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6 Super-Easy Ways To Detox Your Body At Home


Among everything else, the lockdown has taught me three things- eating unhealthy, staying up late, and lounging on the sofa and doing nothing. The result: By the end of the day I feel sluggish, bloated, and tired. There’s no better time than the lockdown to seep into a complete detox.

So while you are at home, quarantining, detoxify your mind and body with these simple lifestyle changes:

Ways to Detox Your Body

Get Your ZZZs


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Netflixing till 3’o clock in the morning may be the new normal but it is taking a toll on your overall wellbeing. Following sleep hygiene is as important as following a healthy diet and exercise regime. So switch off the lights, hit the sack and pull the covers, and don’t forget to keep your phone far, far away.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate


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Hydration is the key. Start your day with a tall glass of warm water and half a lemon juice. This detoxes the liver and flushes out the build-up toxins. Depending on your BMI, continue to sip 2-4 liter water throughout the day.

Stock Up On Your Greens, Yellows, and Reds


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Trust me you don’t need a crazy diet plan to detox your body, nor do you need to starve yourself. Add a colourful variety of fruits and veggies to your diet. Also don’t forget grains, beans, legumes, nuts, and seeds. Eating whole foods will help you feel better after all the quarantine binge eating.

Sweat It Out


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There’s no better way to detox than to start a healthy exercise routine. Even if you are not going out to the gym, start working out at home- take the stairs, do power yoga, walk while talking on the phone, take the dog out for a walk, play tennis with the kids. Basically, whatever you do, make sure you aren’t over siting your welcome.

Drink Bloat Busting Beverages


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Ditch alcohol, caffeine, soda, and packed juices and switch to healthier beverages like green tea, and more and more of fruit infused water. Go for vegetable broths. These are not only tasty but also improve metabolism and help in cleansing and detox.

We Recommend: Herbal Brahmi, Turmeric, Cardamom, And Tulsi Green Tea (INR 449) from Chai Craft.

Eat Mindfully


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When you starve yourself your body feels gross and it reacts by consuming more calories. To avoid this, eat more often, but eat healthily. Stock up your fridge with some quick healthy fixes like yoghurt, peanut butter, berries, and fruits. And if you are still craving for some chocolate cookie in the evening, stress not because as long as you are eating mindfully (even chocolate cookies), your detox is going to work.

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