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Hi, my name is Ruchi Rajput and I am currently based in Pune. Although I am an IT engineer and I hold a degree in MBA in Marketing but my heart lies in fitness and nutrition. I have been an avid gym going person since many years but with very little knowledge on nutrition. In 2019, I was not really happy with the way I was leading my life. Eating out almost every other day and bad food choices took a toll on my body and even though I worked pretty hard in the gym, the results were just not showing. I understood that there was something missing, and unless I get to the bottom of it, I will not be able to achieve what I always dreamt of, a fit and healthy body.

I am married to an amazing partner, Vikram Rai, who shares my passion for fitness and together we decided to embark on a journey, not knowing what to expect. In 2019, I made fitness my priority, gained some knowledge regarding nutrition, enrolled under a fitness coach and since then there has been no looking back. I was never an obese girl, but I knew I could be much better.

Fitness is not only about looking good or you able to squeeze in that skinny jeans or may be an Instagram selfie, but fitness is about feeling good about yourself, more strength and stamina in order to be able to lead your life, confidence and leading a disease-free life.

Once I made some lifestyle changes, people around me were sceptical about the process but once they saw what quantified nutrition can do to you, every one asked for tips. From a weight of 64 kgs in Feb 2019, I reached 52 kgs in 2020, and my husband lost around 25 + kgs in the same time. The progress was slow and steady but I kept going nonetheless. I am much healthier now in terms of strength and how good I feel, and of course those personal record in the gym just keeps breaking.

It is a misconception that to lose weight you need to starve yourself or skip carbohydrates. To lose weight all you need is perseverance, dedication and commitment towards yourself. Quantified nutrition is a logical science. Once I attained my goal, I went a step further and got myself educated and I can proudly say I am a Certified Fitness and Nutrition Coach. I help people in their fitness journey and break some myths that has been around for years. Every body has a right to a healthy body and a healthy mind, and once you take that first step, that will be the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

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