bad. 

Espresso Types of Hot Coffee

3. Double Espresso

Double espresso, as the name suggests, is stronger than espresso. It is one of the most popular coffee drinks. It is more concentrated than espresso and served as shots. 


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4. Americano

Americanos are a popular breakfast drink in the west and taste best with eggs and bacon. It’s almost like a staple in the US. This is a diluted coffee drink. When you dilute the espresso, an americano coffee is made, but it’s important to maintain the ratio. 


5. Red Eye

A Red eye is an espresso and a brewed coffee mixed together. It increases the levels of caffeine in the coffee and makes it more strong and rich. 

Red Eye

6. Latte

A latte is incomplete without milk and foam in your coffee. It is rich, filling, and has a lovely taste. People who are new to drinking coffee should start with a latte, as it is an ideal choice in terms of taste and flavor. Many people also enjoy a latte with chocolate sauce to enhance its sweetness. 


7. Black Coffee

Black coffee is simple and also bitter in taste. Only people who enjoy the authentic taste of coffee should go for black coffee. It is ground coffee beans steeped in boiling water. You may use your favorite bean and make a hot cup for yourself. 

Black Coffee

8. Cortado

We can’t leave cortado off the list when talking about types of hot coffee. Cortado is an espresso with hot milk. This has less amount of caffeine and also tastes less bitter than an espresso. It’s easy and quick to make before you’re out and about for work.


9. Black Eye

The black eye is loaded with caffeine and is the more robust version of red-eye coffee. It is the best coffee type for people looking for high caffeine content. 

Black Eye

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10. Irish

Irish coffee is a fancy coffee drink. It has black coffee, whiskey, and a sweetener. This hot coffee is mostly enjoyed by people having a fun time and chilling with their friends and family. 


11. Mocha

Mocha is a chocolate coffee and quite popular among chocolate lovers. It is made with milk, espresso, and chocolate. It is typically sweet and has a rich taste.


Types Of Cold Coffee Drinks

1. Iced coffee

Iced coffee is a trendy summertime drink and is quite refreshing to have during summers. You can choose to make iced coffee with justice or with water. It can be served with syrups and sweeteners with lots of ice!

Iced coffee

2. Cold-Brew

Cold brew is also a form of iced coffee but is stronger. It is made by steeping the coffee for long hours and then serving it with cold milk/cream and ice. 


3. Frappe

It is blended cold coffee that is topped with a thick layer of whipped cream and chocolate syrup. It is rich and also quite filling for the stomach. Kids and young people enjoy this drink a lot.

Frappe Types of Cold Coffee

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4. Iced Latte

An Iced Latte is a regular brewed coffee with steamed milk, foam, and lots of crushed ice. It is flavorful, aromatic, and one of the most famous types of cold coffee. 


We hope that you enjoyed this ride across the coffee world and getting to know different types of coffee! We hope that now you can make and choose the right coffee for yourself without any hesitation or confusion.

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