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Platelet Rich Foods: List of Foods to Increase Platelet Count

Platelets are a type of red blood cell that help in clotting. There are many platelet rich foods that you can include in your diet to give you and your family a healthy boost. On the other hand, having a low platelet count can be detrimental &, in many cases, fatal. So let’s look at some best foods to increase platelet count. 

Foods to Increase Platelet Count

Foods to Increase Blood Platelets Count

Food provides lots of nutrients to the body. Therefore, the problematic condition of low platelet count in the body can easily be remedied by including particular foods into your diet. So let’s look at which food you should try to increase platelets in the blood. Let’s get started! 

1. Folate Rich Foods

Folate is essential for the growth and production of platelets in the body. Therefore, having a diet rich in folate can help you overcome any health problems. Moreover, it is better to get your daily folic acid requirements from natural sources.

Necessary Requirement:

  • A healthy adult ( male & female) requires about 400 micrograms (mcg) of folate daily. 
  • The folate amount for pregnant women is about 600 micrograms mcg. 

Foods That Contain High Folate Content:

  1. Kidney Beans
  2. Asparagus
  3. Raisins
  4. Papaya
  5. Bananas
  6. Broccoli 
  7. Avocados
  8. Beets
  9. Seeds & nuts
  10. Lentils

2. Vitamin A Foods

Vitamin A is an essential nutrient required by the body to synthesize platelets. Here are some delicious foods that are a rich source of Vitamin A for healthy platelets production.

Necessary Requirement:

  • A healthy adult male should ideally take 900 mcg of Vitamin A daily.
  • Furthermore, the daily Vitamin A is about 700 mcg for an adult female.

Foods That Contain Vitamin A:

  1. Beef liver
  2. Dairy products
  3. Soybeans
  4. Pumpkin
  5. Lettuce
  6. Broccoli 
  7. Carrots
  8. Mango
  9. Oily fish

3. Vitamin B-12 Rich Foods.

Vitamin B-12 is the best low platelets treatment food, it is needed for the proper production of RBCs. If you have a vitamin B 12 deficiency, there may be a good chance that your platelet count can get dangerously low.

Necessary Requirement:

  • A healthy adult should take about 2.4 mcg of vitamin B 12 daily. 
  • Daily vitamin B 12 intake should be about 2.8 mcg for pregnant women.

Foods That Contain Vitamin B-12:

  1. Low-fat dairy products
  2. Beef
  3. Canned tuna
  4. Salmon
  5. Chicken 
  6. Trout

4. Vitamin C Rich Foods

Did you know that Vitamin C is quintessential in iron absorption in the body? Therefore, a diet rich in vitamin C is essential if you suffer from dangerously low platelet count. So let’s see Vitamin C rich foods to improve platelets count.

Necessary Requirement:

  • The Daily Vitamin C requirement for a healthy male is about 90 mg. 
  • For healthy adult women, the daily requirement is around 75 mg.
  • The daily Vitamin C requirement for pregnant women is 85 mg -120 mg.

Foods That Contain Vitamin C:

  1. Guavas
  2. Tomato
  3. Pomegranate 
  4. Kiwis
  5. Potatoes
  6. Citrus fruits ( oranges, lemons) 
  7. Strawberry 
  8. Pineapple

5. Vitamin D Rich Foods

Platelets are produced in the bone marrow. Ultimately, Vitamin D is crucial for bone marrow development. Therefore, having a diet bountiful in vitamin D is a great way to ensure healthy platelet production in the body.

Necessary Requirement:

  • A typical, healthy adult requires about 15 mcg of Vitamin D daily. 

Foods That Contain Vitamin D:

  1. Mushrooms
  2. Soy Milk
  3. Tofu
  4. Sardines
  5. Cereals
  6. Orange juice

6. Vitamin K Rich Foods

Vitamin K is an essential nutrient for blood clotting purposes. Therefore, one must have enough vitamin K in their foods for proper wound healing. Here are some vitamin – K rich foods to increase platelet count. 

Necessary Requirement:

  • Healthy adult males should consume about 120 mcg daily of Vitamin K
  • The daily Vitamin K requirement for adult females is around 90 mcg

Foods That Contain Vitamin K:

  1. Kale 
  2. Spinach
  3. Brussels Sprouts
  4. Beef Liver
  5. Prunes

7. Iron Rich Foods

Iron deficiency in the body is the leading cause of low platelet count in people. Thus, it is quintessential that a strict iron-rich diet should be followed. Here is a list of food that has good iron content. 

Necessary Requirement:

  • The daily iron requirement for a healthy adult male is about 8.7mg. 
  • Furthermore, for adult females, the daily iron requirement is 14.8mg.

Foods That Contain Iron:

  1. Pomegranate
  2. Legumes
  3. Quinoa
  4. Tofu
  5. Dark chocolate
  6. Peas
  7. Pork

8. Chlorophyll Rich Foods

This plant pigment helps in blood clotting and platelet production when combined with iron. Many food sources are rich sources of this plant pigment. You must include them in your diet as they are the best food for platelets production. Some of them include –

Foods That Contain Iron:

  1. Wheatgrass juice
  2. Aloe vera juice
  3. All leafy green vegetables
  4. Matcha green tea
  5. Parsley
  6. Alfalfa

9. Serotonin Rich Foods

Serotonin is a necessary hormone that platelets secrete during the clotting process. As a result, the body should have an adequate amount of serotonin for the proper functioning of the platelets during any injury.

Necessary Requirement:

  • Thea necessary normal serotonin levels in the blood should be about 101–283 nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL) for a healthy adult.

Foods That Contain Serotonin:

  1. Pineapple 
  2. Dairy products
  3. Tofu 
  4. Soy 
  5. Seeds & nuts
  6. Salmon 
  7. Poultry products

10. Melatonin Rich Foods

This hormone is necessary for the production of platelet by the bone marrow. Let’s have a glance at some of the melatonin-rich vegetables and fruits to increase platelets, which you can include in your diet.

Necessary Requirement:

  • A healthy adult can safely take about 0.5 mg and 5 mg of melatonin daily.

Foods That Contain Serotonin:

  1. Goji berries
  2. Milk 
  3. Nuts
  4. Tomatoes
  5. Grains ( barley, wheat, oats, rice)

11. Probiotic Rich Foods

Probiotics are microorganisms that can elevate platelet production and serotonin levels in the body. Here’s a list of foods that is probiotic friendly.

Necessary Requirement:

  • A healthy adult should consume about 10 to 20 billion colony-forming units (CFU).

Foods That Contain Serotonin:

  1. Yogurt
  2. Pickles
  3. Buttermilk 
  4. Dairy products 
  5. Grapefruit

When To Visit A Doctor? 

Low platelet count can be dangerous. Therefore proper care should be taken. Here are some warning signs that should be taken seriously. 

  • Vision changes
  • Recurring fever
  • Unexplained bleeding from rectum & urine
  • Persistent, uncomfortable headache
  • Weakness 
  • Loss of consciousness 


Low platelet count can be very dangerous. Diet can be crucial in boosting platelet production in the body. One can eat certain foods to increase platelet count in dengue.

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