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18 Folic Acid Rich Foods, Fruits & Vegetables Good For Your Health

A healthy body is essential for a good quality of life. However, folate is a crucial nutrient that’s very often overlooked. This water-soluble type of Vitamin B is vital for RBC’S formation & development of the fetus. Therefore, it is indispensable to have a diet plentiful in Folic Acid Rich Foods. Read this article to learn about yummy foods with good folate content and some unique recommendations to improve your health.

Folic Acid Rich Foods

22 Healthy Folic Acid Foods

Food is a crucial source of energy & nutrient. Folate (Vitamin B9) deficiency in the body can cause tiredness, anemia, temporary infertility, etc. Additionally, folate is vital for maternal health. Luckily, there are many delicious Folic Acid Rich Foods that you can eat for better fitness. So, read on!

1. Eggs

This poultry product has incredible health benefits. Fortunately, eggs have an excellent folic acid profile. What’s even better is that they’re readily available! Therefore, you can easily include them in your diet.

Folic Acid Rich foods List

Nutritional Fact – 60 g (one egg) contains about 40–86 µg of folate.

Health Benefit –

  1. Eggs are rich in antioxidants & folic acids, and this can improve your overall immunity. 
  2. Moreover, folic acid in eggs can help with managing tiredness.

Serving Suggestion – Why not have a hard-boiled egg & toast for a healthy breakfast?

2. Beef liver

Beef liver is one of the most incredible foods high in folic acid. It is one of the most concentrated sources of folic acid on our list! It is also rich in essential amino acids, copper, vitamin A, etc. Isn’t that awesome?

Nutritional Fact – 85g (Cooked serving) of beef liver contains about 212 µg of folate.

Health Benefit –

  1.  The good folic acid content in the beef liver can be good for your skin health.
  2. For men, folic acids in beef can help improve fertility.

Serving Suggestion – Have a delectable pan-fried beef liver curry with brown rice.
Caution – Health experts suggest eating just 1 serving of beef liver per week for good health.

3. Lentils

Lentils, commonly called “Daals” are delicious & have a strong nutrient profile. They are available in many varieties and colors, so why not spice up your food habit by including them in your diet? Also, they are readily available and quick to cook, which is a relief!

Nutritional Fact – 100g of lentils contains around 181μg (45% DV) folate.

Health Benefit –

  1.  Excellent folic amounts in lentils can help prevent anemia.
  2. Folate in daals can help with uncomfortable bloating issues.

Serving Suggestion – You can eat delicious lentil fry & basmati rice for a good meal.

4. Sunflower Seeds

Yes, crunchy sunflower seeds are also on our list of folic acid rich foods. In addition to their rich folate content, they make a good light snack! Moreover, they are also high in healthy fatty acids that may improve your overall health.

Nutritional Fact – 100g of Sunflower seeds kernel contains 227 µg (37% DV) of folic acid.

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Health Benefit –

  1.  Plentiful folic acids in delicious sunflower seeds can give you energy throughout the day!
  2. The rich folic acid content in the seeds can help protect against DNA damage.

Serving Suggestion – Add some sunflower seeds to your quinoa!

5. Chilli Powder

For us Indians, no dish is complete without adding some spicy chili powder! It brings a hearty flavor & color to the dishes. But, did you know that it is also high in folic acid? Yes! Moreover, it is also rich in body-building proteins & fiber.

Nutritional Fact – Just 1 tsp of chili powder contains 7.5 µg of folic acid!

Health Benefit –

  1.  Folic acids in chili powder can help RBC production in the body. 
  2. The excellent folic acid content in chili powder can sharpen your memory!

Serving Suggestion – Spice up your poha by adding some chili powder!

6. Sesame Seeds / Til

Interestingly these nutritious sesame seeds also make a great addition to our Folic Acid Foods List! You might find sesame seeds in your burger buns, but they have an excellent folic acid content. Furthermore, they are bountiful in healthy fats and proteins.

Nutritional Fact – 100 g of sesame seeds has a folic acid content of 97 µg.

Health Benefit –

  1. The folic acid in sesame seeds can be essential for pregnant women.
  2. The suitable folic acid content in sesame seeds can help improve sleep quality.

Serving Suggestion – Sprinkle in some sesame seeds in your salad for an incredible meal.

