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Types Of Rice in India: List of 20 Different Varieties of Rice & Their Textures

If you belong to an Indian family, then you might know what rice means to you if you come from an Indian background. Eating rice for lunch, dinner, or any time of the day supplies you with the feeling of satisfaction and fullness. Many people throughout the world depend on rice as an essential diet. There are hundreds of distinct types of rice, each with a unique flavor, length, aroma, and cooking characteristics. One of the most adaptable grains, rice, is used in various cuisines, including soups, sushi, stir-fries, and rice pudding. While some varieties of rice work well in a limited number of recipes, which makes them authentic. A general understanding of rice varieties is essential to know which dish requires which variety of rice to maximize its taste, flavour and aroma. Let’s check out the list of rice names, lengths, and aromas.

20 Different Varieties of Rice in India

When it comes to counting on the essential ingredients in the Indian pantry, rice is one food staple that will top the list. In every part of India, rice is a part of their daily diet plan. When it comes to rice production, India holds the second rank around the world after china. Generally, we are only aware of 3 – 4 types of rice. However, there are almost 6000 different types of rice cultivated across India, and we have around 40000 varieties of rice cultivated worldwide. Size-wise, there are short-grain rice, medium-grain rice and long-grain rice. They are used in different cuisines as per their texture and variety. Further, we have discussed 20 rice varieties along with tier aroma and length to help you identify some of the popular types of it.

1. Brown Rice

Brown rice has a mild nutty flavor that adds a pleasant taste to any brown rice dish. Many health-conscious people prefer eating brown rice over other kinds of rice since it’s low in calories and filled with vitamins and minerals. It’s a 100% whole grain food item and light to eat too! 

Brown Rice

Length & Aroma: Long-grain and musty smell.

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2. Basmati Rice

Basmati rice is one of the most popular types of rice in India and also pan Asia. A lot of Indian and Asian cuisines use this flavorful rice to create exciting and exotic recipes. This rice is best served with fresh herbs and green onions along with traditional Indian side dishes. It comes in white and whole-grain options and is also readily available in any grocery store.

Basmati Rice

Length & Aroma: Long grain with pleasant aromatic smell.

3. Jasmine Rice

Jasmine rice is used to make an exotic accent to many Asian dishes. This rice is mainly cultivated in Thailand and has a soft and sticky texture when fully cooked. Many Caribbean dishes are also made with jasmine rice and are enjoyed worldwide. Its aroma and taste complement most curry dishes. Jasmine rice comes in white and whole-grain options and has a pleasant nutty flavor to it. 

Jasmine Rice

Length & Aroma: Long-grain and floral jasmine aroma. 

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4. Mogra Rice

This rice has a very distinct flavor and is non-glutinous. It’s another type of rice that’s famous in India and is also cost-effective. Once it is cooked, it appears fluffy and is used chiefly to prepare traditional Indian recipes like biryani, pulao, etc. 

Mogra Rice

Length & Aroma: Long grain with a distinct aroma.

5. Bamboo Rice

Bamboo rice is one of the major on rice name list, it is made from bamboo shoots, and actually a seed at the end of its life span. It can be challenging to find bamboo rice at your local grocery shop since it’s very uncommon. However, bamboo rice is very nutritious and has a great taste. 

Bamboo Rice

Length & Aroma: Short-grained and floral aroma

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6. Wild Rice

Wild rice comes from a type of grass typically found in the United states’ lake region. This rice is commonly found around lakes like wild grasses and is harvested as whole-grain rice. Wild rice is packed with protein and is colorful from the outside. However, it splits once cooked, and the white rice from the inside shows up. It’s famous for its earthy and nutty taste. It’s sometimes difficult to find wild rice in grocery stores, but you can definitely find this rice online.

Wild Rice

Length & Aroma: Jumbo-sized rice and smells slightly like black tea.

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7. Black Rice

Black rice, also known as the forbidden rice, is a form of glutinous rice. This rice is a little more expensive than other rice, and it is believed that only the upper class could afford to eat black rice in ancient China. There are many varieties of black rice available in the market and online, and one should try this unique rice at least once!

Black Rice

Length & Aroma: Medium grain rice and neutral flavor. 

8. Red Rice

Red rice is high in anthocyanin, an antioxidant that dyes the rice grain’s bran a reddish color. This is widely used in Thailand, Africa, and some parts of Bhutan. Red rice is traditionally cooked with a lot of herbs and spices pepper, garlic, and chili. 

Red Rice

Length & Aroma: Long-grain and sweet aroma.

9. Red Cargo Rice

Red cargo rice is a little similar to brown rice and is typically grown in Thailand. It is filled with essential nutrients and has a reddish-brown color. This rice complements many curry dishes that are cooked with herbs and spices. The only thing to note here is that red cargo rice requires a longer cooking time than other rice types.

