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Green Tea For Weight Loss: Is it Helpful?

It’s an undisputed fact that we are a nation of tea drinkers. And we all have embraced tea with open arms and empty mugs. Regular tea, which we drink, has milk and sugar, which is unhealthy for those who are into fitness. But it doesn’t mean fitness enthusiasts have to quit tea; green tea is the best alternative to green tea. The tea has a neutral taste and soothes one mind, and body side, wide also offers with a long list of health Green tea has a deep connection with China, as it has been used in Chinese medicine for ages. It is used to treat health issues from wound healing to headaches.

Is Green Tea Good For Weight Loss?

The most discussed point is whether green tea for weight loss is good. Green tea contains caffeine and a kind of flavonoid named catechin, an antioxidant that is very helpful in weight loss. Research has shown that antioxidants and flavonoids act together to speed up the metabolism, which leads to burning excessive calories and helping one get in shape. In the process, catechin assists in breaking down the extra fat, whereas caffeine can help the body produce more energy and stay active.

Best Green tea for weight loss

Improves Metabolism:- Researchers have noted that caffeine and catechins in green tea play a significant role in speeding the metabolism rate.

Give a boost for your workout session – Caffeine in green tea is said to activate the nervous system. Before going for the gym session, a cup of warm green tea provides the body with extra energy.

Helps cut down your sugar intake – Everyone knows sugar is unhealthy for the body. In green tea, sugar is not included to provide sweetness; it is replaced with honey, which works best for weight loss goals.

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Best Time to Drink Green Tea For Weight Loss?

Weight watchers love green tea and can have it anytime. But it’s not going to be much beneficial for you. It has a time, and if consumed at that time, it might offer you the most benefits of it. The best time to drink green tea for weight loss is after meals. You can follow this practice if your stomach is non-sensitive because green tea is alkaline in nature and produces an extra portion of gastric juice. Health experts suggest the best time to drink green tea for a flat tummy is early morning and late evening.

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The Bottom Line

Green tea is the ultimate saviour for those searching for food options that might help shed extra weight. The tea contains nutrients and compounds that speed up the fat-burning process, improve the metabolism and provide energy to keep going all day. The process aids in losing extra calories and attaining the ideal body weight. Choosing the best green tea for weight loss is also an essential factor. Go for premium green tea, as the best products work best for you.

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