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List of Foods To Increase Blood Count And Blood Circulation

Having a low blood count is a common problem these days. Your body has a low blood count when your RBC (red blood cell) count is down. A human body produces millions of RBCs each day, and Anemia could be one such condition you are facing right now. If you feel tired and have doubts about having a low blood count, it’s best to eat foods to increase blood count in the body. Having a low blood count can prevent the body from performing essential functions, so it’s necessary to build blood and follow a proper diet.

blood increasing foods list

Let’s talk about blood circulation. When we say blood circulation, we mean that blood flows through the body, carrying essential nutrients and oxygen. Many people have a problem with blood circulation, which means that their blood flow is not smooth. When your blood circulation is not proper, it’s difficult for the body to get enough oxygen and nutrients. Therefore, it’s vital to have good blood circulation, and the right foods can help you do it. 

We bring you a detailed list of food to increase blood and blood flow. Next time you’re out for your groceries, make sure to have these foods on your list.

Foods That Increase Blood In Body

Red Meat

Red meat is excellent blood improve food. It is a high amount of iron content that boosts hemoglobin levels. The blood absorbs the iron from red meat very quickly, and Anemia can be kept at bay by eating such iron-rich foods. Beef, poultry, liver are some of the best red meat sources.

Egg Yolk

Everyone loves eggs, isn’t it? Apart from so many other health benefits, eggs also help in increasing blood count. It contains folic acid that helps in maintaining hemoglobin levels.


Beans and lentils are excellent blood-making food. The best part is that they are not only rich in iron but contain folic acid too! These together help in the building and production of new blood cells.

Foods to Increase Blood

Dairy Products

Dairy products such as milk and cheese can be of great help. Soy and almond milk works better than cow milk for this purpose. It keeps the heart healthy and maintains blood levels.


Red cherries are rich in Vitamin C, and vitamin c improves iron absorption in the body. In simple words, cherries can help the body absorb more iron and increase blood count.

Sweet potato

Sweet potato is packed with iron and other essential minerals. It helps in the production of both white and red blood cells. If you want a delicious and effective alternative that’s readily available, sweet potato is the food for you!

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Carrots are one of the best food to increase blood. Eating carrots regularly helps in increasing the levels of iron in the body naturally. Drinking carrot juice can be a healthy and tasty way to improve the body’s blood count.

Top Blood Circulation Foods


Pomegranate is a blood increase fruit that is filled with essential antioxidants and nitrates. It may improve blood circulation and flow and can also help in oxygenation. It can be consumed raw or in a juice form. 

Blood Circulation Foods

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are impressive blood circulation foods. They boost the circulation of blood in the body and also prevent blood clots. Not only that, but it also decreases inflammation. A glass of orange juice every morning will do the work for sure!


Beetroot is a powerhouse of nutrients and chemicals called nitrates. This chemical helps in improving blood flow and even blood pressure. Beetroot juices are a big hit among health-conscious people as it boosts blood circulation and improves immunity.


Garlic is an unusual but essential food for improving blood circulation. It contains allicin, which is popularly known for relaxing blood vessels. It has been observed that people who ate garlic experienced better blood circulation through the heart. 


Rich in vitamin C and iron, tomato is a magic food for people looking for improved blood flow. Both vitamin C and iron work well together to maintain blood health and help in blood circulation.


There’s nothing better than berries if you wish for tasty and healthy food! It is known for increasing blood flow and keeps the blood vessels flexible. It contains crucial antioxidants like anthocyanin that protects the walls of the artery and aids in blood flow.


Ginger is well known to lower blood pressure, but it is an underestimated fact that it is also great for blood circulation. In a study, ginger showed effective results on both animals and humans.

Foods That Increase Both Blood Count And Circulation

blood circulation count foods

Leafy Vegetables

Especially kale, spinach, and lettuce, can do both jobs together. 

Nuts and Seeds 

Pumpkin seeds and walnuts work great for both blood count and circulation. However, other nuts and seeds are a good alternative too!


Fishes like salmon, trout, and shellfish are a good deal when you want to improve blood health. 

Red Peppers

Red pepper contains capsaicin that builds blood and makes the flow of blood easy.

If you start following a healthy diet by including these blood-making foods, you will definitely see the changes. Apart from all this information, it’s also important to note that your alcohol consumption should be limited. Drinking may decrease your RBC count, and that’s the last thing you’d want right now!

Dietary changes are the key to good blood health, and there’s no alternative to it. Remember to swear by these food to increase blood and that should help you. However, if you experience a meager blood count, fatigue, and feel like something’s not right, it’s best to consult your doctor.

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