7. Walnuts

Walnuts are crunchy nuts that are available annually. They have a hard outer shell and a soft inner fruit. One can easily include them into their diet as they are very nutritious & easily available.

Nutritional Fact – 100 g of Walnuts has a folic acid content of 98 µg.

Health Benefit– Good folate content in walnuts can help regulate blood pressure.

Serving Suggestion– Add some crunchy to your salad with walnuts!

8. Rajma / Kidney Beans

Kidney beans are known as “Rajma” in Hindi. Rajma chawal (rice) is a very popular curry dish in northern India. Its color ranges from brown to red. Out of all varieties, Kashmiri rajma is one of the best types of rajma available in India?

Nutritional Fact:- 1 cup of Kidney beans contains 131 mcg of folate.

Health Benefit:- Plentiful folate content in kidney beans can improve eye health.

Serving Suggestion:- Why not devour a healthy plate of low-calorie rajma chawal?

9. Peanuts

Peanuts are extremely healthy nuts. They are Mostly grown in tropics & subtropical regions. These nuts are extremely versatile as they can be used to extract oil, peanut butter, or can be consumed raw.

Nutritional Fact – 146 g of peanuts contains about 359.16 ug

Health Benefit:- Folic acid in peanuts may improve cardiovascular health.

Serving Suggestion:- Add some crunchy peanuts to muesli for a healthy breakfast

10. Fortified Cereals

They are basically commercially made cereal that has extra nutrients added to them. Their purpose is to boost overall health. They have rich folate, calcium, and iron content.

Nutritional Fact – ½ – 1 ½ cup of fortified cereal has a folic acid content of 100 to 400 mcg.

Health Benefit – Ample folic acid in fortified cereals may improve brain health.

Serving Suggestion – Add some milk to your cereal for a hearty breakfast!

Folic Acid Rich Fruits

Fruits are enjoyed all over the world due to their delicious taste! They are an essential part of a balanced diet. Unsurprisingly, they also have good folate content. Let’s know more about some folic acid-rich fruits.

Folic Acid Rich Fruits

11. Orange

Their tangy and sweet flavor makes them a personal favorite of millions of people worldwide. Notorious for being abundant in vitamin C, oranges also have a rich folate content. Apart from folic acid, they are also rich in vitamin A., calcium, etc.

Nutritional Fact – 1 orange contains 39 mcg of folate.

Health Benefit – 

The ample folic acid content in oranges might promote hair growth.

Serving Suggestion – Add some life to your morning by drinking orange juice!

12. Avocado

This exotic fruit is native to Mexico but is now enjoyed worldwide! It’s also called an alligator pear due to its peculiar appearance. Furthermore, it is very nutritious & makes an excellent addition to many dishes!

Nutritional Fact – 100 g of avocado has the folic acid content of 81μg (20% DV)

Health Benefit – 

  • Folic acid in avocadoes might prevent neural tube defects in children.

Serving Suggestion – Have some delicious guacamole on toast for a healthy meal.

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13. Mangos

This juicy fruit is another addition to our list of foods high in folate. In India, there are more than 12 varieties of mangoes available! Its taste ranges from extremely sweet to sour. Alphonso, Dashehari, Kesar are some of the most popular varieties available in India.

Nutritional Fact – 100 g of mangoes has the folic acid content of 43μg (11% DV)

Health Benefits – 

Adequate folate in mangoes can improve the body’s overall immunity.

Serving Suggestion – Why not have a healthy mango smoothie?

14. Peaches

These fuzzy-skinned fruits have a lovely floral sweetness to them. Their sweet taste makes them an excellent fruit to snack on! Furthermore, they are available in many different colored varieties ranging from yellow to orange.

Nutritional Fact – 100 g of raw peaches has a folic acid content of 4ug

Health Benefit – 

Good folate content in delicious peaches may improve heart health.

Serving Suggestion – Add some peaches to your fruit salad.

15. Grapefruit

Another citrus fruit enters our list of food abundant in folic acid! Many people may confuse them with oranges, but they are entirely different. Its inner flesh usually is red. Also, it has a high nutrient content.

Nutritional Fact – 100 g of grapefruit the folic acid content 10 ug

Health Benefit – Folic acid in grapefruits can keep your RBC’S healthy.

