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From Fit to Fab – Aishwarya’s PCOS Weight Loss Journey!

It all started when I was 16, and my periods were irregular. I consulted a gynecologist, who told me that I had PCOS. Neither I nor my parents were completely aware of what actually “PCOS” was. The gynecologist just gave me some pills and asked me to lose weight. I was under 6 months of medication, and things looked fine as long as I was taking the prescribed medicines. 

Gradually, I gained a lot of weight, and periods were still irregular along with and other symptoms of PCOS like cystic acne, weight gain, and facial hair. 

When I turned 18, my symptoms started getting worse, and I used to get my periods once in 2 months and lasted for about 20 days. My gynecologist said that my weight was causing my PCOS. I started working out, and because of the desperation to lose weight, I went on some horrible diets that made me miserable. 

But I did not want to give up. I started reading about what actually “PCOS” is and how it can be treated. While some things worked like magic, others disappointed me. I started losing weight but was bullied badly by my classmates. I channeled all the anger and frustration into my workouts and after 1½ years, I lost 24.5kgs. 

I just want the person reading this to know that weight loss is not just about losing weight. It’s about being mindful of what you are eating, staying consistent with your workouts, being persistent enough to overcome all the hurdles, and trusting yourself enough to be patient with yourself, giving yourself chances, and accepting your body as it is.

Our society already has these ridiculous beauty standards and we all need to stop being victims of them. 

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