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Types of Pulses: 10 Different Varieties of Pulses List

Pulses are commonly referred to as “Dals.” They are many different types of pulses that adorn a typical Indian kitchen. They belong to the legume family and are a powerhouse of proteins and nutrients. Let us understand the other varieties of pulses, their benefits, and some incredible dishes that use them.

10 Types of Pulses Name List

No Indian kitchen is complete without these colorful delicacies. They add zing and flavor to a regular Indian meal. So, let us look at some different types of pulses that one can find in a typical Indian kitchen.

1. Red Lentils (Masoor Dal)

Masoor dal is very commonly found in every Indian household. Masoor dal is highly nutritious and easy to cook. Therefore it makes an exceptionally quality meal. You can fry them for a good dinner. Other types of lentils include – Brown, green and french green pulses varieties.

Red Lentils Pluses Varieties
  • Origin– Asia, Europe, and North Africa.
  • Color – Color may be brown, red, and orange.
  • Nutrition – It is rich in magnesium, protein, and calcium.
  • Famous Recipe– Dosas, khichdi, and Rasam
  • Note – Moong daal is available in split and skinned lentils.
  • Health Benefits:- It can be suitable for managing diabetes.
    Eating them may boost immunity.

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2. Bengal Gram (Chana Dal)

Bengal dal is delicious and makes delectable curry. It is a close relative of the chickpea family. It is baby chickpea that is polished. You can fry them or eat them roasted for a good meal.

Bengal Gram Pulses Types
  • Origin – Afghanistan, Persia, and India.
  • Color – It is usually yellow.
  • Nutrition -It is rich in antioxidants, selenium, copper & zinc.
  • Famous Recipe – Dal vada, Chana dal curry
  • Health benefits – It may reduce the risk of heart conditions.
    It might be good for skin health.

3. Black Gram (Urad dal)

Urad dal is a staple Indian dish that is available in the split and skinned variety. They usually have a delicious earthy flavor. One can eat them fried or mix them with other dals to make a delicious curry.

Black Gram Pulses List
  • Origin – India
  • Color – Color varies from black, white, and green.
  • Nutrition – It is rich in proteins, phosphorus, and isoflavones.
  • Famous Recipe – Dal makhani and paper-thin dosa, ladoos
  • Note – Did you know that Urad daal is available in split and skinned types?

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4. Yellow Pigeon Peas (Tur Dal)

You can find this dal in any local grocery store at affordable prices. Moreover, this daal makes additively delicious curry. Therefore, you can easily incorporate them into your daily diet as a nutritious meal.

Types of Pulses Yellow Pigeon Peas
  • Origin – India, and Africa
  • Color – Color varies from greenish brown to yellow
  • Nutrition – Rich in vitamins C, E, K, B, folic acids, and phosphorus
  • Famous recipes – Dal Rasam, Bisi Bele Bhath, and toor dal curry.
  • Health benefits – It May help in weight loss.
    Toor dal may help in a healthy pregnancy.

5. Green Gram (Moong Dal)

Moong dal is available as sprouts: Spilt and skinned variety. You can eat them fried, roasted, or add them to your salad for a healthy, nutritious meal.

Pulses Variety Green Gram
  • Origin – India
  • Color – Color varies from green or golden yellow
  • Nutrition – It is rich in vitamins E, C, A & k, proteins (Globulin and Albumin), etc
  • Famous recipe – Moong dal halwa, Khichdi
  • Health benefits – Eating it may improve heart health.
    It may help control blood pressure
  • Note – Moong daal is also available in split and skinned types.

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6. Chickpeas (Chole)

They are also known as chole. It is usually found in two types, smaller ones are called desi chana, and the bigger ones are known as Kabuli chana. They are typically soaked overnight for proper preparation.

Pulses Name List Chickpeas
  • Origin – Turkey, Syria, and India
  • Color – Smaller ones are black, while larger ones are white/yellow
  • Nutrition – It is rich in iron, fiber, proteins, and calcium.
  • Famous Recipe – Chole chawal, Kabuli Pulao
  • Health Benefits – Eating them regularly may improve brain health.
    May help with iron deficiency

7. Horse Gram (Kulthi dal)

This daal is highly delicious. It’s is one of the most protein-rich lentils found on the planet. Due to its high nutritious value, this daal is also fed to racehorses.

Horse Gram Pulse types list
  • Origin – India
  • Color – May vary from red, brown, to black.
  • Nutrition – It is rich in iron, fiber, proteins, and calcium
  • Famous recipe – Ulava charu and chicken, Horse gram soup
  • Health benefits – Great for kidney and gallbladder stones.
    It might help boost liver health.

Black Chickpea (Kala chana)

Black chickpeas (Kala Chana) are the “desi” variety of chana daal. They taste like nuts and have a buttery texture. Therefore they also make a fantastic light snack to curb unwanted hunger pangs.

Black Chickpea Pulse
  • Origin – Turkey, Syria, and India
  • Color – They are usually black
  • Nutrition – It is rich in proteins, dietary fibers, and iron.
  • Famous recipes – Kala chana curry, Kala chana kabab.
  • Health Benefits – It may help in diabetes management.
    Eating it regularly may boost cardiovascular health.

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White Urad Dal

Urad Dal is another healthy variant of Urad daal. Furthermore, it is easily available which makes it easy to incorporate into the daily diet. Not only that, it is easily digestible & tastes delicious.

White Urad Pulse Name
  • Origin – India
  • Color – It is usually white in color.
  • Nutrition – It is rich in potassium, dietary fibers, and iron.
  • Famous recipes – Papad, dal makhani, Idli.
  • Health benefits – May aid in stronger bones and teeth.
    They may boost your mental health.

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Green Pigeon Peas (Hare Tuvar dal)

It is another variant of tuvar dal. You can easily buy it from your local grocery shop. Eat them fried with chapati or rice for a fulfilling meal.

green Pigeon Peas
  • Origin – Asia and east Africa
  • Color – It is usually green in color.
  • Nutrition – It is rich in carbohydrates, dietary fibers, and proteins.
  • Famous recipe – Hara Tuvar ki sabji.
  • Health benefits – It may help in weight loss.
    It may improve your digestive health.


Daals are an irreplaceable aspect of the Indian diet. They are colorful and nourishing. In addition, you can easily enjoy them daily. Some of the most popular daals available in the market are Masoor daal, urad daal, Kala and kabuli chana, an etc. Eat them regularly to give your health a much-needed boost.

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