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Best Foods For Weight Loss: You must Know about it

What if we tell you that you can lose weight by eating more? Sounds unreal right? Several foods for weight loss might help you manage your weight without too much hassle. Losing weight is a simple maths game. All you need to do is cut down your calorie count. Consuming fewer calories than you burn might help you get a step closer to your weight loss goal. To be in a healthy state, our body needs to consume at least 1000 calories per day. But to lose weight quickly, we often cut down on these necessary calories, which leads to malnutrition. Instead of limiting your calorie count, stick to foods that will help you achieve your ideal body weight. To know about the foods which induce weight loss, keep reading this blog.

List of Best Foods for Weight Loss

Before we get into the A, B, and Cs of foods for weight loss, always remember that water is your best friend. You will be surprised to see what water can do to your overall health. As per food items are concerned, our Indian pantry has options like avocado, oatmeal, chia seeds, quinoa, and so many other delicious foods that would make your weight loss journey a cakewalk (don’t eat cakes, though ;p). To help you pick the right options, we’ve curated a list of the best foods that have shown proven results for weight loss.

1. Apple cider vinegar

You must have heard from many people, that apple cider vinegar helped them shed extra kilos. This is because apple cider vinegar has acetic acid in them, which is responsible for speeding up the fat-burning process and reducing unhealthy fat accumulation in the body.

2. Green Tea

“Green tea” you might have heard of it, from health enthusiasts or health concerns. What if we tell you green tea can do wonders for your waistline? Yes, you heard it right. Green tea contains caffeine and a type of flavonoid called catechin (a type of antioxidant) helps in speeding up the metabolism rate of the body. Catechin aids in cutting down the extra fat from the body while caffeine and catechin together assist in generating more energy to keep you active.

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3. Leafy Vegetables

Leafy vegetables like spinach, lettuce, kale, beet greens, etc help burn excess fat and nourish the body with essential nutrients. These vegetables contain magnesium and vitamin E that, safeguards the immune system and improves metabolism. Being low in calories and carbohydrates assists in cutting down the extra pounds if consumed on a regular basis.

4. Avocado

Fat is not an enemy of good health, in fact, fat is an essential component of maintaining a healthy balance of nutrients in the body. Avocado is one of the foods that help you lose weight. This fruit is filled with fibre, vitamin E, lutein, and monosaturated fatty acids. It lowers bad cholesterol in the body leaving the body with good cholesterol.

5. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is a win-win for both your tastebuds and your health. Health experts believe dark chocolate reduces your craving for sugar, keeps you full for a longer duration, and improves the body’s metabolism rate. The chocolates are loaded with monosaturated fatty acids that play a major role in firing up your metabolism rate.

6. Oats

Fibre – a nutrient believed to help the most for those genuinely looking to lose weight. Oats are one such staple that is loaded with fibre content in them, thus aiding in keeping one feeling full and satiating for a couple of hours. In addition, It helps in reducing fat and carbs absorption in the body.

7. Chia Seeds

Protein-rich foods like chia seeds slow down the digestion process, keeping one feeling full and might prevent overeating. Chia seeds are full of fibre and protein, which lowers the craving for unhealthy foods, curbs appetite and encourages weight loss.

8. Walnuts

Walnuts are regarded as a superfood which comes with amazing appetite-controlling power. This is due to the presence of omega-3 fatty acids, plant sterols, and vitamins that assist in putting down hunger, and this naturally helps one to lose some weight. Consuming a handful of walnuts daily stimulates fat loss and encourages healthy body weight.

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9. Lentils

On average,, eating more lentils helps you maintain an ideal weight. The selection of lentils for letting off the extra fat is an excellent food choice. It doesn’t contain any fat in them but is full of fibre that tends to fill you up without adding extra calories to your daily meal. The experts suggest consuming them regularly for weight management. Furthermore, lentils might be useful for them and also for those who feel hungry all the time.

10. Quinoa

Quinoa is an absolute fibre and also rich in protein content, boosts the body’s metabolism rate. The staple lowers the hunger pangs by giving the feeling of fullness, gradually leading to a healthy weight loss mechanism. Eating a bowl of quinoa is a secret that unfolds the way to attain a healthy body frame.

11. Watermelon

Everyone knows watermelon’s 90% weight is of water, it’s one of the best fruits to eat if you are eyeing to lose weight. Watermelons are an excellent source of amino acid named arginine, which works wonders in the fat-burning process. A 100g of the fruit contains only 30 calories which is best for weight watchers.

13. Black pepper

Black pepper is an Indian specie that contains piperine, an element that helps to boost metabolism and restricts fat accumulation in the body. This spice boosts the level of good cholesterol in the body, they are said to be a thermogenic food, that supports quick calorie burning accompanied by an increased metabolism rate.

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Have you ever been in the dilemma, where you consume food in small portions but are still unable to witness any visible results? No worries this happens to almost everyone. Regarding weight loss, it’s a game of calorie count. To achieve an ideal body frame all you need to do is keep account of your calorie count. Go for foods that help you lose weight disturbing the natural nutritional profile of the body. If you search for foods for weight loss, they are available in our kitchen itself, such as black pepper, apple cider vinegar, watermelon, chia seeds and more. To achieve long-term results, consume these foods in moderate quantities to help cut down the extra weight naturally. We hope this blog might have helped you know the key components that need to be kept in mind before starting your weight loss journey.

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