Red Cargo Rice

Length & Aroma: Long-grain rice and earthy smell. 

10. Indrayani Rice

Indrayani rice rules the hearts of Indians. If you’re living in India, this is a type of rice that you should must-try! It has a very texture when it’s cooked and is rich in vitamins and minerals.

Indrayani Rice

Length & Aroma: Long-grain and intense aroma.

11. White Rice

The most versatile rice type has to be white rice. It is known worldwide and adapts to any form of cooking in any cuisine. It has a fluffy and a very slight sticky texture when fully cooked and provides energy to the body too. This is the best kind of rice for dishes that requires stuffing and stir-frying. 

White Rice

Length & Aroma: Long-grain and mild nutty smell.

12. Sushi Rice

This rice is similar to sticky rice and has a high starch content. It’s called sushi rice because it’s perfect for making traditional Japanese sushi and can be used as an ideal side dish with seafood.

Sushi Rice

Length & Aroma: short-grain rice and musty smell.

13. Purple Thai Rice

Purple Thai rice is a very functional rice variety since you can use it to make sweet and savory dishes. The color of rice is purple even after cooking it unless you add spices that destroy the color. It’s used to create innovative and expensive dishes and behave like a jasmine mixture and sticky rice. 

Purple Thai Rice

Length & Aroma: medium-sized grain and a pleasant aroma.

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14. Bomba Rice

Bomba rice has a pearly white color and is known for its non-stick characteristic. This is because the rice is rich in amylose which prevents it from sticking. Bomba rice can absorb 2-3 times more water than regular rice and hold itself well even after it’s fully cooked. It has a rich flavor and a texture that is much chewier than other kinds of rice. 

Bomba Rice

Length & Aroma: Short-grained and neutral aroma

15. Glutinous Rice or Sticky Rice

Glutinous rice is mainly found in the Asian region and is consumed across Asia in massive amounts. It has a high starch content and has a very sticky texture. It has been observed that eating sticky rice improves heart health and also reduces inflammation. 

Glutinous Rice or Sticky Rice

Length & Aroma: Short-grained and neutral aroma

16. Arborio Rice

Arborio rice is harvested in Italy and is used extensively in Italian cooking. The rice has a creamy and chewy texture and is enjoyed by people of all age groups. It can absorb a lot of water and hold its shape when fully cooked. Italian dishes like arancini and minestrone are made using this rice. 

Arborio Rice

Length & Aroma: Short grain and a pleasant aroma. 

17. Sona Masuri

Sona Masuri is famous rice in India and is cultivated in Andhra Pradesh. The rice has a texture just like basmati rice and is also easy to digest. Many people prefer Sona Masuri since it’s low in calories and helps in weight management. The price is slightly on the higher side, but this rice is definitely a must-try.

Sona Masuri Rice

Length & Aroma: Long-grained and slightly aromatic

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18. Valencia Rice

Valencia rice is usually used for making Spanish dishes like paella. It’s grown in Spain and has a high starch content. The rice is sticky and can absorb a considerable amount of water. It’s perfect rice for making stews, rice pudding, and soupy dishes. 

Valencia Rice

Length & Aroma: medium-sized grain and a pleasant aroma.

19. Samba Rice

Samba rice has a corny taste and hard grain that makes it less fluffy when fully cooked. It is believed to be more filling in nature and is also high in calories. It’s grown locally by the mallas in Tamil Nadu and is mainly used by locals. 

Samba Rice

Length & Aroma: Super short grain and earthy smell.

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20. Rosematta Rice

Rosematta rice is grown in India and contains essential vitamins and minerals. The rice has an earthy flavor and appears reddish until the layers of bran are removed. If you think rosematta rice alone has a distinct taste, you’re probably mistaken. It is best served with non-vegetarian curry dishes like lamb, beef, or mutton. 

Rosematta Rice

Length & Aroma: medium-sized grain and earthy aroma.

Above are the different varieties of rice that a person should try! They are aromatic, flavorful, and healthy too. If you’re a rice lover, you will be amazed by how similar yet so different these rice varieties are. From color to texture to taste, there’s something unique about each one of them! Try innovative recipes and get creative with these healthy types of rice and have a rice feast that your family will love.


1. How many types of rice are there in India?

While most Indians are only familiar with white and basmati rice, you will be amazed to know that there are approximately 6000 varieties of rice in the country.

2. What is the most popular rice in India?

India is a home to thousands of rice varieties but Basmati and Kolma are the two most popular rice in the country.

3. What color is rice naturally?

Rice is naturally of brown color and it appears so because of its outer bran layer. Once the outer layer is removed, rice is white in color.

4. What rice has lowest carbs?

Wild rice is considered to be one of the most healthy rices. It has fewer carb than other rices.

5. Does rice make your belly fat?

Some studies have observed that eating rice results in weight gain and increased belly fat. However, it all depends on what carbs in what amounts are you taking in.

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