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Green Tea Benefits, Uses and Side Effects

Green tea comes from a plant called Camellia Sinensis. Green tea is one of the most popular beverages worldwide. It’s enjoyed both as a regular drink and also as a health drink. Green tea benefits health and is enjoyed both as a traditional drink and also as a health drink. The beverage is packed with antioxidants and has multiple health benefits. The tea also contains polyphenols that prevent inflammation and boosts overall health. Let’s dive into the world of green tea and get to know about its benefits!

Green tea benefits

9 Health Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

1. Improves brain function

Green tea is known for improving brain function if taken regularly. Some studies show that green tea could protect your brain as you age. Not only this, but green tea may also lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and may boost memory.

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2. May Prevent Cancer

Cancer treatment and green tea are often linked together. Many cancer patients consume green tea and rely on green tea extracts as well. Also, in some countries where people drink more green tea, the cancer rate was lower. There’s not enough evidence to support this observation, but green tea compounds might slow the cancer tumor progression. 

Benefits of drinking green tea

3. May Lower Blood Pressure

Green tea may decrease both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. The tea helps the blood vessels to relax, and that allows better blood circulation in the body. This indirectly helps in maintaining blood pressure.

4. Benefits of Green Tea for Weight Loss

The benefits of green tea for weight loss are very sought-after. Many people globally resort to green tea for weight loss purposes. Green tea may help you shed some kilos and significantly help you with your belly fat. The tea can speed your metabolism, and its fat-burning properties can speed up the weight loss process.

5. Promotes Heart Health

One of the essential health benefits of green tea is that it promotes heart health. Drinking green tea may lower the risk of heart-related disease. According to some researches, consuming light, aromatic green tea may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and many even lower bad LDL cholesterol. Some studies found that people who drink green tea regularly have a reduced risk of getting a stroke.

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6. Green Tea Benefits for Skin & Hair

Health benefits of drinking green tea for skin include anti-inflammatory properties, effective treatment for acne, reduced sebum secretion, and many more! Green tea, when applied to the skin, can work wonders and boost your skin health. It also has antimicrobial properties that suit sensitive skin and gives a cooling effect too. The best way to use green tea for skin is by masking a green tea face mask.

There are impressive green tea benefits for hair, and one of them is improved hair growth. Green tea prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth by working on hair follicles. Drinking green tea also gives you the nutrients that you need for healthy hair and scalp.

7. Boosts Immunity

One cannot leave green tea out of the list of immunity boosters. Yes! Green tea has the ability to boost immunity and provides the body with essential nutrients that make it strong and healthy.

8. May Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Green tea may help in lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes. It may improve your overall health and keep a check on your blood sugar levels. Drinking 1-2 cups of green tea for people with diabetes may show long-term results.

9. Maintains Oral Health

If you have oral problems, then green tea can be your savior! Drinking green tea can protect you against oral diseases like tooth decay, gum diseases, cavities, and bad breath. The tea can eliminate oral bacteria and hence boost your oral health.

How To Use Green Tea?

Uses of Green Tea

It’s not difficult to make a healthy cup of green tea, but it’s essential to do it the right way! So, let’s look at the right way to use green tea and make a healthy beverage.

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How to use green tea leaves/Tea Bag:

  • Bring a cup of water to boil.
  • Once the water starts boiling, turn off the flame and add 1 tbsp green tea leaves/green tea bag.
  • Let the tea steep for about 3 minutes.
  • Now strain the green tea leaves and enjoy a hot cup.
  • You can add a hint of lemon juice or honey to enhance its flavor.

How to use powdered green tea (Matcha):

  • Sift 1/4 tbsp matcha in a mug and make sure there are no lumps.
  • Take 5 tbsp of hot water and whisk briskly.
  • Brisk until the matcha is thoroughly mixed, and you will see a foamy layer.
  • Add half a cup of hot water and some steamed milk and whisk again.
  • It will appear foamy and then drizzle honey on top to enjoy!

Green Tea Side Effects

Green tea side effects

1. Irregular Sleep

Irregular sleep is a side effect that many green tea drinkers have dealt with! Drinking green tea at night, especially before bedtime, is not a good idea as caffeine can kick in. Also, drinking green tea at night leads to more urination that you wouldn’t want if you wish to have a sound sleep.

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2. Diarrhea

One of the most common green tea side effects is diarrhea. Drinking a lot of green tea every day can lead to this condition and may upset your stomach. The key is to consume the tea in moderation. Around 2-3 cups per day are more than enough.

3. Skin and Hair

Consuming green tea in large amounts can cause skin allergies like hives and hair loss as well. Green tea is usually good for the hair and skin, but overconsumption may lead to skin and hair problems.

4. Anxiety

The tea is packed with caffeine, and hence it is suggested not to drink more than 2-3 cups per day. If you’re suffering from anxiety, you might want to reconsider drinking green tea as it can make your condition worse and cause an irregular heartbeat.

That was all about green tea benefits and side effects. Now that you have detailed information on green tea, you can make an informed choice and decide if this is the best tea for you or not. It’s best to buy green tea that’s organic and natural to reap maximum health benefits.

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