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7 Healthy Food Alternatives That Your Kids Are Going To Love!

As parents we want our kids to eat healthily and the kids only want to eat food that tastes good. To solve this centuries-old fight, we have come up with several food alternatives that are so healthy and so tasty that either of you won’t be able to resist. This list contains a variety of granola bars and snack bars that are delicious and yet super healthy. With the goodness of protein, fibers, calcium, iron, and vitamins, they make for perfect alternative snack options for your kiddos. So, check them out and make your li’l munchkins happy right away!

Let Your Kids Eat These Healthy Snacks Instead of Greasy Chips

1. Slurrp Farm Ragi, Rice & Banana with Milk Baby Cereal

Slurrp’s banana cereal is a perfect way for your kid to start his/her day. Made with the freshness of bananas and the goodness of ragi, rice, and jowar, this is a complete meal. It has 19% natural banana powder, and milk solids which are suitable for kids in the age groups of 6-24 months. This cereal also comes in mango and strawberry flavors.  Packed with iron, minerals, and vitamins, this cereal is great for the kid’s bones. 

How to consume: You need to add 3 scoops of the cereal in 40ml boiling water, stir it and feed immediately with a spoon.

2. Timios Mini Oaty Bites Nuts & Berries

If your li’l one is fond of chocolates, then these mini bites are a great alternative. These bars are made healthy by using ingredients like oats, nuts, berries, and dates. They have no artificial flavouring or sugar. World great as an immunity booster and is an instant energy resource because of the protein it contains. 

How to consume: Your kid can eat it at any time of the day in place of chocolates/candies.

3. Soulfull Choco Fills Ragi Bites

We all know that the kiddos hate eating lentils (daal), but i is one of the major sources of protein especially in the growing years. Soulfull ragi bites also have dal, which is blended well with a rich chocolate flavor to make the kids love it. These bites are an excellent source of fiber, protein, and micronutrients. 


How to consume: Once your kid tastes it, you wouldn’t have to worry about it being consumed on time. They’ll happily indulge it even as a meal with hot/cold milk. 

4. Slurrp Farm Choco Ragi Flavor Mighty Puffs

Kids of all generations have loved rice puffs, hence we are bringing a healthy twist to it. Slurrp’s choco ragi puffs are made with Jowar, Ragi, whole grain, rice, and lots of cocoa. These crunchy, Ragi puffs are very low on sugar and have no artificial chocolate flavour. They contain loads of calcium and iron.

How To Consume: They can be consumed as a snack or with milk in breakfast. 

5. Timios Apple & Cinnamon Melts Snacks

If your kid is picky about how the food looks on the plate, then these melts snacks need to sit in your kitchen right away. These cutesy star-shaped Timios snacks are made with apples and cinnamon. They are non-fried and whole-grain snacks that will fill your kid up and make them happy too. They are low on sugar and have 100%  natural ingredients. 

6. Fruit Forest Mango Passion Real Fruit Gummy Snack

Did you not enjoy those cutesy gummy bears? Your kid should enjoy them too, but maybe a healthier version of those candies would be better. Fruit Forest has come up with these chewy and fruity gummy snacks that are made with 98% real fruit. They have hefty amounts of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. They are vegan, gluten-free, and have no artificial color and flavors. 

How to consume: Just use them as treats for occasions when your kids finish their cereals on time. 

7. Timios Nutty Energy Bar

A rich combination of cashews, almonds, oats, and rice crispies, Timios’ energy bar is a nutty treat and your kids will definitely love them. Honey has been used to make it sweet but low on calories to make it healthier. 

How to consume: Your kids can have them directly from the pack. It’s a great energy booster. 

We hope that you and your kids enjoyed checking out the products and have already added a few of these yummy snacks to your cart. Happy shopping!

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