15 Healthy Midnight Snacks to Stop Your Hunger Pangs

Poor night sleep often leads to late-night craving. Your stomach starts growling and asks you to fuel it. This is when most people make a mistake. They just grab anything left-over and start eating it without thinking of the consequence. Late-night eating can lead to various health-hazards like obesity, an increase in blood sugar level, heart disease, and more.

These issues can be avoided if you can switch to some healthy midnight eating habits. After consulting with India’s top-most Nutritionist and Dieticians, we have found the 15 best healthy midnight snacks to curb your hunger pangs without piling extra pounds.

3 Mandates for Late-Night Munching

Hunger can be a crucial factor that can keep you tossing and turning at night. Don’t just blindly eat anything, instead follow some simple snacking rules to stay fit and healthy without compromising with the sleep.

Rule #1: Limit Your Calories

Hunger often leads us to pizza, ice cream, French fries, chicken wings, and burgers, etc. Maybe these food items will satisfy your craving but will surely disturb your health and sleep. Keeping the snack healthy and below 200 calories is the wisest choice.

Rule #2: Easy to Digest Food

Having fresh fruits and veggies can be the best choice to get a sound good night’s sleep. These food items are rich in nutrition and are easier to digest.

Rule #3: Avoid Sugar Intake

Sugar intake can not only disrupt your sleep but can also lead to a high blood sugar level, which will adversely affect your health. Thus, you should prefer snacks low in sugar.

Healthy Late Night or Midnight Snacks to Beat the Craving

  1. Makhanas or FoxNuts


These little powerhouses of nutrition are the perfect healthy midnight snack to munch on as they are rich in carbohydrates and proteins. These crispy and delicious balls are not only gluten-free but are also known to stabilize high blood pressure, heart diseases, and obesity.

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  1. Popcorns


If you are not in a mood to have full-on food, then popcorns can help you quell your pangs. This crispy and salty snack is low in calories; thus, you can eat as much as you want without feeling filled.

  1. Protein Smoothie


Eating protein before bedtime has multiple health benefits. It cannot only support muscle repair but can also slow down age-related muscle loss. It is a great way to intake protein in the form of milk.

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  1. Yogurt


Yogurt is a well-known source of calcium that keeps your bones strong. Opt for plain yogurt and add unsweetened fruits such as peaches and berries to reduce your hunger till the next morning. Recent studies show it is also linked to better sleep.

  1. Pumpkin Seeds


Pumpkin seeds are not only low in calories, but they also provide 310-420 magnesium for adults, which is known to provide better sleep.

  1. Healthy Crackers


Crackers can be an excellent gluten-free snack that is packed with the goodness of various nuts and seeds like Chia, Flax, and Sunflower. They’re light on the stomach and are packed with antioxidants that are great for your gut health, skin, and hair.

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  1. Quinoa Puffs


You can now enjoy the goodness of this superfood that helps increase your metabolic rate, aids weight loss, improves your digestion, and reduces constipation. This healthy late night snack available in a variety of flavors ranging from spicy to cheddar cheese, Quinoa Puffs are a great alternative to your midnight craving for chips and saltines.

  1. Nuts


A handful of nuts can be an excellent alternative for chips and saltines. Nuts are the nutritional powerhouse with innumerous benefits. Just make sure you grab a handful of it, not more than 200 calories.

  1. Fresh Veggies


A combination of raw veggies like carrot, broccoli, cucumber, zucchini, and tomatoes sprinkled with black pepper can work well to curb your hunger. To add more flavor, you can include a dip made of low-calorie cottage cheese.

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  1. Oats


Oats are known to be a perfect breakfast, but yes, a warm bowl of oatmeal can be ideal for quelling the rumbling in your stomach even at midnight. They are rich in fiber and include beta-gluten that keeps a watch on your cholesterol level.

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  1. Dried Cherries


A quarter cup (100 calories) of dried cherries is perfect to have before bedtime to increase your overall sleep efficiency.

  1. Black Olives


If you are looking for something to keep you full without adding extra calories, then nothing can be better than a small cup of black olives. Olives are perfectly proportioned with healthy fats with just 30 calories per serving.

  1. Beet Hummus


Beet Hummus is not only tasty, but it is loaded with ingredients that will help you fall asleep in no time. This healthy midnight snack is made of protein-rich chickpeas, olive oil, roasted beets, and tahini. You can have this amazing treat with veggies or tart cherry topping.

  1. Whole Grain Toast with Peanut Butter


Toast a slice of whole-grain bread is perfect with unsaturated peanut butter to stabilize your blood sugar level during sleep.

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  1. Grapes


Those who have a sweet tooth can quench their hunger with grapes. Additionally, grapes are a great source of melatonin that improves your sleep pattern.

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