16. Lemon

It is most commonly used for garnishing or flavor-enhancing purposes. Additionally, lemons are rich in vitamin c, folate, Potassium, and many more!

Nutritional Fact – 100 g of grapefruit the folate content 11 µg

Health Benefit – Ample folic acid in lemon may prevent the risk of stroke.

Serving Suggestion – Add some lemon to your fruit salad for a delicious zing!

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6 Folic Acid Rich Vegetables Name

Vegetables are a crucial part of the daily diet. They are rich in protein, fats, and essential nutrients good for health. So let’s have a brief look at mouth-watering Folic Acid Rich Vegetables that you should eat!

Folic Acid Rich Vegetables

17. Broccoli

Broccoli is amongst the healthiest vegetable there is! This green vegetable takes its spot on our list of folic acid rich foods for pregnancy. It has a wonderful folic acid content and is laden with lots of nutrients and minerals.

Nutritional Fact – 100 g of Broccoli has the folate content of 108μg (about 27% DV)

Health Benefit – Suitable folate content in Broccoli can prevent premature greying of the hair.

Serving Suggestion – Why not have a healthy broccoli salad for dinner?

18. Spinach

Spinach is a versatile leafy green vegetable that’s enjoyed worldwide! It has a good amount of vitamin B9 (Folate) and an excellent antioxidants profile. Moreover, it’s low in calories, making it perfect for weight watchers!

Nutritional Fact – 100 g of Spinach has the folic acid content of 1146μg (37% DV)

Health Benefit – 

  1. The ample amount of folic acid in this leafy green can provide relief from PCOS.
  2. Folate in Spinach can help prevent congenital disabilities in children.

Serving Suggestion – Drink some kale and spinach smoothie!

19. Tomatoes

Tomatoes add savory flavor to many Indian dishes. Therefore, it is an integral part of the Indian diet. Even better is that it’s full of nutrients like folate, Fiber, Vitamin C, etc. Furthermore, they can be consumed raw, fried, or boiled.

Nutritional Fact – 100 g of Raw tomatoes has a folic acid content of 4.1 to 35.3 μg

Health Benefit – 

  1. Excellent folic acid profile in tomatoes may prevent the risk of developing arthritis. 
  2. Folic acid in tomatoes can improve heart health.

Serving Suggestion – Why not add some zing to a boring salad with chopped tomatoes?

20. Okra / Ladies Finger (Bhindi)

How can we forget okra on our wondrous list of vegetables rich in folic acid? This green vegetable is a powerhouse of proteins, folate, minerals, and essential vitamins. Did you know that Andhra Pradesh is the largest producer of okra in India? Also, it is easily available, which makes it so easy to add to the daily diet.

Nutritional Fact – 100 g of Bhindi contains about 60 mcg of folate.

Health Benefit – 

  1. Adequate folic acid in okra can improve fertility. 
  2. The folate in bhindi can also help with symptoms of depression.

21. Sweet Corn

It is a variety of maize that’s super delicious! Sweet corn is usually harvested in the summer season. Furthermore, it has a dense nutrient profile. It’s rich in Vitamin C, folic acid, and other amino acids.

Nutritional Fact – Per 100 g of sweet corn, the folic acid content is 42μg (11% DV)

Health Benefit – Folic acid in sweet corn can regulate the production of amino acid homocysteine, thereby reducing the risk of heart issues.

Serving Suggestion – Why not add some sweet corn to your healthy pulao?

22. Lettuce

Lettuce is a leafy vegetable that comes in many varieties. Its color ranges from lovely dark green to yellow. Romaine lettuce is famous for being the healthiest variety amongst the others. Moreover, It can be enjoyed raw, boiled, or cooked. Now, that’s some variety!

Nutritional Fact – 100 g of romaine lettuce has a folic acid content of 136 mcg

Health Benefit –  Good folic acid amount in lettuce can help reduce the risk of Dementia.

Serving Suggestion – Add some lettuce to your salad for the win!


Unfortunately, the importance of folic acid is prominently overlooked. This water-soluble nutrient is essential for pregnant women, proper functioning of RBCs, etc. Folate is found in ample amounts in foods like – Oranges, eggs, spinach, etc. Make sure to eat them plenty for good health!

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